Ideological Battlefront

Do Afghan citizens still want us there? What does victory look like? Is there a military solution? Whose ideologies need shaping, the Afghan citizens or their government? Dr. Zuhdi Jasser, President of the American Islamic Forum for Democracy and Former US NAVY Lieutenant-Commander, joins Dan and Amy to discuss President Trump’s plan going forward in Afghanistan and the ideological battle at hand.

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Is Trump Veering From His Campaign Promises In Afghanistan?

Would the faction of Trump supporters who tolerate no substantive criticism of POTUS like to reconsider their position as Trump has reconsidered his on Afghanistan? Is there a difference between institutional and establishment? Should we always listen to the generals? Have we learned nothing from Charlie Wilson's War? Is Trump looking to horse trade escalation in Afghanistan with the neocons in exchange for support for his domestic policy agenda? Ed Henry, Chief National Correspondent for Fox News Channel and author of “42 Faith: The Rest of the Jackie Robinson Story,” joins Dan and Amy to discuss.

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Condemnation Olympics

A group of Cleveland Browns are joining in the effort to reduce NFL's TV ratings. Louisville's BLM boss has 10 requests for white people.  Screenwriter, essayist and author of “The Great Good Thing: A Secular Jew Comes to Faith in Christ,” Andrew Klavan joins Dan and Amy to discuss the racist maize that has been created and if there is ever a way out.

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Race Relations Exacerbated by the Media

From white sheets to khakis? Is the extremist show just starting? Antifa throws bottles of urine, rocks at Boston police to protest free speech. Associate Editor for Commentary Magazine, Noah Rothman joins Dan and Amy to discuss the latest shakeup at the White House and more.

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Mass Hysteria Bubble

Are we in a mass hysteria bubble or are we ever not in one? What is the biggest mass hysteria going on right now? Did Trump shrink to the pressure in delivering leadership in his response to Charlotteville? Dilbert Cartoonist, Scott Adams joins Dan and Amy to discuss Trump’s possible inner thoughts.

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Why Are Democrats Voting Against Their School Districts?

New numbers show that Governor Bruce Rauner's amendatory veto of the Democrats' education funding bill actually benefits almost all school districts across the state. So why are Democrats determined to bail out Chicago Public Schools instead? On this edition of Illinois Rising, Dan Proft and Pat Hughes discuss the politics behind the bill, and why Democratic legislators are voting against their school districts.








The Logic Of The Nanny State

The recent story of 11-month old Charlie Gard brought to light some of the serious issues with Government-Funded Healthcare. Should the state have final say over parents when a child's life is at stake? And if a system gives the state that much power, do we want it in the United States? We asked those who support a single-payer healthcare system to help us Follow The Logic. 


Andy Manar Sells Out

State Senator Andy Manar has been outspoken in his criticism of Governor Rauner’s amendatory veto of a new education funding bill. The AV removed language from a bill that amounted to a bailout for Chicago Public Schools. What Manar has been uncharacteristically silent about is an Illinois State Board of Education analysis of Rauner’s amendatory veto directly contradicts his claims. Pat Hughes explains why on this edition of Two Minute Warning


Reflecting On The Springfield Political Culture With Kyle McCarter

Why can't Springfield enact any needed reforms? On this edition of Against the Current, Dan Proft talks to State Senator Kyle McCarter (R-Lebanon) - who has chosen not to seek reelection - about the political culture in Springfield, which has led to disastrous public policy results for taxpayers across Illinois. Proft and McCarter discuss reform efforts that have stalled in the General Assembly, including a balanced budget McCarter introduced that didn't include any tax hikes. They also discuss McCarter's humanitarian efforts in Kenya, and what's next for the retiring conservative lawmaker.


Culture Change Or Police State?

Do we have to start screening individuals renting large white vans? Adjusting the way we manufacture vehicles? What can be done culturally to advance assimilation? What is needed? Job security? Educational opportunities? Former National Security Council Member, Colonel Cedric Leighton joins Dan and Amy to discuss.


Heather MacDonald Debunks New Stanford Study On Police Bias

Are Black Lives Matter and Antifa the leading preservationists of the American fabric? Where are the rallies and marches for fallen officers? What does that show about our society today? "War On Cops" author Heather MacDonald has a safe space on the Morning Answer that she doesn't enjoy on college campuses. She joins Dan and Amy to discuss a new Stanford University study on alleged police bias in Oakland.


Terrorist Attack In Barcelona Inspired By Charlottesville?

CNN suggests a planned attack for which ISIS has taken credit on a continent that has seen a half-dozen similar vehicle attacks this year alone was a Charlottesville "copycat" crime.  Is CNN's implication that the threat to liberty in the West posed by white supremacists is equal to that posed by Islamofascists? Will these cities ever be able to rid themselves of these internal problems? Lieutenant Colonel Jeff Addicott, Director of the Center for Terrorism Law, joins Dan and Amy to discuss.


The Left Is In An All Out Virtue Signaling Contest

Erase the history of our founding fathers? Change our currency? Monuments? Park names? Whatever the mob wants, right? Did Tucker Carlson rationalize slavery while rationalizing Trump? Is there any room for rational discussion? People in the media and big government politicians are in an out virtue-ing signal contest. Dan and Amy discuss the state of political discourse in the country today.


Emergence Of Anti-American Movements Sweeping The Country

Trump vs. the GOP. If sides are taken, can either survive? Did Trump lose corporate America or is it impossible for him to lose what he never possessed? Has the civil rights movement been hijacked by anti-American ideology? Where did the Civil rights movement veer out into the wilderness? What should be the conservative answer?  Bob Woodson, founder of the Woodson Center, joins Dan and Amy to discuss predatory government policies, economic opportunities, and toxic ideologies.


Navy Seal Turned CEO

What is the difference between quitting and failing? How did a former Navy Seal use his military experience to create a multi million dollar business? Will the military presence in Trump’s administration lead to more successes? What focus is missing in the political landscape today? Is the military still a meritocracy or is social engineering getting in the way? Former US Navy Seal turned CEO, Brandon Webb joins Dan and Amy to discuss.


Media Firestorm Following Charlottesville

Is the media to blame for the firestorm surrounding Trump’s comments about Charlottesville? What would have been the proper counter-protest? Are the Governor and Mayor to blame for the chaos that ensued? Was Trump really suggesting there were "fine people" at the protest? Mitt Romney sees the fascist Antifa thugs as opponents of bigotry. Do you hear the engines revving? The inimitable Diamond and Silk join Dan and Amy to discuss.


Moral Equivalency Between White Supremacists and Antifa?

Trump's poor judgment call to relitigate his initial statement was compounded by how he re-litigated it on the merits. Ahistorical moral equivalences are not helpful and neither is media hysteria. We've gone from Chris Matthews' thrills to Chuck Todd's chills and neither are cultural Marxists who want to erase history. Is there a moral equivalence between white supremacists and groups such as Antifa? Vanderbilt Political Science Professor, Dr. Carol Swain joins Dan and Amy to discuss identity politics and its implications on culture.


Disrupting Higher Education

Isaac Morehouse is disrupting Higher Education by getting kids apprenticeships rather than overpriced sheepskins. Is this another Trump University? Why not bypass the college degree and debt? How much are 4 year college universities limiting young people’s potential? Founder and CEO of Praxis, Isaac Morehouse joins Dan and Amy to discuss.


What Happened To The Rule Of Law?

AG Sessions calls out "Sanctuary Chicago" while the American Bar Association wants to let illegal immigrants practice law in the US (irony lost on them). We'll have Sen. Ted Cruz's review on sanctuary cities. CNN asks if President Trump is a racist. Why is the IRS rehiring 213 employees fired for professional misconduct? CNN Senior Economist, Stephen Moore joins Dan and Amy to discuss.