Pols Looking Out For You = Soda Taxes

How do sin taxes, like Cook County's Beverage Tax, impact small business owners? Politicians who push these taxes claim they're for our own good. What's their real motivation? How difficult is it to operate a store in Cook County versus counties outside Illinois? When was the last time Dan went grocery shopping? Barb Eastman, Owner of Happy Foods, joins Dan and Amy to discuss.

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Dissolve Illinois?

Both anecdotal evidence and survey data suggest that Illinoisans overwhelmingly do not want another tax hike as a resolution to the state's budget impasse. What does the Governor's capitulation on a proposal that includes massive tax hikes tell families and businesses? Why is the Rauner Administration going down this path? The state is looking for solutions. Chicago Tribune columnist John Kass joins Dan and Amy to discuss his solution, as well as the larger budget crisis. #dissolveillinois

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Illinoisans Talk About The Budget Crisis

As the General Assembly heads into its second week of Special Session, the pressure on legislators to pass a budget that inflicts a substantial income tax hike, raises the corporate tax rate and increases a menagerie of sales taxes is intensifying. Illinoisans already pay the highest property taxes and overall tax burden in the nation. Will they Follow the Logic of a massive tax hike with no spending reforms?

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Go After The Big Government Dealers

In 2008, Barack Obama scaled Chicago’s big government trafficking operation nationally.

The nation got only a small taste of the damage Chicago’s RICO-style governance inflicts. Illinois has not been so fortunate.

The kleptocratic kingpins who run the City That Works (You Over) have relegated Illinois to the status of a cautionary tale as to how a poisonous, government-centric culture turns a state into one giant Ponzi scheme.

With more elected officials lording over more fiefdoms than any other state, politics pervades everything in Illinois. 

The result is that the nation’s highest combined state and local tax burden has proven no match for the spending appetites of pols who’ve racked up $250 billion in debt while skipping out on more tabs than Leona Helmsley in her heyday.

With collapse in the offing, the sicarios for Illinois’ political crime families seek a federal lifeline in the form of state bankruptcy.

Instead of amending the federal bankruptcy code, Congress should consider removing sovereign immunity protections to make an example of those who turned Illinois into the bad example.

Of America’s fifty laboratories of democracy, Illinois is the meth lab. If we want to prevent more states from getting hooked on junk governance, the Bernie Madoff treatment should be applied to those who cooked the books in Illinois. 

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End The N. Korea Threat By Ending N. Korea

Since Dennis Rodman's shuttle diplomacy failed, what can be done to avenge Otto Warmbier and end Kim Jong-un? Is the North Korea threat growing? Is ending North Korea the only way to end the North Korea threat? Should the U.S. impose sanctions? Dan & Amy asked former US Ambassador to the U.N. John Bolton.


Nancy Pelosi Read This Healthcare Bill

The Senate GOP unveiled their Obamacare replacement and they're already two votes short. But is "nice" enough for President Trump? Dan & Amy were joined by HealthInsuranceMentors.com's C. Steven Tucker to distinguish between the Senate GOP and House GOP versions of Obamacare repeal.


It’s Time To Investigate The Investigators

Is it technically breaking news if it is the same news everyday for eight months? Should the Justice Department investigate Hillary Clinton? Is Robert Muller’s record as FBI Director relevant? Should House Democrats replace Nancy Pelosi? Tim Carney, Senior Political Columnist for the Washington Examiner, joined Dan & Amy.


A Message To The Governor

Illinois Democrats have never needed a compromise to get a budget passed. They had veto-proof majorities - and now have a majority -  in the General Assembly. They could have had any budget they wanted at any time. They don’t care about a budget. They care about continuing their favor-factory model of government. But they needed Republican capitulation to continue it. They wanted Governor Rauner to give them political cover for a massive tax hike. And that’s exactly what he just did. Pat Hughes explains in this week's Upstream Ideas' Two Minute Warning.

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Why Small Businesses Need Tax Reform

What would the President's tax reform plan mean for entrepreneurial capitalists? When it comes to the tax reform debate, what is most frustrating for job creators? How significant is the President's support for vocational training to the future of American manufacturing? Tom Click, President and CEO of Patriot Aluminum, joins Dan and Amy to discuss why small businesses need tax reform.

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It’s A Beautiful Day To Stop A Massive Tax Hike

In his state address, Rauner calls for compromise. But is that just a euphemism for another "c" word--capitulation? The compromise is a massive tax hike that the Wall Street Journal calls “The Illinois Capitulation.” What if Madigan calls Gov. Rauner’s bluff? Is Rauner focused on winning votes from the public sector and political class when he should be focused on the families who fund it all? And Chicago’s police pension fund will be insolvent by 2021 according to an exclusive report by the Chicago City Wire. State Rep. Allen Skillicorn (R-East Dundee) joined Dan & Amy to say it’s a beautiful day to stop a massive tax hike.


Boo Hoo Hoo

Tucker Carlson cracks the code on what it takes to get a leftist professor suspended. A Black only Memorial Day. Lisa Durden, a professor at Essex County College, says “boo hoo hoo” to white people. Dan & Amy asked New Criterion Editor Roger Kimball if Durden is an extreme example or the mainstream of our “higher education” system? Why would any family send tens of thousands of dollars to higher education institutions intent on tearing down our culture and country? And what to do about the quality of educators at our universities?


The Referendum On Trump Didn’t Work

Dan summarized the results from Tuesday’s Special Election in Georgia: An adult who has lived a life defeats a pencil-necked progressive adult child. Maybe Trump isn’t as unpopular as the beltway media thinks? What should Democrats take away from the most expensive Congressional race loss in U.S. History? Is the culture of hate that pervades the modern Democrat Party propping up Trump and the Republicans? What will be in the Senate GOP's Obamacare replacement bill unveiled tomorrow? CNN Senior Economist Steve Moore joined Dan & Amy to recap Tuesday’s results and the implications for President Trump’s policy agenda.


Fund Rainbow Sidewalks, But Not Pension Benefits

Chicago’s police pension fund will be insolvent by 2021 according to a new analysis by the Chicago City Wire, but the focus is on taxpayer funded permanent rainbow crosswalks. Is there a huge silent majority that supports President Trump in the gay community? An LGBT group wants Christians to pay for their "pride" but not be allowed in the public square. Should opposition to the redefinition of marriage disqualify one from Department of Education discussions? Dan & Amy discussed values, and priorities, and took your calls.


Is ‘Social Justice’ Incompatible With Justice?

An attempted terrorist attack in Brussels marks the third attack in three days in three European capitals leading author and political commentator Mark Steyn to suggest one-way multiculturalism isn't working out so well. Why does the left hate Otto Warmbier? Did he deserve his torment because he is white? Is ‘social justice’ incompatible with justice? Dan & Amy posed these questions and more to Commentary Associate Editor Noah Rothman.


The American People Gave Us The Keys To The Car

Where is President Trump on the Senate's Healthcare Replacement? What could Congressional Republicans do to get the economy soaring? Why hasn't POTUS rooted out intransigent bureaucrats like IRS Commissioner John Koskinen? How significant are the results of today's election in Georgia for the Trump Administration? Has anyone ever seen Jared Kushner and Emo Phillips at the same time? Fox News Contributor and former Donald Trump Hispanic Advisory Council member, Steve Cortes drives home his points with Dan and Amy.

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Protecting Congress

In the wake of the Arlington Shooting, Congress is moving forward with the Comey Hearings and Healthcare debate. Given the recent attack, should rank-and-file Congressmen receive enhanced security details? Reports indicate that Senate Republicans are prepared to take aroll-call vote on Obamacare Replacement. How close are they to passing Healthcare and moving on to tax reform? Congressman Adam Kinzinger (16th Congressional District, Illinois) joins Dan and Amy to discuss the continuing fallout from the shooting and other news from the Hill.

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I Was Just Following Orders

Are universities devolving from being marketplaces for ideas into incubators of totalitarianism? What happens to society when there are topics and people who cannot be criticized? Hannah Ardent argued in Eichmann in Jerusalem: A Report on the Banality of Evil, that "people who do evil are not necessarily monsters; sometimes they’re just bureaucrats." What path are we on when ordinary people on college campuses act as agents of totalitarianism and oppression? As the inmates continue to run the asylum in Tacoma, WA, Dan & Amy discussed the larger implications of the protests at Evergreen State College.  

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I Was Up To Bat And Heard “Run He Has A Gun”

Illinois Republican Representative Rodney Davis was at bat when the shooting started last week. He joined Dan & Amy to provide his first person perspective on the shooting. What did Rep. Davis see from the first base dugout? They discussed Rep. Scalise's condition and the Left's response to the shooting. Would half of Twitter applaud if Kellyann Conway was shot? Do people believe they can settle their political differences outside of the ballot box?


A New Red Line In Syria?

Dan & Amy discussed the U.S. fighter jet that shot down a Syrian warplane and more with Col. Cedric Leighton, CNN Military Analyst and Retired USAF Colonel. Is Trump drawing a red line in Syria? Will this be the start of a No-Fly Zone? What was the Syrian fighter doing before being shot down?


An Attack Or An Accident?

How does a state of the art warship fail to detect a slow-moving cargo ship? Was this an attack or an accident? Was there any evasive action that could have been taken? What is the navy’s mission in the 21st century? Dan & Amy asked Admiral James Stavridis, former Supreme Allied Commander of NATO and author of Sea Power: The History and Geopolitics of the World’s Oceans.