America’s Secret Wars in Afghanistan and Pakistan

Did the approach during the Bush and Obama years undermine the efforts that were being made by troops in the ground prior to 9/11 in eradicating the Taliban? Does the US have more at stake in Pakistan? Pulitzer Prize winner and author of the new book "DIRECTORATE S: The C.I.A. and America’s Secret Wars in Afghanistan and Pakistan," Steve Coll joins Dan and Amy to discuss. 

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Is The Economy Overheating?

Could Trump’s import tariffs on steel and aluminum make the trade deficit worse? Do rising wages and more people working cause a rise in inflation? Are the people who say the economy is doing too well, the same people who claimed that a Trump presidency would destroy the economy? Is the majority of the country supporting the tax cuts now, despite the cries from the DC press corps and “crumbs” Pelosi? CNN Senior Economist, Steve Moore joins Dan and Amy to discuss.

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Ives: Nobody Trusts Rauner

Is Rauner calling Jeanne Ives “Mike Madigan’s favorite Republican” to shift the blame from his failed leadership? Speaking of Madigan, why isn’t every female Democrat legislator calling for his resignation after his egregious handling of sexual harassment complaints? What should be done for Veterans at their state-run home in Quincy that has another four confirmed cases of legionnaires after Rauner’s publicity stunt? GOP gubernatorial candidate, State Rep. Jeanne Ives joins Dan and Amy to discuss.

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Is "Toxic Masculinity" The Problem?

How are boys supposed to know what it means to be a man when pop culture celebrates sexual harassment and disrespect? Can boys not be men when society is telling them gender doesn’t matter? In the case of mass shooters, is one of the common threads the lack of socialization of the shooter or their failure of instruction of what it means to be a man? Dr. Leonard Sax, author of “Why Gender Matters,” joins Dan and Amy to explain why gender matters.

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The Left Treating Rights As Whimsical Privileges

Trump moves to ban bump stocks, but how is he going to do that and what kind of precedent would that set? Does calling for a ban of AR-15s go down a slippery slope in allowing the government to arbitrarily determine what guns are considered good or bad? Are gun control advocates blaming the weapon and not the systematic failure at every level of government in the Florida school shooting? Executive Director of the Illinois Gun Dealers Trade Association, Todd Vandermyde joins Dan and Amy to discuss.

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Getting Warmer?

Is Mueller getting warmer or colder in his search for the elusive Trump collusion? Does it seem with every Mueller indictment that we get further away from anything resembling Trump conspiring with Russians or obstructing justice?  Are we getting a better understanding of the systemic politicization/corruption at the top of our federal law enforcement and intel agencies? Is anyone going to lose their job over the failure of the FBI in monitoring the Florida shooter? Former FBI Assistant Director, Ron Hosko joins Dan and Amy to discuss.

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Tiny Dancer Institutionalizing Voter Fraud

The new Chicago ID for illegal immigrants would be a valid voter ID. What could go wrong? Is this what happens in a city with an absence of the rule of law? Does Tiny Dancer or any members of the Chicago City Council care that they are disenfranchising the vote of legal Chicago citizens? At least one member does. 41st Ward Alderman Anthony Napolitano joins Dan and Amy to make the case for the rule of law in Chicago.

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Media Using Emotions To Undermine Rights

How difficult is it becoming to have a discussion on “gun control” when the basic facts are not agreed upon? Why is the media giving legitimacy to false claims that the NRA is a terrorist organization? Is there a practical way to confiscate the millions of AR-15s in the country that actually account for only 1% of crimes? Senior Editor at the Federalist.com, David Harsanyi joins Dan and Amy to discuss.

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Should Schools Allow Staff To Conceal Carry?

“DC press corps: ignorant of the law, don’t care about SCOTUS decisions, purposely sensationalize and demonize the NRA.” Is Congress trying to strengthen an already broken background check system? Do fees and inaccurate background checks prevent people who need guns the most from protecting themselves? President of Crime Prevention Research Center, John Lott Jr. joins Dan and Amy to discuss.  

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Should FBI Director Resign After Florida School Shooting?

Why is the DC press corps crowing about the Mueller indictments of Russians with Rosenstein saying, no Americans were intentionally involved and the trolling was pro- and anti-Trump and their efforts didn't impact the '16 electoral outcome? Is there a legitimate fear that a flimsy obstruction argument from the Mueller investigation can serve as a pretext for the impeachment of Trump? Did Trump use his best judgment to tweet a linkage of the criticism of the FBI in Florida with the Russian investigation? Fox News Contributor, Steve Cortes joins Dan and Amy to discuss.

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How To Move Forward From The Unthinkable Tragedy

What’ the media’s role in these tragedies and how much coverage is too much? Besides tearing down the Sandy Hook school, what other changes were made to make the school safer? How long will it take the Sandy Hook school district and now the Parkland high school to deal with everyday activities without the traumatic experience always in the back of their mind? Former Newtown, Connecticut School Board member, Cody McCubbin joins Dan and Amy to share his reaction to the Florida school shooting.

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Laying Commander Bauer To Rest

Thousands gathered in the streets along the procession and thousands more watched Commander Bauer’s televised funeral in appreciation and mourning for the sacrifice that he and his family made for the city of Chicago. Father Mike McGovern, one of the concelebrants and former classmate of Bauer's, joins Dan and Amy to discuss the mass and the legacy of Commander Bauer.

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How Rauner Became The "Worst Republican Governor In America"

In December, National Review dubbed Illinois Gov. Bruce Rauner the "worst Republican governor in America," a label he has not been able to shake. On this edition of Illinois Rising, Dan Proft and Pat Hughes talk to the author of that piece about what earned Rauner that title, and what to make of Rauner's primary race with state Rep. Jeanne Ives moving forward. Proft and Hughes also discuss the bombshell sexual harassment allegations in House Speaker Mike Madigan's political office, and calls for him to resign from his post.








Meier Has Failed To Deliver

There are two Republicans competing for state representative in the 108th district. They were both raised in the Metro East, and they have both worked as farmers. They might appear to be similar at first glance, but in terms of policy, there are clear differences between these two candidates. Pat Hughes lays out why Don Moore is the right choice in this week's Two Minute Warning.


The DC Press Corps & Dictators

“North Korea heads for diplomacy gold medal at Olympics,” was the Reuters headline.

“Kim Jong-un’s sister is stealing the show at the Olympics,” CNN reported breathlessly.

This is the same DC press corps that comes apart at the seams in response to the slightest of provocative tweets or bellicose rhetoric from Trump.

Could the press be even more attention-starved than the President?

Or is the glowing review of North Korea’s chief propagandist just professional courtesy from our chief propagandists?

The only other option is that our big government press corps is genuine in their appreciation.

It wouldn’t be the DC press corps’ first dalliance with a dictator.

The New York Times didn’t believe Hitler was sincere in his anti-Semitism. They spent the run-up to the Third Reich profiling Hitler as a Bavarian gentleman who enjoyed “strolls with his three sheep dogs along majestic mountain trails.”

The New Republic was similarly enthralled with the Bolshevik Revolution that brought Stalin to power remarking upon Stalin’s “energy” and “positiveness”.

When both Trump and the DC press corps were recently given the opportunity to honor someone on the international stage, Trump chose Otto Warmbier. The DC press corps chose the regime that murdered him.



No Deal On DACA/Border Security

Why didn’t the Democrats deal with DACA when they had control of the White House and both chambers of Congress? Would Trump’s base celebrate an immigration deal that included amnesty for DACA recipients? What is the specific law the left is calling for that would prevent the next school shooting? Dan and Amy cover a myriad of topics with Rep. Peter Roskam from the 6th Congressional District.

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“The FBI Should've Done More”

Did the FBI drop the ball on the Florida school shooter or is that unfair 20/20 hindsight? After 39 visits from law enforcement to the shooter's home, why were so many red flags unseen or not acted upon? What are the best reforms moving forward to prevent tragedies like this from happening again? Retired FBI Special Agent and Criminal Profiler, James Fitzgerald discusses prevention with Dan and Amy.

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Worst Republican Governor in America's Budget Address

Rauner said he's going to repeal the tax increase he presided over, yet he budgets for the revenue from it? Isn’t shifting pension costs to local school districts going to raise the highest property taxes in the nation even more? “Rauner, for the last three years, has played directly into Mike Madigan’s hands,” said State Rep. Tom Morrison (R-Palatine). Rep. Morrison joins Dan and Amy to discuss Rauner’s budget address and why he is supporting Jeanne Ives for governor.

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Should Trump Pardon Flynn?

If Comey didn’t believe that Flynn lied, why did the Mueller team think they knew better than those who were in the room interviewing Flynn? Did Mueller let Flynn know that the FBI had judged that he was honest? Are there any implications writ large from this discovery into the Muller Investigation? Former Chief Asst. U.S. Attorney & Contributing Editor at National Review, Andy McCarthy joins Dan and Amy to discuss.

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A Great Police Officer, Dad And Husband

A vigil was held last night for Chicago Police Commander Paul Bauer who lost his life in the line of duty this week. Commander Bauer leaves behind a wife and a 13-year-old daughter. The 100 Club of Chicago is a nonprofit that provides financial support to the families of fallen officers. Executive Director of The 100 Club of Chicago, Joe Ahern joins Dan and Amy to give an update on Commander Bauer’s family and how you can help. Visit 100clubchicago.org to learn more about the organization and how to donate.

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