A Tale Of Two Speeches

It was the best of speeches. It was the worst of speeches.

It was a call for intellectual honesty. It was a squawk for craven identity politics.

Sen. Rand Paul properly shamed phony fiscal conservatives who colluded to lift the sequestration spending caps for a two-year budget deal.

Paul was spot on about the spoils-of-war, cut-me-in-or-cut-it-out ethos of the royals in both political parties.

Spending other people’s money is power. Spend more, get more and at the people’s expense in both cases.

The royals get it and then the people get it, good and hard.

Where Paul made a succinct argument for smaller government and political integrity, House Minority Leader Pelosi used her 8-hour filibuster to regale us with apocryphal tales of her grandson who allegedly wishes he could be a DACA recipient from Guatemala.

Can you imagine how prideful Pelosi will be the first time her grandson dons a P-hat or uses the girls’ bathroom?

The two speeches nicely underscored the choices before us.

A nation of laws or men?

Paying our own way or freeloading on future generations?

Embracing the neo-Jim-Crow Left or fighting off the cultural Jacobins?

As Dickens wrote about the conditions predating the Reign of Terror, “…we had everything before us, we had nothing before us.”