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Where Is The GOP In Chicago? Analyzing City Politics Past And Present With Professor Don Haider

The open seat for Chicago mayor presents a real opportunity for a new vision for the city. So why are all 21 candidates for mayor largely preaching the same tired message? Why are no reform-minded conservatives making a run? On this edition of Against the Current, Dan Proft talks to Don Haider, the last serious Republican candidate for Chicago mayor – when he ran in 1987. Haider reflects on his time in Chicago politics, and also looks ahead to what the next mayor needs to do for the city. Proft and Haider also give their thoughts on why the Illinois Republican Party refuses to compete in Chicago, and what effect that has on the city's policies.


Taking Back the Narrative on American Character with Heather Mac Donald

Can Conservatives defeat the identity politics of the Left with facts and logic? On this episode of Against The Current, City Journal Contributing Editor and best-selling author Heather Mac Donald joins Dan Proft to talk about diversity, categories of victimhood, indoctrination in education, and the social justice mafia.


Uncovering The Truth With James O'Keefe

How do average citizens hold the country's most powerful institutions, politicians and media outlets accountable? On this edition of Against the Current, Project Veritas Founder James O'Keefe talks to Dan Proft about his work to lift the curtain on the Left's most sacred cows.


Police Policy And Politics With Sheriff David Clarke

What inspires a local Sheriff to get involved in national politics? Retired Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke talks to Dan Proft about his 15 years in electoral politics, his experience with Black Lives Matter, restoring peace, rehabilitating ex-offenders, and being a foot soldier for freedom on this episode of Against the Current.


An Election Preview With John Kass

Voters in the city of Chicago and across the state of Illinois have major decisions to make at the ballot box in coming months. Between Rauner and Pritzker, a wide open Chicago mayoral field and a fight for control of the Illinois General Assembly, which direction might the state go? On this edition of Against the Current, Dan Proft and Chicago Tribune columnist John Kass forecast the upcoming elections in Illinois, both the midterms in November and the mayoral election in February. Is it time for conservatives to forgive and come back to Bruce Rauner? Do any of the current Chicago mayoral candidates inspire confidence for the future of the city? Why hasn't a center right candidate jumped in the field? And will it be a blue wave or red wave – or something in between – on Nov. 6? All this and more is discussed in the most in-depth conversation available for Illinoisans this election season.


Analyzing The State Of Jobs And The Economy With Scott "The Cow Guy" Shellady

Is the U.S. headed for a serious trade war? What does the national jobs picture look like moving forward? The noise around economic news can sometimes make it difficult to keep up, but Scott "the Cow Guy" Shellady – trader and Fox Business analyst – constantly has his eye on market trends. On this installment of "Against the Current," Dan Proft and Shellady explore a range of pressing economic issues – from trade and fiscal policy, to forecasting the health of manufacturing, agriculture and other sectors. Does innovation always help economic growth? Does the Trump administration inspire much confidence for free market advocates? Proft and Shellady answer all these questions and more in an in-depth look at the current state of the economy.


LaShawn Ford On The Illinois Democrat Party And The Future Of Illinois and Chicago

Democrats have run the city of Chicago for the last 100 years, and the state of Illinois for most of the last 50. But the results for taxpayers aren't there. Will anyone in the state Democratic Party ranks be willing to break away from the party bosses and the machine, and call for more reform-minded policies? On this edition of Against the Current, Dan Proft asks that question to state Rep. LaShawn Ford, D-Chicago, who genuinely wants to see the city's impoverished neighbors turned around, but with what policy initiatives? Proft and Ford discuss and debate property taxes, entrepreneurship and education, among a range of other topics for how to improve both the city of Chicago and the state of Illinois as a whole.  


Dez Clark On Politics In Sports, Financial Literacy, And Family

Former Chicago Bear, Desmond Clark has had his fair share of ups and downs. From growing up in a single parenthood household and witnessing things a young kid shouldn’t have to, to his successful 12 year career in the NFL, Desmond Clark’s journey serves as an inspirational example of what a solid work ethic and good head on your shoulders can create. On this edition of Against the Current with Dan Proft, Desmond Clark shares a cautionary tale of how he was scammed out of $750k, his mission to steer young professional athletes on a path of financial prosperity, his new book on how you create success, and most importantly his role as a father.

Sean Spicer Looks Back, Looks Forward On Trump's Leadership

For the first seven months of Donald Trump's presidency, Sean Spicer was the administration's spokesman, fielding questions and comments from an often hostile media. Now that his time as White House Press Secretary has passed, he's had time to reflect. Does he have any regrets? What does he make of Trump's relationship with the media? And with the American people generally? On this edition of Against the Current, Dan Proft asks Spicer those questions and more, reflecting on his time as chief spokesman for the Trump administration. Proft and Spicer also look forward: Are Republicans in trouble in 2018? Is the GOP experiencing an ideological change under Trump? Answers to these questions and much more analysis in this can't miss ATC.


Zach Wood On Free Debate And Thought On College Campuses

Everyone claims to support free speech, but do they actually? Especially at institutions of higher learning, hearing a wide range of perspectives is not often embraced. Zach Wood, a recent graduate of Williams College, is fighting to change that. On this edition of Against the Current, Dan Proft talks to Wood about his advocacy for intellectual diversity and honest, free debate on college campuses and why he thinks higher education is not more supportive of free speech. Wood, though a progressive Democrat himself, also critiques the Left's hostility toward differing opinions. And Proft and Wood dive into their wide range of policy disagreements – from education issues to welfare and much more – in an in-depth dialogue you won't be hearing at many universities, but should be.


Gun Control Is People Control

What is gun control really about? Free men and free women own guns, and gun ownership is a civic exercise in citizenship that empowers people and changes people. On a practical level, shouldn’t all people be able to protect the things and people they value and love? On this installment of Against the Current, Dan Proft talks with the founder of Black Guns Matter, Maj Toure, a solutionary, translator, and movie reviewer. How does Maj respond to politicians who say the NRA is a terrorist organization? In the 2016 Presidential race, Maj was not "with her," did his decision have something to do with “Super Predators.” Dan and Maj discuss gun control, crime, and personal empowerment.


ATC W/ Bob Woodson: Pushing Back Against The Left To Push Communities Forward

The Left often focuses on victim culture, and pushes that message to marginalized communities. But Bob Woodson, founder and president of the Woodson Center, has spent a lifetime working to deliver a different message focused on opportunity. On this installment of Against the Current, Woodson and Dan Proft talk about Woodson’s community development work, trying to empower individuals in underperforming communities to become leaders and achieve their potential - despite the narratives the Left pushes.


Elder And Proft On Kanye, Race, And Trump

Is the Democratic Party detrimental to black Americans? Can the GOP convert minorities without dismantling the welfare state? What effect does the left-leaning media and academia have on culture and opportunity? In this special episode of Against The Current, Bestselling Author and nationally syndicated talk show host Larry Elder, 'the Sage of South Central' joins Dan Proft for an in-depth discussion on race, culture and identity politics in America. Elder also explains Trump's likeness to Reagan and why Kanye is good for conservatives.


Super Bowl Champ Burgess Owens On Challenging Leftist Orthodoxy

Burgess Owens was an elite defensive back during his 10 seasons in the NFL, appearing in a Pro Bowl and winning the 1980 Super Bowl with the Oakland Raiders. Now – after a successful career in football – Owens is tackling a new opponent: the left. On this edition of Against the Current, Dan Proft talks to Owens about how the left has failed black Americans and how the country should push back against Marxism permeating in our culture. Owens also gives his thoughts on the current state of affairs in the NFL, a league which has been losing viewers and caught up in political controversy in recent years.

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Discussing Race And Identity Politics W/ Filmmaker Eli Steele

How does America's longstanding preoccupation with race and identity affect our politics? Documentarian Eli Steele's new film "How Jack Became Black" explores just that, analyzing identity politics in America while drawing from Steele's own life experiences coming from a multiracial family. On this installment of "Against the Current," Proft and Steele discuss not only Steele's acclaimed film, but how racial identity shapes political discourse, and what the detrimental effects are of trying to put people into boxes.


How To Advance The Conservative Reform Agenda In IL

Conservatives are and have been in legislative minorities in Springfield, and now even a Republican governor has turned his back on them on key issues, making reform that much harder. So, what is the way forward to pass policies to turn the country's worst-governed state around?

On this installment of "Against the Current," Dan Proft talks to three leading conservative reform lawmakers – state Reps. Peter Breen, Margo McDermed and Tom Morrison – about how to reform Springfield and the state of Illinois while being outnumbered both by Democrats and big-government types in their own party. Proft and the three legislators address the most important questions facing conservatives in Illinois, among them: How do Republicans appeal to more voters throughout the state? How critical is the Jeanne Ives vs. Bruce Rauner race? And could Mike Madigan – under fire for mishandling sexual harassment allegations – be on the cusp of losing his power? All this and more in a wide-ranging discussion on "Against the Current."


How To Rebuild IL Manufacturing

The Great Lakes' states have traditionally been America's powerhouses for manufacturing – but that's not the case anymore for Illinois. As Illinois' Midwestern neighbors prosper, Illinois manufacturing falters. On this edition of Against the Current, Dan Proft talks to Zach Mottl, a fourth-generation manufacturing business owner and manufacturing advocate, about what policies need to be put in place both in Illinois and at the federal level to boost manufacturing jobs. Mottl dispels some myths often pushed in Springfield as to why the state can't reform its workers' compensation system or lower its property taxes, and Proft and Mottl discuss U.S. trade policy and what the country can do better.


The Stroger Legacy And Cook County

In 2010, as public support of county government waned, then-Cook County Board President Todd Stroger lost the Democratic primary to Toni Preckwinkle. Now, years later, Stroger is running for public office again and is rejoining the debate on county and city government. On this edition of Against the Current, Dan Proft asks Stroger what he thinks his legacy is, and what he wants to see from Cook County and Chicago moving forward. Proft and Stroger discuss and debate pensions, patronage and the best ways to provide jobs and opportunity for Cook County residents, as well as a range of other topics, in one of the most extensive interviews Stroger has done since leaving his post as Cook County Board President.


Heritage's James Carafano On U.S. Foreign Policy Under President Trump

What policies abroad is President Donald Trump pursuing, as North Korea continues to test its nuclear weapons program and the U.S. remains engaged in the Middle East? On this edition of Against the Current, Dan Proft talks to James Carafano, vice president of national security and foreign policy at the Heritage Foundation, about the existential threats the U.S. faces around the globe, and how well the current administration is poised to handle them. Also, how confident should the Americans be in the national security team Trump has assembled? Proft and Carafano discuss this and more pressing foreign policy topics on this Against the Current.


Dinesh D'Souza On Combatting The Tactics Of The Left

Author and filmmaker Dinesh D'Souza has produced several works over the years exposing tactics and lies on the left. On this edition of "Against the Current," Dan Proft sits down with D'Souza to talk about many of his recent films – which took in-depth looks at both former President Barack Obama and 2016 Democratic Presidential Nominee Hillary Clinton – as well as D'Souza's new book "The Big Lie." Proft and D'Souza discuss the links between progressive, socialist and fascist ideologies, and how conservatives can push back on them.