“Black Guns Matter”

Should nonviolent felons be able to obtain a gun? Is gun control racist? Hip Hop artist and founder of "Black Guns Matter," Maj Toure joins Dan and Amy to discuss these topics and his seminars that educate black communities on gun rights and safety. One of his big events is coming up in Chicago, June 16, check it out here.

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Trump Should Be Happy About Spies In His Campaign

Since the intelligence community acted heroically to protect both Trump and our representative republic from Russian incursion, should POTUS confer Presidential Medals of Freedom to Comey, Brennan, Clapper, Rice, Power, Lynch and Obama? Or pardons? Should we believe anything Clapper says? Famed FBI Profiler, James Fitzgerald joins Dan and Amy to discuss.

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Is The Trump Coalition Strong Enough To Endure The Midterms?

Will the different factions of the Trump coalition be able to hold Congress together come November? Are Congressional Republicans distancing themselves from Trump’s base and the more conservative base with their uncontrolled spending? Senior Fellow at the Hoover Institution, Peter Berkowitz joins Dan and Amy to discuss.

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The Less They Find The More They Investigate

Are there more FBI spies in the Trump camp yet to be disclosed? Are Republicans banking on the DOJ IG report to provide the truth that the FBI/DOJ haven't? Best-selling author Ronald Kessler joins Dan and Amy to discuss.

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“Sensible Reforms” AKA Gun Confiscation

Arne Duncan says parents shouldn't send their kids to school until we pass more gun control laws. Esquire editor confirms what we knew to be true, the objective of "gun control" advocates is to eliminate the private ownership of guns. President of the Crime Prevention Research Center, John Lott Jr. joins Dan and Amy with reaction to last week's school shooting in Texas and what he thinks could be possible solutions to the problem.

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Black Lives Matter Discredited Their Legitimacy

Main problems with the Black Lives Matter movement: shut down conversation at universities and failed to address black on black crime, while alienating police officers in the black community. Is Black Lives Matter any different than other cultural Marxists groups? DePaul Philosophy Professor, Dr. Jason Hill joins Dan and Amy to discuss his new book “We Have Overcome,” which he describes as a love letter to the American people.

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Diamond And Silk Refuse To Be Bullied By Facebook

Diamond and Silk say they are still getting complaints from fans who aren’t seeing their content on Facebook. How is Facebook handling the situation? Is it time for Trump to clear out the Obama leftovers in the DOJ? Is Obama going to break his silence on the alleged spying of the Trump campaign under his watch? The First Ladies of Punditry, Diamond and Silk join Dan and Amy to discuss.

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Elder And Proft On Kanye, Race, And Trump

Is the Democratic Party detrimental to black Americans? Can the GOP convert minorities without dismantling the welfare state? What effect does the left-leaning media and academia have on culture and opportunity? In this special episode of Against The Current, Bestselling Author and nationally syndicated talk show host Larry Elder, 'the Sage of South Central' joins Dan Proft for an in-depth discussion on race, culture and identity politics in America. Elder also explains Trump's likeness to Reagan and why Kanye is good for conservatives.


How Will IL Voters React To More Tax Hikes?

While politicians continue talking about a graduated state income tax, economists at the Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago are now suggesting a statewide property tax, too. Haven't Illinois taxpayers had enough? On this edition of Illinois Rising, Dan Proft and Chicago Tribune Editorial Board Member Kristen McQueary discuss politician's consistent demands for more out of taxpayers and how it might impact the upcoming election. Wirepoints' Mark Glennon joins for analysis. Proft and McQueary also talk to Algonquin Township Highway Commissioner Andrew Gasser about his efforts for good government at the local level.








Blackwell: Government Programs Don't Help The Black Community

Despite a more than 6-fold increase in the number of black elected officials in America since 1970, black families as a demographic are not better off economically or educationally. Robert Blackwell, President of EKI-Digital and Killerspin, explains why economic policy is more important than identity politics in fostering success. 


Why Home Ownership Changed in The South Suburbs

Despite an federal cabinet level agency and state and local agencies dedicated to ending discrimination with respect to home ownership including with respect to the banking system, black home ownership has not changed in 50 years. What accounts for this phenomenon? Founder and CEO of Local Labs Brian Timpone discusses. 


Nancy Pelosi’s Humanity

No one sets the bar unrealistically high for the woman who gave us “we have to pass the bill for you to find out what’s in it”—the unintentionally definitive statement on both Obamacare and the legislative process.

This is the same woman who compared persons who chose to come to America illegally to Japanese-Americans who were involuntarily imprisoned during WWII.

Nancy Pelosi’s talent for turning moral indignation into a punchline is as boundless as her bigot-baiting.

So I couldn’t feign surprise when I learned Pelosi has a big heart for those with a predilection for cutting out the hearts of others.

Such is her unyielding allegiance to the Catechism that Pelosi sees the “spark of divinity” where the nonbeliever can see only a muzzle flash.

To label as “animals” professional murderers who hack people to death with machetes, enslave women in the sex trade, and worship Satan is to rob them of their humanity, per Pelosi.

As a visionary, Pelosi understands that those MS-13 rapscallions are but a $15 minimum wage and a free ride to Swarthmore away from one day joining her caucus.

Nancy Pelosi has a big heart indeed. But do you want it two beats away from the Presidency?


Obama Admin Weaponized Intel Agencies To Spy On Trump Campaign

Is Mark Penn one of the only Democrats legitimately skeptical about the conduct of federal law enforcement/intel agencies who recognizes that weaponizing agencies for political ends can boomerang on both parties? Former advisor to President Clinton and Hillary Clinton, Mark Penn joins Dan and Amy to discuss the ongoing Mueller Investigation. 

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NYT Op-Ed: Liberals, You’re Not As Smart As You Think

“If Trump is reelected, it’ll be a moment of reckoning for American liberals.” Do liberals have a hard time understanding how they come off as being intellectually and socially superior to conservatives? Does the left project onto others what they claim to champion? Political Science Professor at UVA, Gerard Alexander joins Dan and Amy to discuss his op-ed in the New York Times.

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Dems' Midterm Message: MS-13 Are People Too

Will Democrats' plan to campaign on humanizing members of MS-13 and Hamas win them elections? Is Trump correct that the New York Times revelations in their report on "Crossfire Hurricane" indicate a scandal bigger than Watergate, if true? Anchor of Special Report on Fox News, Bret Baier joins Dan and Amy to recap the busy week.

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Obama's Chicago Style Politics In The White House

“Through their rage against Trump, the media has become exactly what Trump says they are.” Is Trump vindicated in calling the Mueller investigation a witch hunt? Schneiderman, Cohen or Avenatti: which one is the biggest sleazebag lawyer of the year? Hollywood screenwriter and author, Andrew Klavan joins Dan and Amy to discuss.

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Identity Politics Destroying The Sciences

“The idea that females are living in a world of discrimination against them today is just preposterous.” Identity politics has already destroyed the humanities and social sciences but is STEM and our tech advantage in the world next? Manhattan Institute Senior fellow, Heather MacDonald joins Dan and Amy to explain how identity politics is harming the sciences.

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The end game of the Muller investigation was never an indictment, it was always and remains impeachment. If the Democrats take control of the House, will impeachment proceedings begin? Despite the investigation and other obstacles, CNN Contributor Steve Cortes, joins Dan and Amy to discuss Trump’s win streak. 

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Potential Massacre Avoided In Dixon

“The day could have gone so differently if officer Dallas hadn’t been there. There are a lot of families that could have been dealing with an entirely different incident.” Dixon Mayor Li Arellano joins Dan and Amy with an update on the Dixon High School shooting incident and the hero, police officer Mark Dallas.

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Up In Smoke: Legalization of Marijuana and Public Safety

The movement to legalize marijuana in Illinois is very popular. But studies have shown that legalization in other states has had a significant impact on public health and safety. Upstream Ideas went to the Capitol Building in Springfield to see if some of the state's most vocal activists could Follow the Logic.