McQueary: They Are Trying To Force A Crisis

Is the Governor right to demand the school funding bill Democrats passed be sent to his desk? Why hasn't it been? CPS spends nearly 50% more per pupil than the state average in per pupil spending. Is it "all for the kids" as proponents of the new school funding bill claim? Should tax credit proposals be included in the school funding reform discussion? Dan Proft and Kristen McQueary debate the merits of the contentious bill. 


Claims That Voter ID Laws Suppress Voters Are Totally False

Is Voter Fraud real or is it just a fiction of the political Right? The Heritage Foundation has a Voter Fraud Database that now documents 1,071 instances of Voter Fraud, including 938 criminal convictions spanning 48 states. If the Left is so concerned with foreign governments meddling in our elections, why aren't they as concerned about domestic instances of Voter Fraud? Are we making too much of cases of Voter Fraud, as the Left suggests? What does the Heritage Foundations' Task Force on Voter Fraud aim to do? Hans von Spakovsky, Senior Legal Fellow for The Heritage Foundation, former FEC Commissioner and former DOJ lawyer, joins Dan and Kristen McQueary to discuss. 


There Is A Lot Of Frustration Among Republicans

Given his recusal from the Russian collusion investigation, how much longer will Jeff Sessions last as Attorney General? Was Trump's criticism of him to the NY Times setting up either a forced resignation or a replacement? And, is that a set-up to fire Special Counsel Bob Mueller as he prepares to move the investigation into Trump's private business dealings? How inclined is Trump to fire Mueller? And what would the fallout be within the Republican Party, if Trump were to fire him? How jumpy are Congressional Republicans about replacing Sessions and Mueller? Chief Congressional Correspondent and Senior Political Correspondent for FNC, Mike Emanuel joins Dan and Kristen McQueary to discuss. 


Investigation 101: Follow The Money

What does the future hold for Attorney General Jeff Sessions and Special Counsel Bob Mueller as Mueller expands his probe beyond Russian collusion into Trump's personal business dealings? Trump made it clear that he feels the investigation into his private business would be a breach. So, what is his next play? Do federal prosecutors face backlash when they proceed with an investigation the President doesn't want? Former Federal Prosecutor and Managing Director of Investigations at Berkeley Research Group, Jeff Cramer joins Dan and Kristen McQueary to discuss. 


The NEA's School Curriculum: Leftist Politics

When you think about quality K-12 schools that put kids on a path to being successful, independent adults, do you think of gender inclusive toolkits (New Business Item #55), opposition to federal law enforcement (New Business Item #18), and support for the impeachment of the President (New Business Item #65)?

If you do not, you probably were not at the National Education Association’s (NEA) annual meeting where the aforementioned matters were included on its 159-point “new business” agenda.

In worldwide rankings, U.S. high school students do not crack the top 20 in either science or reading and have dropped to 35th in math.

The response from the nation’s largest teachers’ union is to argue for in-state college tuition for persons in the country illegally (New Business Item #23) and against the U.S.’ “illegal overthrow” of the Hawaiian Monarchy in 1893 (New Business Item #37). Sorry, Larry Ellison, you’re going to have to give Lanai back.

159 new business items and nary a one dealing with student performance, classroom instruction, or fiduciary responsibility.

The NEA has affiliates in all 50 states. They takeover school districts, subordinate intellectual development to political indoctrination, and purchase legislators who fund it all on your dime and at your kid’s expense.

So when the NEA tells you that their business is making your kid a sentinel of the welfare state, you should believe them—and maybe show up to a school board meeting.


Analyzing Cook County Property Taxes With Dan Patlak

Illinois has the highest property taxes in the nation. Cook and the collar counties know that especially well. On this edition of Against the Current, Dan Proft talks to Cook County Board of Review Commissioner Dan Patlak about Cook County's property tax system, its appeals process, and how Cook County differs from the rest of the state in terms of property taxes. They also discuss some of the drivers behind the county's ever-increasing property taxes, and ways to reform the system.


Getting To The Source Of The Problem

This week, Illinois Opportunity Project President Matt Besler accepted a key leadership position on Governor Rauner’s political team. For a very long time, the life you have been trying to build has been an afterthought to Illinois' political insiders. Matt and his political team are going to change that. Pat Hughes explains in this week's Two Minute Warning.


Moore: I Think They'll Pass [Obamacare Replace]

Congressional Republicans will ultimately be judged on whether they can reduce Healthcare premiums. How do Congressional Republicans proceed if Obamacare Replace doesn't pass? Is there an alternate plan and how do you get the votes for it? Why does the individual mandate need to go? When can we expect to see some action on Tax Reform? CNN Senior Economist Stephen Moore joins Dan and John Kass to discuss.


Will Anyone Save Us From Surrender Republicans?

Madigan Republicans in Springfield. Obama Republicans in D.C. Even with a GOP majority in the Senate, the Obamacare Replace legislation doesn't seem to have the votes to pass. Is there anything that can save us from the Surrender Republicans? What will the world look like in a year if Obamacare isn't replaced? Does this crisis just move us closer to a single-payer healthcare system? Was the GOP's contradiction on the issue of pre-existing conditions fatal? Will an Obamacare Repeal ever be possible? Healthcare expert and Founder of HealthInsuranceMentors.com, C. Steven Tucker gives Dan and John Kass his diagnosis.


Chicago Dems Attempt To Raid Suburban School Districts

Illinois Democrats are pushing a bill that would strip suburban school districts of their state funding to pay Chicago pensions. What does Governor Rauner want to do about it? How does he want the money Madigan is trying to take from suburban schools to be spent? In terms of priorities, where does school funding rank? Is he concerned that the 15 Surrender Republicans in the House will bend to Speaker Madigan's thug tactics once again? Illinois Governor Bruce Rauner discusses with Dan and John Kass. 


Trump Struggles With Republicans

Is Trump succeeding at refocusing national attention on his policy agenda? Why isn’t Dan a fan of Trump’s populist policy agenda? The Left is obsessed with Russian collusion, the establishment is obsessed with vote counting on Obamacare replacement, and Trump is recommitting to fair trade discussions and NAFTA renegotiations. Is anyone moving in a positive direction? Dan & Amy discussed the status of Obamacare repeal with David Harsanyi, Nationally syndicated columnist & Senior Editor for TheFederalist.com.


Perfectly Happy To Be In The Minority

What has the Obamacare replacement fight within the GOP revealed (again) about the party? What is the greater threat to a free society: Trump’s own brand of populism, or big government republicanism? Is the whole system of government set up to slow down populism? What can Trump accomplish without a working legislative majority? Is this a poor reflection on Senate Majority Leader McConnell? Dan & Amy posed these questions and more to Jonah Goldberg, National Review columnist, and author of “Liberal Fascism” & “The Tyranny of Clichés: How Liberals Cheat in War of Ideas.”


A Scam On Top Of A Scam On Top Of A Scam

Governor Rauner appeared in Decatur to oppose legislation that will bailout Chicago Public Schools by redistributing money from suburban schools. Should we trust the politicians who are promising no school will lose money?  Is that ‘hold harmless’ provision a scam? Why isn’t anyone talking about our school systems’ results? Where do we go from here? Mark Batinick, State Representative for the 97th district joined Dan & Amy to discuss why the proposed school funding changes are “a scam on top of a scam on top of a scam.”


A Little Hysterical

As the investigation into possible Russian collusion proceeds, to what extent do their repeated charges of treason and criminality without any specific reference point undermine Democrats' authority on the topic? If Jared Kushner withheld disclosure forms, is that grounds for impeachment? How much does making Russia their sole focus hurt Democrats' electoral prospects in the 2018 mid-terms? Joe Trippi, former campaign manager for Howard Dean and author of The Revolution Will Not Be Televised, joins Dan and Amy to discuss. 


Gonzales: We Are Going To Find Out What Happened

Legal experts of all political stripes agree that "collusion" is a political term, not a legal term. Is there any criminal case to be made regarding Donald Trump Jr.'s meeting with a Russian lawyer? To what extent does the media influence federal and special investigations? What does the positive response to Christopher Wray indicate about his potential as FBI Director? How will Wray differ from James Comey in this role? Former U.S. Attorney General and author of True Faith & Allegiance, Alberto Gonzales joins Dan and Amy to discuss. 


Stop Financing Cultural Marxism

Student protests turned to riots at Evergreen State College because a liberal professor dared to oppose a "Blacks Only" day on campus. In Minnesota, members of the Edina High School faculty published an editorial in the school newspaper that read like a Democrat Party manifesto. Is this Cultural Marxism? Can it be stopped? Have we reached an inflection point in the fight for intellectual freedom in our education system? How do administrations who support restrictions on free speech justify their position? Peter Wood, President of the National Association of Scholars, joins Dan and Amy to discuss.   


Change Is Coming

Governor Rauner has replaced key leaders in his administration with executives who understand state policy, Springfield’s political environment, and – importantly – the “Turnaround” vision. It was this vision that originally convinced Illinois voters to give Bruce Rauner, a political outsider, a chance. Pat Hughes explains why the political ruling class should be worried in this week's Two Minute Warning.


Democrats' CPS Bailout

Democrats got their income tax hike, but there is still major legislation to keep an eye on. On this edition of Illinois Rising, Dan Proft and Pat Hughes talk to state Rep. Joe Sosnowski, R-Rockford, about Democrats' proposed changes to the education funding formula - which would force downstate taxpayers to bailout Chicago Public Schools. They also discuss a new study showing Illinois' declining fiscal health, and labor unions' purchase of the Chicago Sun-Times.








Charlie Gard's Parents Fight To Save Their Son

A U.S. doctor says an experimental procedure has 10% chance of helping Charlie Gard. The London High Court is still deciding if Charlie belongs to his parents or the state. Should Charlie be “allowed to die with dignity”? Are the State or parents better positioned to speak for children? Is this the future under a single-payer healthcare system? Dan & Kristen McQueary discussed Charlie Gard's parents' fight to save their son and the Orwellian double speak used by the UK's court and hospital systems.


Madigan Blames Rauner For Budget Woes

Dan & Chicago Tribune Editorial Board Member Kristen McQueary discussed Speaker Mike Madigan’s op-ed in Crain's Chicago Business. Madigan attacks Rauner for the results of his first two years in office, but what of Madigan’s 40-year reign? In Madigan’s Illinois who gets served first? Who suffers? Will any one else call Madigan on his lies?