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Democrats Were Against Impeachment Before They Were For It

The same Democrats who decried the Bill Clinton impeachment as a product of GOP hatred and an illicit effort to nullify the results of a presidential election have become what they accused Republicans of being.

And I mean literally the same Democrats as those who issued endless jeremiads in defense of Clinton two decades ago: Nancy Pelosi, Maxine Waters, Jerry Nadler and then Sen. Joe Biden.

Rather than guaranteeing Trump’s removal from office, the combination of the Democrats’ hypocrisy-as-performance-art with their predilection for show-me-the-man-and-I’ll-show-you-the-crime Soviet justice has assured only that the result of the 2020 election will be seen as fraudulent by half the country.

If Trump wins, Democrats will contend he did so by rigging the election with aid of Eastern Bloc oligarchs.

If the Democrat wins, it will be seen by Trump loyalists and anti-Socialists as the byproduct of four years of inquisitions that would’ve made Torquemada blush.

For all their talk of protecting the integrity and legitimacy of the 2020 election, Democrats have gravely damaged both.

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Impeachment And Bust

With her proclamation of an impeachment inquiry, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi told the American people that the 2020 election will be about Democrats’ past political failures and not their future quality of life.

House Democrats will not move to protect private health insurance for 175 million Americans.

Nor will they will take up the U.S-Mexico-Canada trade agreement.

House Democrats will not forge a compromise on border security that would provide permanent legal status to DREAMers.

Or participate in a tax relief 2.0 discussion.

House Democrats will not work to improve the quality of public education, public housing or public infrastructure.

They’ll be too busy talking Ukraine and Russia and impeachment, holding hearings, issuing subpoenas and looking for soundbites to feed a willing media.

Pelosi & Co. have proven to be fanatical partisans in perpetual tantrum mode over losing the 2016 election. Ironically, by choosing to be so, they are guaranteeing a rerun of the election they lost.

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"Help Me, Dad"

"Suddenly a shot rang out, Kate fell, and looked at me and said, 'Help me, dad.' Those are the last words I'll ever hear from my daughter."

Jim Steinle offered those words on behalf of his daughter Kate before the Senate Judiciary Committee four years ago as he urged Beltway politicians to permanently remove violent criminals who are in America illegally.

That hasn't happened because DC Democrats are less interested in protecting American families from illegal immigrant criminals than are the presidents of Mexico and El Salvador.

What ensued for Steinle was what amounted to a four-year persecution of their family at the hands of the justice system, culminating now with an appellate court overturning the wholly unsatisfactory conviction of Kate's murderer for illegal possession of a firearm.

Stopping domestic gun crime and identifying those bent on acts of terrorism are vexing legal and cultural questions.

Removing a convicted felon seven times over who had been deported five times is not.

It's a simple matter of political will.

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Colbert & Cooper On Suffering

"You said, what punishments of God are not gifts. Do you really believe that?"


That was a question from CNN's Anderson Cooper and an answer by late night talk show host Stephen Colbert during a most pleasantly shocking interview.

CNN anchors and network TV comedy personalities are not exactly known for their thoughtful treatment of Christianity ... but that's exactly what Colbert and Cooper provided.

Colbert conveyed his understanding of the communal nature of suffering and how it prepares us to better empathize with and provide ministry to others when they experience loss.

He also acknowledged our existence as a gift from God and that suffering is part of that gift. One is tempted to push him on the sanctity of life from conception to natural death given his affirmation.

But I'm happy to go slow here.

As William F. Buckley instructed, we have to leave room for people to come over to our side.

To paraphrase Tom Bodett, we'll leave the light on for Stephen Colbert.

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Trump the Burkean

In 1774, the father of modern conservatism, Edmund Burke delivered a speech to the electors of Bristol-the people he would represent in the British Parliament. He said: "Your representative owes you, not his industry only, but his judgment; and he betrays, instead of serving you, if he sacrifices it to your opinion."

In other words, a legislator is not supposed to be a human weather vane--simply following the majority opinion at all times.

The same is true for a chief executive.

Whether you think it is out of hubris or philosophical grounding, President Trump is the most Burkean President since Reagan.

Most of our recent presidents have governed from the back of the parade of public opinion rather than choosing to form it at the front.

If President Trump's example of leading with the judgment he was elected to exercise brings about a renewed understanding of proper governance then Trump will have done our representative republic a great turn.

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2020: A Choice Between Two Bernies

In a sense the 2020 race is shaping up as a choice between two Bernies. 

A Right Bernie and a Left Bernie. 

Do you like the Capitalist Bernie or the Bolshevik Bernie?

These two Bernies have neatly defined the choice in 2020.

On the one hand is Home Depot founder, the creator of a half-million jobs, and billionaire Bernie Marcus who is spending his golden years giving away his money to worthy causes.

On the other hand is Soviet devotee Sen. Bernie Sanders who is spending his golden years the same way he spent his formative ones---giving away other people’s money.

Bernie Marcus is an unabashed Trump supporter undeterred by threats of a Home Depot boycott by Marxist mobsters.

Bernie Sanders is an unrepentant redistributionist who said on Meet the Press recently his goal is “to make the poor richer and the rich poorer.”

Bernie Marcus doesn’t believe helping people is a zero-sum proposition.

Bernie Sanders believes everything should be free except freedom.

Which Bernie will you support in 2020?

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The Night Kodi Lee Changed the World

Kodi Lee is 22-year-old blind, autistic man who blew the doors of the joint on the popular “America’s Got Talent” show and left the nation in a puddle of joyful tears with his soulful rendition of Donny Hathaway’s “A Song For You,” the views on Youtube are at 25 million and climbing.

Kodi Lee is as astonishing as is the divide in America over whether the Kodi Lees of the world should be allowed to live in the first place.

According to the intellectual godfathers of the pro-abortion movement, Kodi Lee is one of those “defective” people who should've been killed in the womb.

Watch Kodi Lee perform and tell me he isn't a divinely inspired talent.

Watch Kodi Lee perform and ask yourself, is the world a better place with or without him?

“You just changed the world,” America’s Got Talent judge Gabrielle Union told Kodi Lee after his performance.

Let’s hope she’s right.

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A Message To The Class Of 2019

I've been a bit disappointed with some of the commencement addresses this year.

So: I've done a bit of work on my own.

For the distinguished college graduates:

Being a college graduate doesn't distinguish you. Neither does your adversity score nor your diversity quotient.

What will distinguish you in this life are the interpersonal and intellectual connections you make.

What will distinguish you is your contribution.

Do you believe truth exists outside of yourself? Do you seek it? Will you act in furtherance of what you know to be true in your personal and professional lives?

There are four Cardinal Virtues.

There are eight Beatitudes.

There are Ten Commandments.

If you learn and live these rules of the road of life, you will achieve success on your own terms and grow into the best expression of yourself.

You will have lived a distinguished life.

Congratulations, class of 2019! 

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Aligning Interests

Trump may have been able to rewrite the rules of Presidential politics but he can’t rewrite the laws of economics.

The good news is he knows it.

On trade with China, the President has consistently said the goal of punishing China (and U.S. consumers) with tariff increases in the short term is to get to a lower tariff, more free trade relationship for the long term.

It logically follows if the end game is low tariffs and more trade, the President understands that high tariffs and less trade are anti-growth positions.

Trump’s 2018 steel tariffs, for example, cost U.S. businesses and consumers more than $900,000 for every job created or saved, according to the Peterson Institute. This is not sustainable if economic growth is the goal. Neither is allocating upwards of $15 billion in price supports to salve the economic wounds inflicted on American farmers, as Trump committed to do.

Serving the long-term interests of U.S. consumers is in the President’s short-term, 2020 political interest.

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Kendrick Castillo: Real Man

In the era of PC-addled, Obamacare-entitled, emasculated pajama boys prancing around safe-spaced college campuses triggered to tears by their own toxicity, it’s easy to fret for America’s future.

And then we are reminded of the existence of resolute, faithful young men prepared to defend to the death the civilized against the barbaric.

Enter Kendrick Castillo.

Castillo is the young man who bum-rushed one of the shooters who opened fire on their Colorado charter school and their 1800 classmates.

Kendrick Castillo took a bullet in the chest and laid down his life to save the lives of an incalculable number of others.

“I wish he had gone and hid, but that’s not his character,” said Castillo’s father. “His character is about protecting people, helping people.”

I wish we could bottle and sell whatever it was Kendrick Castillo’s parents did to raise such a courageous young man.

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Easter Worshippers

“Christianity under attack? Sri Lanka church bombings stroke far-right anger in the West”

That was the headline in the Washington Post the day after the world learned the Easter Sunday church bombers were radical Islamist terrorists.

It seems the Post isn’t sure if Christianity is under attack. But it is sure only the “far-right” is upset about the massacre of “Easter worshippers,” as they term them.

Historically, The Left has used perceived persecution to accrue power. So they’re reticent to have Christians benefit from actual persecution, thus they use the label, “Easter worshippers” as if it’s a Spring festival of sorts.

This is how identity politics works and it is at work in the coverage of the slaughter of Christian innocents.

Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton and leading Democrats all used “Easter worshippers” language  generating much deserved pushback.

No atrocity is so great as to prevent the Left’s pursuit of power.

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Tiger's Transcendence

"It fits."

Those were the words Tiger Woods uttered upon donning his 5th green jacket after his improbable and electrifying Masters victory.

President Trump subsequently notified Tiger that he'd be adding a Presidential Medal of Freedom to his trophy case.

That fits too.

Even the casual observer knows his career has been marked by epic highs and tragic lows.

That's what made Sunday's victory all the more incredible.

It was the culmination of an ethereal professional career from a man whose impact on the game of golf is immeasurable, but a few numbers provide a glimpse:

10 years after Tiger turned pro, the number of golfers in the United States had increased by 25 percent.

20 years into Tiger's career, the average total tournament purse had increased 352 percent and the average first place check by 378 percent.

The indelible images of Tiger's first and perhaps last Masters wins-from hugging his dad to hugging his kids-are indications of how much Tiger has changed too.

It all fits.

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Bring The “Ongoing Investigations” To An End With Mueller Report Release

Attorney General William Barr described four areas of redactions in the full Mueller report he’ll be releasing next week:

- Grand jury proceedings

- Information of national security sensitivity

- Information that could do reputational damage to persons charged with no wrongdoing

- And, information that could be relevant to ongoing investigations farmed out by the Mueller team

I share the concerns with those on the Left who are pushing against the "ongoing investigations" exception.

This has become a catch-all cover allowing prosecutors to shield incompetence, conduct fishing expeditions, and put a cloud of suspicion over anyone they want for however long they want.

Yes, prosecutors should have the time they need to do a proper investigation in pursuit of the truth. But as we’ve often heard, justice delayed is justice denied.

Barr should put those "ongoing investigations" on a clock and commit to publicly release the details of those investigations, including those found in the Mueller report, regardless of the outcomes.

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The Foxx In The Tchen House

In 1952, Alderman Robert Merriam remarked to journalist A.J. Liebling that Chicago "is the only completely corrupt city in America.”

That hasn’t changed in the dismissal of charges against Jussie Smollett.

Cook County State’s Attorney Kim Foxx is one of the Socialist Spice Girls put together by Michelle Obama’s top lieutenants. That’s why Mayor Rahm Emanuel was cut out of the communication loop.

Why would Foxx have inappropriate ex parte communications and muck up her recusal?

Why would her office waive the customary demand for a reduced sentencing by Smollett and offer no objection to the case file being immediately sealed?

Was Foxx making good on a promise, accepting a bigger, better quid pro quo, or just singing the tune she needed to sing to stay in the band?

That’s now a matter for the FBI to figure out.

What everyone has figured out about Chicago is that the rule of politics supersedes the rule of law.

Chicago indeed is completely corrupt.

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Hate Has a Home on the Left

If you have to pass a resolution saying we, in the House, won't tolerate anti-Semitism, what does that say about what you, in the House, have been tolerating?

Even more astounding than the panoply of vile statements that earned Rep. Ilhan Omar a David Duke endorsement, is the enabling of anti-Semitism by Jewish members of Congress.

The whole Omar affair is illustrative of identity politics. The pursuit of political power demands some cultural Marxists create an identity and others abandon theirs. The key is everyone plays nice on the noxious, intersectional playground.

So Rachel Dolezal is black. Bruce Jenner is a woman. And Rep. Jan Schakowsky is an apologist for anti-Semitism who chalks up Omar’s intemperance to a cultural difference suggesting that Omar didn't say what she said and didn’t mean what she meant.

It turns out hate does have a home on the Left.

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Socialists Push for Orwell’s 1984, Will Get Mondale’s 1984

I recently remarked to a friend in Chicago that big cities seem to be missing the folks who once roamed the streets wearing sandwich boards scrawled with dire predictions about end times and accosted unsuspecting pedestrians.

I found them. They’re running for President in 2020.

Like chicks behind Boss Chicken Little, as determined by her number of Twitter followers, each of the Democrat Socialist POTUS candidates put their scratch mark of assent on the deindustrialization of America known as the Green New Deal.

How totalitarian are the tendencies of this field?

California U.S. Senator Kamala Harris, who would eliminate private health insurance, confer racial reparations, institutionalize infanticide, legalize drugs, decriminalize prostitution, and impose San-Fran-style rent control, is touted as a moderate.

2020 could be the year that Socialists in pursuit of Orwell’s 1984 instead get Mondale’s 1984 and inadvertently preserve American liberty for at least another generation.

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The End Of Chicago

On April 2nd, Chicago will make history with its first duly-elected black, female mayor—and likely its first lesbian mayor.

The real significance of the election will be to signal the completion of Chicago’s transition from The Superfans to The SuperFrench; from Grabowskis in hard hats to political mobsters sporting soft cuticles.

The two mayoral finalists are distinctions without a difference. One argues for taxing hotels to publicly fund artists while the other advocates for taxing everything from sugary drinks to bullets.

Chicago has gone from the City That Works to the city that works you over.

Middle-income families have declined three-fold in the last two decades.

Black families are fueling a second Great Migration, this time away from Chicago.

Chicago was always a cut me in or cut it out town.

The kleptocrats cut in the Socialists to the exclusion of all else. So that’s all who’s left.

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The Sexual Revolution’s Final Frontier

The sexualization of children will be televised.

It’s on Hulu in the form of a masturbating grade schooler in the series “Pen15.”

It’s on “Good Morning America” where an 11-year-old drag queen danced provocatively to the approval of the hosts and studio audience alike.

Gore Vidal would be a prude by the standards of today’s Caligulan culture.

In 2015, an admitted pedophile argued in Salon.com that, “Society preventing children from engaging in sex play and romance play is akin to preventing them from learning to swim.”

Today, the response from New York state legislators to sex trafficking is to legalize prostitution

The SJW response to sex abuse by Catholic clergy is to remove the celibacy vow for priests.

The response to the latest sexual abuse charges against R. Kelly is for his attorney to assert an implicit consent defense.

The sexual revolution is on the cusp of conquering its final frontier.

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Ask Not Why They Did It But What They Serve

Why would the billionaire owner of the NFL’s most successful franchise patronize a brothel?

Why would a successful actor perpetrate a fraud on the nation for a pay raise?

Why would an international music superstar prey on young girls?

Why would they risk everything? What’s in it for them?

Those questions are dead ends in the search for an explanation for this depraved conduct.

To understand why one must ask the question, “What do they serve?”

As with the high-profile cheaters and reprobates before them, R. Kelly and R. Kraft and Smollett are C.S. Lewis’ men without chests.

They are walking pleasure centers seeking only to serve their visceral wants: celebrity, money, carnal release.

They are the byproduct of a culture that celebrates the unrestrained indulgence of one’s appetites over objective truth.

What a society extols it begets. And so we have begotten R. Kelly, R. Kraft and Smollett.

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Take The Deal

As soon as President Trump deleveraged by ending the partial government shutdown, obtaining only a fraction of the money and miles of border barriers he wanted was inevitable.

Rather than quarreling about whether this is a win now, Trump should use it as the stepping stone on the path to victory in 2020.

Trump will have pictures of new infrastructure along the border, the support of border patrol and stats demonstrating a decline in illegal crossings.

That will be more than enough evidence to wipe away the specific numbers on miles and dollars from the concerns of most voters, particularly his base.

He should take the deal and build on it.

Trump should leave the Democrat Socialists to rail against inanimate objects and find an accommodation for DACA designees to cement his position as a leader who cares about the safety of human beings on both sides of the border.

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