“Dirty Cops” At The FBI

What kind of evidence did the FBI have to open the investigation on Trump and his alleged ties as “spy” for the Russia? Do Democrats and “Never Trumpers” view disagreeable policy decisions as impeachable offenses? Is the Democratic presidential primary going to create animosity within the party? Is it time to abolish the TSA? Senior editor for the Federalist.com, David Harsanyi joins Dan and Amy to discuss.

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De Blasio Demands, Show Me Your Hands

“Brothers and sisters, there’s plenty of money in the world. There’s plenty of money in this city. It’s just in the wrong hands.”

Those are the words of New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio on the occasion of introducing his plan for single-payer, government-run health care at the municipal level.

de Blasio’s use of the phrase "brothers and sisters" is instructive as it is religious.

As Chesterton observed, when people lose their faith in the Almighty, they don't believe in nothing. They believe in anything.

Rather than an omniscient God, more place their faith in an omnipotent state and bishops of big government like de Blasio.

Being a Socialist in the 20th century meant never having to account for the body count. Today, it means de Blasio’s political self interest is nobler than your economic self interest.

Understanding that when he says money is in the “wrong hands,” he may well be talking about yours.

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Manufactured Crisis In Equity Markets

Will corporate earnings leave us bullish or bearish? Are low unemployment and earnings making it hard to go into a recession? Will the shutdown reduce growth to 0%? Are things that exploded in price "coincidentally" have government as the major purchaser? Fox Business contributor, Scott "The Cow Guy" Shellady joins Dan and Amy to discuss.

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Is Trump A Russian Spy?

Did the NYT story about Trump’s relationship with Russia expose the unchecked power at the FBI? Is Brexit cancelled? When are Bolton and Trump going to come to an agreement on how to withdraw from Syria? Was Pompeo’s speech in Cairo the best in Trump’s presidency so far? Former U.S. Undersecretary of Defense, Jed Babbin joins Dan and Amy to discuss.

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ATTN Pelosi: Listen To The McCann Family

Can elevating stories of real people and real families affected by illegal immigrant crime change people’s hearts and minds about the wall? Right now the conversation is about the wall, but what about the detrimental effects of sanctuary city policies? Founder of Advocates for victims of illegal alien crime, Brian McCann joins Dan and Amy to share the tragic story of his brother’s murder by an illegal immigrant and how he got away with it.

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The National Security Case Against Oil

Are U.S. troops put in harm’s way to protect the flow of oil? Is there truly a free market for oil? Do Republicans have ways to go in winning urban centers? Former two term mayor of Indianapolis, Greg Ballard joins Dan and Amy to discuss his new book.

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The Pathway To Economic Opportunity

Is school choice the pathway to opportunity for those in underprivileged communities? Is the educational establishment the worst enemy of black people? Is there plenty of money out there but in the wrong hands as Mayor De Blasio claims? Professor of economics at George Mason University, Walter Williams joins Dan and Amy to discuss.

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What’s Worse Than Facebook?

Is government the biggest threat on the internet? Is the hysteria over social media giants overblown? Is it more important to be morally right than technically correct? Is there anyone who reaches the degree of purity to host the Oscars? Dickinson College professor, Crispin Sartwell joins Dan to discuss.

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Democrats Not Moving

Who has more “human pain” according to Trump? Does Trump have the right to declare a national emergency as he says he does? Why aren’t Democrats seizing on the opportunity to get what they want out of an immigration reform bill? Are there more indictments to come or the full Mueller report in the near future? Anchor of Special Report, Bret Baier joins Dan to discuss.

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Crimes Against Academia

Has trust been completely eroded in academia? Is there a dominant moral orthodoxy on campus that encourages no dissent? Portland State University professor, Peter Boghossian joins Dan to discuss his run in with defying the academic class.

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Obama Border Patrol Chief: “Trump Is Right”

If CNN's Jim Acosta doesn't see migrants trying to get into the country, do they really exist? Is the wall an integral aspect of the multi layered approach for border security? How many Americans have to die at the hands of illegal immigrants for Democrats to call it a crisis? Obama's Customs and Border Patrol Chief, Mark Morgan joins Dan to discuss.

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Race Against The Machine

Will Dorothy Brown make it on the ballot despite Preckwinkle’s challenge? How is Brown going to transform the education system? How is the city going to get the revenue for the $40 billion worth of unfunded pension liabilities? Is she still the target of any federal investigations? Cook County Circuit Court Clerk and mayoral candidate, Dorothy Brown joins Dan and Amy to discuss.

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Big Trouble If No Wall For GOP

Do Mayor DeBlasio and New Yorkers understand “free healthcare” translates to taxpayer funded? Will Trump play his final card and declare a national emergency to get his border wall funding? Is anyone buying the Democrats' concern about fiscal responsibility? Mike Gallagher joins Dan and Amy to discuss.

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No One’s Blinking

Should Trump be swayed by the Democrats asking to open the government and then continue negotiations? How can Trump and Republicans best make the compassionate, humane argument for the wall against the Democrats and hysterics from mainstream media? Congressman Sean Duffy from Wisconsin joins Dan and Amy to discuss.

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How To Change The More Of The Same Politics In Chicago

Should candidates like Mendoza and Preckwinkle have some self respect and get out of the mayor's race? How do we get to a better, less segregated city? What should we do about the taxes running people out of the city? Should each department be audited every few months to keep people honest? Willie Wilson, the only successful entrepreneur in the race, joins Dan and Amy to discuss his 2019 mayoral candidacy.

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American Strategy For Taking On Radical Islamists

If there’s no military solution in Syria, then what are American troops doing there? Is it time for America to be more on the offense against islamofascism? Why are the new icons of the women’s movement being represented by grotesquely anti-semitic Democratic congresswomen? President of American Islamic Forum for Democracy, Dr. Zuhdi Jasser joins Dan and Amy to discuss.

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Is It Still Border Wall Or Bust?

Is Trump still considering declaring the situation at the border a national emergency? Will Trump’s emotional plea for border security work? What will happen once government employees don’t receive their next paycheck? Will there be any give in the Republican caucus? How important is a tangible wall/barrier for Trump’s reelection in 2020? Reporter at Washington Examiner, Salena Zito joins Dan and Amy to discuss.

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Time To Declare Emergency At The Border?

Is Trump manufacturing a humanitarian crisis at the border as Pelosi and Schumer claim? What can be done to end the loopholes in our immigration laws? What can we do to work with countries so their citizens aren’t fleeing to the U.S.? How big of a problem are advocacy groups pushing the confrontation at the border? Policy analyst at Heritage Foundation, David Inserra joins Dan and Amy to discuss what he saw at the border.  

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An End To Predatory Policies In Chicago?

Does the candidate with the most petition signatures have the best momentum heading into the February mayoral election? How can some candidates be what Chicago needs moving forward with all their baggage and ties to corruption? Is there the beginnings of a generational change in the city? Is an elected school board the answer to CPS woes? Mayoral candidate, Amara Enyia joins Dan and Amy to discuss.

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A Tax On Our Existence

How did manufacturing grow 714% faster under Trump than it did under Obama? Was 2018 the best year for the American worker? Can Trump get the Chinese trade deal done? Is the Federal Reserve board out of control? How close are we to a fossil fuel free economy and a carbon tax? Are the Democrats paying attention to what is happening in Paris? Chief economist for CNN, Steve Moore joins Dan and Amy to discuss.

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