An Election Preview With John Kass

Voters in the city of Chicago and across the state of Illinois have major decisions to make at the ballot box in coming months. Between Rauner and Pritzker, a wide open Chicago mayoral field and a fight for control of the Illinois General Assembly, which direction might the state go? On this edition of Against the Current, Dan Proft and Chicago Tribune columnist John Kass forecast the upcoming elections in Illinois, both the midterms in November and the mayoral election in February. Is it time for conservatives to forgive and come back to Bruce Rauner? Do any of the current Chicago mayoral candidates inspire confidence for the future of the city? Why hasn't a center right candidate jumped in the field? And will it be a blue wave or red wave – or something in between – on Nov. 6? All this and more is discussed in the most in-depth conversation available for Illinoisans this election season.