An Excellent First Step

President Trump did not mince words on the topic of terrorism in his remarks to the Assembled Royal Leaders in Saudi Arabia over the weekend. What should we make of the speech and the President's disposition toward the complicated world of Islamic Theocracy in general? Were there any missed opportunities? How did President Trump manage the delicate balance between the need to deliver a strong message about the future to the old guard in the Islamic Republics and the need to forge a political alliance to help deal with the Houthi's in Yemen and the Iranians after 8 years of Obama foreign policy? What is the prescription for defeating Radical Islam long-term? Dr. Zuhdi Jasser, President, American Islamic Forum for Democracy, Co-Founder, Muslim Reform Movement, Former US NAVY Lieutenant-Commander & Author of “A Battle for the Soul of Islam” gives Dan and Amy his reaction to the pivotal address.

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