Is Mainstream Media Handing Trump Another 4 Years?

"No Justice, No Peace" Maxine Waters' understudy Rep. Frederica Wilson demands an apology from Gen. Kelly and suggests he also owes an apology to the American people. But should Rep. Wilson be the one out there apologizing for her actions? Hosts of the Viewers’ View, Diamond and Silk join Dan and Amy to discuss.

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Gen. Kelly Holds Court In DC Presser

Representative Frederica Wilson called herself a “rockstar” for her role in politicizing the death of an American soldier in Niger. General Kelly responded and made a sobering statement questioning what is even considered sacred in this country anymore. Did those with “Trump derangement syndrome” bail him out of this controversy once again? Fox News Anchor of Special Report, Bret Baier joins Dan and Amy to discuss.

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A Panic Situation?

What are the repercussions for Medicaid expansion enacted by Rauner? How much will premiums rise for those in Illinois who aren’t eligible for Medicaid? Who is going to end up paying out the most? Will people sign up for health insurance plans if there’s no longer a mandate? Founder & Principal Broker for HealthInsuranceMentors.com, C. Steven Tucker joins Dan and Amy to discuss.

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Intelligence Agencies At The Brim With Terrorists’ Threats

What happens in Syria now as ISIS is being driven out? What are the next steps? Is it still going to be a state that is ruled by war criminal like Assad? What has the politicization surrounding the deaths of Americans in our armed services say about the political climate we are living in? Former member of Congress representing Michigan’s Eighth Congressional District, officer in the U.S. Army, and FBI special agent, Mike Rogers joins Dan and Amy to discuss.

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Is Mueller On A Witch Hunt?

What are the prospects the Russian collusion investigation winds up turning on the Clintons and the Obama Regime? Where is the outrage directed at Comey’s prepared exculpatory statement for Hillary Clinton that was written months before the investigation was completed? What are the confirmed facts surrounding the bribery plot with uranium one backed by Clinton Foundation donors? Is this really “old news” or is there a chance for prosecution? Associate Editor for Commentary Magazine, Noah Rothman joins Dan and Amy to discuss.

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Big Time Political Debate Coming To Town

At The World Leaders Forum Speakers’ Series at Judson University in Elgin, two big-name politicians from both sides of the aisle are coming in to engage in a civil conversation about leadership in divided times. Is there is going to be a safe space for the people who don’t know to deal with other people’s opinions that they disagree with? Judson University President Gene Crume joins Dan and Amy to discuss the big announcement. 

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Gov. Rauner Protects Obamacare

Is Trump correct about the remaining possibility of Obamacare replacement? Are states, such as Illinois, gaming the system and artificially increasing premiums so in return they receive more help from the federal government? How is Governor Rauner promoting and protecting Obamacare? Can Trump use an Executive Order to get rid of the individual mandate? Columnist for Bloomberg View and senior editor for National Review, Ramesh Ponnuru joins Dan and Amy to discuss.

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Trump Deserves Tough Love

Is Charlie Sykes correct that conservatives have lost their mind by supporting Trump? Are conservatives enabling Trump’s bad behavior to push his agenda? Trump isn't the next Reagan, but did Republicans vote for him because they rejected the politicians that claimed they were? Former Milwaukee conservative radio talk show host and author of "How The Right Lost Its Mind," Charlie Sykes joins Dan and Amy to discuss. 

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Could IL Get A Property Tax Cap?

Lawmakers head back to Springfield this week, but for many Republican lawmakers, their relationship with Gov. Bruce Rauner is too far damaged to work together on legislation. On this edition of Illinois Rising, Dan Proft and Pat Hughes ask state Rep. Allen Skillicorn, R-East Dundee, what conservative lawmakers and activists should work on moving forward, given that Rauner has betrayed his base. They also discuss the numerous companies deciding not to locate to Illinois due to its lack of a Right-to-Work law. National Right to Work Foundation President Mark Mix gives his analysis. And Proft and Hughes discuss a new petition to cap property taxes at 1% of a home's value.








Rauner And Durkin Are Perfect Partners

Politicians. Some use money to grab power. Some use power to make money. Governor Rauner is the former, House Minority Leader Jim Durkin is the latter. Pat Hughes explains why that makes Rauner and Durkin perfect partners in this week's Two Minute Warning.


Is Nothing Sacred?

In his remarkable press conference, Trump Chief of Staff Gen. John Kelly prompted reflection on that which was once sacred and should be but no longer is.

Women. The dignity of every life. Religion. Gold Star Families. Selfless service to country. All once sacred. Now not so much.

Gen. Kelly provided a timely reminder that civilization is not always advancing. The latest point in time is not necessarily the most enlightened. Societies can regress.

The nature of man is immutable. Edifying influences like faith, family and work and the responsibilities associated with each are necessary.

Notions of duty and honor keep us from devolving into a Hobbesian state of nature.

So what is sacred?

The politicization of all things makes state power sacred.

The 41% of nonelderly-headed households who receive entitlement payments makes good intentions sacred.

Banning books and blocking speakers to protect feelings makes conceit sacred.

In other words, the power to distribute other people’s stuff and eliminate dissent has replaced what Gen. Kelly described as sacred and what four Green Berets died on a distant battlefield to protect as sacred.

If you believe their last full measure of devotion for your freedoms was sacred then you might consider fighting to preserve them. 


College Students' Logic on Religious Tests

How is political indoctrination on university campuses impacting young Americans' ability to Follow The Logic on critical issues, such religious tests in confirmation hearings? We found out. 


Hurricane Relief Update From Contractor On The Ground

100% of the problems happening in Puerto Rico are a result of the incompetence of the local government officials. There is a lot of demagoguery from the media, the mayor of San Juan, and Rep. Luis Gutierrez, who don’t want to admit that Puerto Rican leaders were not prepared for the hurricane, but instead, choose to blame President Trump. A former Chicago-area police officer who has just returned from Puerto Rico, Brian Evans, joins Dan and Amy to discuss to his perspective from being on the ground.

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Trump’s Willingness To Call Out Both Parties Won Him The Election

The media elites don’t know anyone who owns a gun, sits in a pew every Sunday, or lives in a community that has been ravaged by the opioid epidemic. Local news outlets are supposed to serve as watchdogs for their local government leaders and be a voice for the people. Is the DC press corps’ biggest problem their inability to relate to those in local communities? Washington Examiner Reporter, New York Post Columnist and CNN Contributor, Salena Zito joins Dan and Amy to discuss.

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Trump-Inspired POTUS Poetry Slam

Does Trump have a future in poetry? Do Trump’s tweets have a little rhythm and rhyme to them? Is this something Trump could pursue after his political career? Perhaps he could even try out a rap battle? Former writer and producer on Cheers and author of “Bigly: Donald Trump in Verse,” Rob Long joins Dan and Amy to discuss how he is trying to save comedy in America. Enjoy one of the excerpts: “The Pope I hope is scared only by God.”

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Stainmaster Productions

Second Chance? Who Wants To Be A Star? Potted Plants? Woody Polanski Films? Hands On Productions? The Human Stain's brother speaks and is working on a new company name saying, "it won't be familial, I promise you that." Dan and Amy take callers’ suggestions all morning to help come up with a new name for the Weinstein Company.

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What Are Trump’s Chances Of Winning In 2020?

How much credit do we give to Trump’s victory since the Democrats ran the worst candidate of all time? Is Trump having success in his continuing prosecution of the culture war? Journalists and publishers such as the New York Times whine about Trump’s “fake news” comments, but has their coverage of Trump’s Executive Order been fair and balanced? National Review columnist and former Chief Assistant US Attorney, Andrew McCarthy joins Dan and Amy to discuss. 

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Revolts, Attacks, And Fake News

Horrific Islamist terror attack in Mogadishu leaves 270 dead, Al-Shabaab claims responsibility, but is there anything America can do to stop these attacks? The Conservative revolt in Austria ushers in the world's youngest leader; is this going to be a wake-up call to the other progressive leaders in Europe? A Puerto Rican delegate said President Trump is being very responsive in hurricane relief but is the DC press corps trying to wedge their own narrative against Trump? Washington Times columnist and former Pentagon official, Jed Babbin joins Dan and Amy to discuss geopolitics.

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Heart Of The Matter: House Bill 40

House Bill 40 was a measure to force taxpayers to fund abortions for state employees and those on Medicaid at any point in the pregnancy, for any reason. Last April, Governor Rauner publicly promised that he would veto HB 40 should it reach his desk. Only to suddenly reversed course. The decision cost him the support of many who elected him. What was the Governor thinking? And what comes next for the families of Illinois?

State Representative Jeanne Ives (R-Wheaton) and Former Rauner Administration Staff Member Brittany Carl join Host Jodi Carroll to get to The Heart Of The Matter.


Follow The Money

After Judy Barr Topinka’s death in twenty-fourteen, her right hand woman, Nancy Kimme, wrote a series of checks from Topinka's campaign account totaling nearly one-hundred and sixty thousand dollars. The checks largely went to Kimme herself and incoming members of the Rauner administration.

On this week's edition of Two Minute Warning, Pat Hughes warns why ignoring the facts about the people we put in office will always lead the rest of us back to the same place - broke, and more importantly, broken.