Big Government Collusion

Since collusion is the DC watchword of the day, let’s discuss the collusion between big government and its press agents.

A recent Harvard study found the reporting on Trump’s first 100 days by major news outlets was 80% negative—more than 90% negative by NBC, NY Times, Washington Post—as compared to 60% positive on Obama in his first 100 days.

The frontal assault on Trump may be more intense but it is nothing new.

Academic research finds that, since 1964, 80-95% of the DC press corps voted for the Democrat nominee for President.

They are as government-centric as the pols and influence-peddlers they cover.

They find crisis only when a government program is in jeopardy.

They report with a perspective, consciously or not, in advance of big government.

Consider: if during the past 50 years 80-95% of the DC press corps had instead voted for the Republican Presidential candidate, do you think their coverage would’ve been different? Do you think our government would be different?

Yet, complaining about conservatives getting a fair shake is as quixotic as expecting one.

Conservatives need to spend less energy attacking the Big Government-DC Press Corps’ fortified castle and more on continuing to build our own in the form of data-driven news outlets in advance of our perspective.