Hillary's Definition Of Wrong Is Wrong For America

In a 2004 interview on the topic of his faith, Obama was asked for his definition of sin.
He answered, “Being out of alignment with my values.”
Obama told us in 2004 he was his own god.
Obama signaled his belief that he is above the law but the GOP failed to call the question and amplify his answer.
Recently, Hillary was asked by Charlie Rose if what she did regarding her private email server was wrong?
Hillary answered, “Well, it was wrong because look what it has generated.”
Wrong only exists for Hillary when an act jeopardizes her inextricably linked political and financial interests.
Hillary has already amplified the message that she too is her own god.
In 2016, the GOP would do well to call the question, if you don’t want America to become an autocratic theocracy then you probably shouldn’t vote for someone who thinks they’re god, right?

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