Are The Democrats Falling Apart?

Would cutting off arms sales to Saudi Arabia hurt the U.S.? Is there more at play in the Khashoggi murder than him writing unfavorable pieces on the Saudi royal family? How does the resistance feel about their funds going into Trump’s pockets? Why are some media outlets letting Warren win the news cycle? Are Senate Republican nominees benefitting from the Democrats’ mishaps? Associate editor at Commentary Magazine, Noah Rothman joins Dan and Amy to discuss.

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Building Great Men At Northridge Prep

How does Northridge Prep prepare young men to not only be sound academically but build their character to be good husbands and friends? Do they use any Ipads or laptops in the classroom? How involved is the whole family? How does the all male staff serve as role models for the students? Headmaster for Northridge Preparatory School, Niall Fagan joins Dan and Amy to discuss.

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An Election Preview With John Kass

Voters in the city of Chicago and across the state of Illinois have major decisions to make at the ballot box in coming months. Between Rauner and Pritzker, a wide open Chicago mayoral field and a fight for control of the Illinois General Assembly, which direction might the state go? On this edition of Against the Current, Dan Proft and Chicago Tribune columnist John Kass forecast the upcoming elections in Illinois, both the midterms in November and the mayoral election in February. Is it time for conservatives to forgive and come back to Bruce Rauner? Do any of the current Chicago mayoral candidates inspire confidence for the future of the city? Why hasn't a center right candidate jumped in the field? And will it be a blue wave or red wave – or something in between – on Nov. 6? All this and more is discussed in the most in-depth conversation available for Illinoisans this election season.


America’s Shrinking Moral Compass

Was Pastor Brunson’s prayer with President Trump a refreshing expression of faith rarely seen in today’s politics? Is there a fear of growing cynicism in the country? Why are cases of sexual assault seen as a public relations issue? Why are men and women on the left suggesting men should “take one for the team” and not fight back when they’re falsely accused of sexual assault? President of The Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission, Dr. Russell Moore joins Dan and Amy to discuss.

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“Mysterious” Khashoggi Disappearance

Is there more backstory we should be exploring regarding the Khashoggi disappearance/murder?  What about his ties with the Muslim Brotherhood and Bin Laden? What should be the U.S.’ response to the Saudi’s for their involvement? Former Trump aide, Sebastian Gorka joins Dan and Amy to discuss.

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Bye Bye Sears

What was once seen as a retail giant, is now filing for bankruptcy. Did Sears try to adapt to the modern market or did their decline happen too quickly? What about the future of malls? Should the Fed continue raising rates? CNBC Contributor, Jim Iuorio joins Dan and Amy to discuss. 

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Escaping Illinois' Property Taxes

Illinois' high property taxes are crushing middle and lower income earners. But the problem is even creeping into affluent areas, too, and more and more homeowners are looking for an exit and seeing their home values destroyed – like, say, NBA Hall of Famer Scottie Pippen. On this edition of Illinois Rising, Dan Proft and Wirepoints' President Ted Dabrowski discuss how the state's high property taxes are affecting all homeowners – rich, poor, middle class, famous and not. And they discuss the political status quo that wants to keep it this way.








Movin’ Out

Are you planning on “movin’ out” of Illinois? There’s a new song for you to listen to while packing up. Tim O’Donnell from West Chicago joins Dan in studio to debut his new hit single, “Movin’ Out,” an Illinois inspired parody.

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The Decriminalization Of Politics

Is there such a thing as too much law? Are there two systems of justice depending where you land on the political spectrum? Can democracy also die in a fully lit courtroom? Foundation Professor at George Mason University’s Scalia School of Law, FH Buckley joins Dan to discuss.

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Diamond and Silk Bringing The Truth With Proof

Will Trump’s supporters out live his presidency and continue supporting Republicans? Will the country be recognizable if the Socialist Democrats are able to take over? Did people gravitate to the right after the Kavanaugh hearings? Are white women gender traitors? Diamond Silk join Dan and Shaun to discuss these topics and their new movie “Dummycrats” in theaters October 15.

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The Changing Republican Party

Was it a good move for the White House to have Melania do an open ended interview with ABC? Are there too many factions within the Republican Party? Is there an appetite in the party for limiting the size and scope of government? Has the argument against socialism for Republicans become less of a fiscal argument but a cultural one? Senior political correspondent at the Washington Examiner, David Drucker joins Dan and Shaun to discuss.

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The Left’s Narrow View Of The 2nd Amendment

Does the left’s treatment of Kanye expose how they really feel about people who don’t think like them? Is the right to defend yourself and your property the key to all other rights? Are people’s views on gun control reflective of their views of freedom in general? Senior editor at TheFederalist.com, David Harsanyi joins Dan and Shaun to discuss.

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The Results of Machine Politics

How has the state’s political culture impacted voters’ faith in politicians? How has machine politics affected the way in which political messages are received? Upstream Ideas asked voters in Elmhurst to Follow the Logic.


GOP’s National Supermajority Will Help Hold Their Congressional Majorities

The dismal TV drones are missing something important in handicapping the midterms.

They obsess about how narrow are the GOP congressional majorities without considering the supermajorities Republicans enjoy in state houses and governors’ mansions across the country.

That’s called political infrastructure and it matters.

Local political officials and operatives have credibility with voters and thus turnout capacity that can’t be bought with Michael Bloomberg’s millions.

Federal races are not national elections. They’re local ones.

Just as local races can be federalized so can federal races be localized.

Popular Republican governors with Republican legislative majorities matter too.

That’s good news for key Senate and House races in Arizona, Florida, Indiana, Nevada, North Dakota, Tennessee and Texas

The state and local Republicans in these states are popular because they’ve made choices in advance of economic liberty that have improved the vitality of life for their constituents, as a report earlier this year by the American Legislative Exchange Council found.

It’s not complicated.

I suspect voters in these states may elect to continue to keep it simple on November 6th by sticking with what’s working.


Implosion Of The Republican Party Under Rauner

Is Rauner going to drag down all Republicans on the ballot? Is he closing the gap at all? Were all Rauner’s political defeats self-inflicted wounds? Did Rauner discount what he was up against and then decide to surrender instead of fight? Dan and Kristen McQueary discuss the future of Illinois and the governor’s race.

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Should There Be Panic About The Market?

Despite the market downturn is it still good to be us? Are liberals still not getting in the market because of their dislike of Trump? Is the social media part of the tech sector going to take a hit? Is it worse for the stock market to go up for no reason but better to go down for a few good reasons? Fox Business Contributor, Scott "The Cow Guy" Shellady joins Dan and Kristen McQueary to discuss the market pullback. 

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#MeToo Backfiring

Will #MeToo encourage more false allegations? If men are "toxic" then why shouldn't women be able to falsely accuse them since they're intrinsically bad? What about teaching your children about the presumption of innocence? Are women led to believe the pains of regret are equal to rape? Why are campuses obsessed with teaching students to see themselves as victims? Contributing editor at City Journal, Heather MacDonald joins Dan and Kristen McQueary to discuss. 

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Hurricane Michael Update

When will crews be coming in to clean up the damage? Is there access to basic necessities like clean water? How long until power is restored? Fox News correspondent, Jonathan Serrie joins Dan and Kristen McQueary from Panama City Beach with the latest. 

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Two Sides Of Same Fraudulent Coin

How do voters encapsulate the IL gubernatorial race? What do the candidates mean when they say “middle class”? Does JB not want to take a position on anything while Rauner has taken different positions on every issue? Would JB be prosecuted if there was a serious Attorney General? Dan and Lauren Cohn discuss the Illinois governor’s race.

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A Vote For Any IL Democrat Is A Vote For Madigan

Are the Kavanaugh hearings affecting state and local races? Is Susana Mendoza trying to win one election to only vacate it and run for another? Despite what’s happened to the state, why are Republicans still losing ground in the suburbs? How can Republicans get voters to connect the dots to understand a vote for any Democrat is a vote for Madigan? Candidate for state Comptroller, Darlene Senger joins Dan and Lauren Cohn to discuss.

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