Are You A Faithful Pluralist Or A Sophisticated Barbarian?

Are you a faithful pluralist or a sophisticated barbarian?

Let’s find out.

Is man fallen or can he be perfected once elevated to public office?

Should a free society be governed by those with the humility attendant to faith or those who feature unrestrained emotion?

Someone who governs by emotion might not believe he's an angel. He might believe he's done some bad things, but he also believes he can set all that aside.

Once a political leader believes that he can think and feel in a sin-free way, there is nothing to constrain the newfound purity of his actions regardless of their consequences.

This is what Flannery O’Connor meant when she wrote, “In the absence of faith, we govern by tenderness. And tenderness leads to the gas chamber.”

Tenderness is the foundation of totalitarianism.

It is how otherwise sophisticated people indulge barbarism.

It is how heterodox thoughts are repressed under the guise of tolerance.

It is how religious freedom is marginalized and private property seized.

It is how science is subordinated to ideology.

It is how a free society gives away its freedom.

The faithful pluralist, by contrast, is skeptical about his emotional read on things because he understands he is influenced by sin in ways that are not always evident. In politics, such a leader is hesitant to extend his power as a result.

So which are you, the faithful pluralist or the sophisticated barbarian?

Your freedom depends on your answer.