Jim Durkin's Intimidation Campaign

House Republican Leader Jim Durkin is facing a credible primary challenge for the first time in his life. His response? Threatening journalists to stop covering his race. On this edition of Illinois Rising, Pat Hughes and Brian Timpone, the founder of Local Labs, discuss Durkin's threats against reporters and why the longtime state rep is using these tactics. They also talk to Wirepoints Executive Editor Mark Glennon about the possibility Illinois could see another tax hike looming in budget debates, on top of the property tax hikes Illinoisans are seeing throughout the state. Hughes and Timpone also discuss Gov. Bruce Rauner's recent comments that he's "not in charge" of the state and what that means for him headed into a tough primary race.








President of American College of Pediatrics: No One Is Born Transgender

District 211 in Northwest suburban Cook County bent over backward to accommodate a transgender student, but it was still not enough. Not only is the student and family suing the school district for full access to the girls' locker room, but also financial compensation for emotional damage and legal fees. Dan and Amy talk with Vicki Wilson, D211 Parents for Privacy, who is suing the school to ensure all children are protected equally.

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NYC Bomber Beneficiary Of Chain Migration

New reports show that the failed terrorist attacker in NYC yesterday immigrated legally to America through extended family chain migration. Should the bomber be treated as an enemy combatant? Is there a fear that terrorists can operate from their prison cells? Has ISIS claimed him as their own? Should there be concern with the recently exposed political nature of the FBI in combating radical Islamic terrorism? Director of the Center for Terrorism Law, Lieutenant Colonel Jeff Addicott joins Dan and Amy to discuss.

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Comprised Leadership In The FBI

Is the FBI playing politics or purging it from its ranks? How long will it take the FBI to sift through the 10,000 text messages between FBI agent Peter Strzok, who was involved in the Clinton email investigation and part of Mueller’s team, and his mistress, an FBI attorney, before they are presented to the House Intelligence Committee? Has Fusion, the firm who produced the infamous Trump dossier, been less than cooperative with those on Capitol Hill? Fox News Chief Intelligence Correspondent, Catherine Herridge joins Dan and Amy to provide an inside look at the FBI.

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Who Watches The Watchdogs?

Is the Mueller investigative team hopelessly conflicted on Team Trump investigation? And to whom is the FBI answerable? Is the discipline for these entities solely reputational damage? Will anything in the Mueller report be looked without a biased outlook? What are the challenges in bringing complete harmony in the House/Senate tax bills? Will we still see a repeal of the Obamacare individual mandate or any revisions regarding state and local tax deductions? Representative for the 6th Congressional District, Peter Roskam joins Dan and Amy to discuss.

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“Rauner Is The Fringe Candidate"

Why is Rauner ducking debates? Jeanne Ives, conservative reform candidate for governor, called for an IG investigation in the Rauner administration after a memo from his former general counsel implies state resources were being used for political purposes. After another income tax hike, Illinois' designation as a sanctuary state, and signing a bill that provides abortion on demand, Rauner has proven that he stands for nothing and can no longer blame Madigan for his failures. Illinois State Representative for the 52nd District, David McSweeney joins Dan and Amy to discuss.

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Strong November Jobs Numbers

There were strong jobs numbers for November but was there any wage growth? Should we stay away from Bitcoin or is James Pethokoukis hoarding it? Is the Trump Administration’s absence of new regulations one of the most underreported stories of his presidency so far? Are millenials’ unfavorable views towards capitalism leading to a decline in entrepreneurship? CNBC Contributor and columnist for the American Enterprise Institute, James Pethokoukis joins Dan and Amy to discuss.

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New Directions

Four years after being elected on the promise he "Shake Up Springfield," Governor Rauner told Illinoisans he "isn't in charge." His tenure has been marked by a series of betrayals to his base. Now he tells us he isn't in charge? The families and businesses of Illinois need a leader who will lead the charge in Springfield. In March, they will have a chance to elect such a leader. Pat Hughes explains in this edition of Two Minute Warning. 


Will SCOTUS Let Them Bake Cake?

“Tolerance is most meaningful when it’s mutual.” What are the initial thoughts on the case dealing with the dueling “rights” of the cakeshop owners’ religious conscience and a gay couple who felt discriminated against because of their sexual orientation? Are Supreme Court Justices immune from the new protocol on the left to silence opposing viewpoints and delving into the culture prevalent on college campuses? Georgetown Law professor, Randy Barnett joins Dan and Amy to discuss.

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Bigger Issue For Trump If Moore Wins Or Loses?

"When she rejected his advances, Morse said he brought up the then-developing investigation into the disappearance of former federal intern, Chandra Levy." An excerpt from a Washington Post story reveals a chilling recount of a former intern of Rep. Conyers, who resigned from Congress yesterday. Is there a partisan lens on which allegations are deemed valid or more severe? What will be the bigger issue for the upcoming elections, the economy or morality standards as seen in the recent #MeToo movement? Fox News Contributor and columnist for The Hill, Juan Williams joins Dan and Amy to discuss.

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Paul Ryan: 90% Of Taxpayers Will File On A Postcard

“When you clean out the tax system and get rid of a bunch of loopholes then K street and the loophole industry in Washington shrinks.” The philosophical change in the GOP tax plan is to get rid of loopholes and let people decide what they want to do with their own money. Speaker of the House, Paul Ryan joins Dan and Amy to discuss why tax reform will pass and how it will benefit all Americans.

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Propaganda Campaign From Dems On Tax Reform

Are we missing the big picture with tax reform? The stock market is through the roof but what happens if Congress fails to pass tax reform? Should this go to a conference committee or should the House pass the Senate Bill and have it on Trump’s desk tomorrow? Wall Street Journal Columnist, Senior Economist for CNN, and former Donald Trump advisor, Steve Moore joins Dan and Amy to dispel the myths and inaccuracies being spewed about the GOP tax plan.

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How Tax Cuts Will Help IL Businesses

Major tax cuts and reforms are coming at the federal level, with a lot debate on what their impact will be. On this edition of Illinois Rising, Dan Proft and Pat Hughes get the perspective from an Illinois business owner on how tax cuts will help businesses and individuals and spur economic growth. They also talk to former state Rep. Rich Morthland, who is running for lieutenant governor on Jeanne Ives' ticket, about his race. And Proft and Hughes discuss the sudden announced departure of Luis Gutierrez from Congress.








Unleashing America's Entrepreneurial Spirit

Democrats go full "people will die" in response to GOP's competing tax cut plans. If Trump has already taken care of regulations, why do corporations need a tax break? Is slow economic growth one of the root problems of division in this country? Illegal crossings have plunged at the border under Trump but what should be his next move with DACA? Fox News Contributor and former member of Donald Trump Hispanic Advisory Council, Steve Cortes joins Dan and Amy to discuss.

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Impeachment Investigation

POTUS is not immune from obstruction of justice charges and the FBI is not immune from using the law to serve partisan and/or other parochial interests. There should be checks on both. Can the FBI return to its once coveted reputation? Former Chief Assistant U.S. Attorney and Contributing Editor at National Review, Andrew McCarthy joins Dan and Amy to discuss his reaction to the Flynn charges.

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Rauner: Weak Man In Powerful Office

Gov. Rauner says he's not in charge so his failure is not his fault. Why run for reelection if he’s not able to do anything? Rauner’s campaign message is vote for me because I’m not Madigan since he has no record of his own to run on. Running mate of GOP primary opponent (Jeanne Ives) and former state legislator, Rich Morthland joins Dan and Amy with his reaction to Rauner’s abysmal lack of leadership and the attitudes of fed up voters outside of the Chicagoland area.

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More Momentum On Crackdown Of Sanctuary Cities After Steinle Verdict

Did the politics of immigration policy factor into the Kate Steinle jury verdict? It was Chicago and Illinois politics as usual after Gov. Rauner promised, on national television, to meet with Brian McCann and his organization to discuss their point of view on sanctuary state legislation but never actually reached out to them. Brian McCann, brother of Dennis McCann who was killed in Chicago by an illegal immigrant and a member of Advocates for Victims of Illegal Alien Crime, joins Dan and Amy to discuss the Steinle verdict and Illinois’ sanctuary state designation.

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Questions Of Integrity Of Mueller Team

Is POTUS justified in saying that the FBI's reputation is in tatters? Has the Mueller investigation proven to be non partisan or purely political? Should we be expecting more information forthcoming from the investigation or is the media’s analysis merely speculation? Why is Trump’s lawyer interjecting himself in Trump’s tweets? Former U.S. Attorney General, former Counsel to the President, Dean of Belmont University School of Law, and author of “True Faith & Allegiance,” Alberto Gonzales joins Dan and Amy to discuss.

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“You can’t indict the president with obstruction of justice for simply exercising their constitutional authority.” Does Gen. Flynn's plea agreement signal the weakness of Mueller's case rather than the strength of it? Anti-trump texter on Mueller team furthers the political nature of the investigation. Why is the media and those on the left perpetuated on elevating hope rather than reality? Former Professor at Harvard Law School and author of “Trumped Up: How Criminalization of Political Differences Endangers Democracy,” Alan Dershowitz joins Dan and Amy to discuss.

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Ives: Conservative Reform Candidate For IL Taxpayers

"We were promised a conservative reform governor. Instead, we got an Ivy League gender studies professor." State Rep. Jeanne Ives (R-Wheaton) formally announced her primary challenge to Governor Rauner last night. Ives said Rauner has already beat himself and is not going to be able to buy back his voters. Ives joins Dan and Amy to discuss her campaign platform and how she is going to save Illinois from further ruin. For more information on the campaign, visit ivesforillinois.com.

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