We're Doing It Wrong

Arizona’s Republican Governor Doug Ducey earned 44% of the Latino vote en route to his easy re-election.

No hand recount for Governor-elect Ron DeSantis in Florida who garnered 44% of the Latino vote and 14% of the black vote.

The 400,000 Florida kids and 260,000 Arizona kids who benefit from school choice, the majority from minority families, are reshaping the GOP’s electoral coalitions in those states.

White Guilt author Shelby Steele argues this occurrence is more than a powerful argument for school choice. It’s a messaging imperative for conservatives.

As Steele told me, black families have moved beyond the idealism of the Civil Rights era to search for pragmatic answers to the economic concerns the welfare state not only failed to address but worsened.

By contrast, Champagne Socialists in the leafy suburbs are in search of a moral calling. The “Black Lives Matter” yard sign in the lawn of your local Mayflower descendant should’ve been a tipoff.

Bottom line: we’ve been making the wrong arguments to the wrong constituents.

Fiscal conservatism has limited appeal to the vanguard class as does pantomiming Al Sharpton with minority families.

For the latter, it’s money they lack. For the former, to borrow from James Earl Jones in Field of Dreams, “It’s money they have and peace they lack.” 


Fox Files Amicus Brief For CNN

Why did Fox file an amicus brief on behalf of CNN in their lawsuit against the White House? Is Trump forcing journalists to reveal their true selves as narcissists? Is the caravan “make believe” or a serious threat? Will Trump get funding for a border wall? When are they going to officially call the elections in Florida and will there be any consequences for officials in Broward County? Anchor of Special Report on Fox News, Bret Baier joins Dan and Amy to discuss.

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Pizza For Patriots

How do you provide a taste of home for the troops? Send them pizza! Kent Evans joins Dan and John Kass to discuss his organization that he took over from his father that sends pizzas overseas and provides pizza for veterans here in the U.S. Go to www.sgtpizza.org to find out how you can get involved.

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What has the Trump Administration done to protect religious liberty? Is the Thomas More Society worried about being targeted at the state level because of their non profit status and their advocacy for the defense of life and religious liberty that is currently at odds with the current Democrat leaders in power in Illinois? Are they prepared to battle the next four years? Thomas More Society President, Tom Brejcha joins Dan and Scott Shellady to discuss.

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