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The strategic advice after the Illinois primary election is centered on which state is best to move to. Is the Democrats message in the 2018 elections going to be, “the government knows how to spend your money better than you do?” Is the circus like behavior surrounding Trump going to detract from substantive policy discussions? Congressman from the 6th District, Peter Roskam joins Dan and Amy to discuss.

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Proft: Good morning, Dan and Amy. Poring over the election results from yesterday, this morning. And before we get to our friend, Peter Roskam, a couple more calls...Steve from Gary. Steve (caller): Yeah, kind of depressed. I live in Indiana, but it shouldn't matter. (Proft: Hey, THAT should make you happier.) The invasion is going to continue. I mean...did you notice down in Florida, all the parents that they talked to from that shooting...*accent* they all tawlk wit a Noo Yawk accent! *end accent* Yeah, that sounds like a FLORIDA accent to me. That's the problem...these people MOVE to get away from these liberal Democrat politics, and they move...and they take their politics WITH THEM. Proft: Yeah, thanks for the call Steve, I get it. I mean... Jacobson: Bad interpretation... Proft: Impersonation? Jacobson: Impersonation I mean. Proft: New Yawk accent? Jacobson: He coulda done it betta. Ya know? Proft: Like butta. Mark, in Joliet. Mark (caller): Hey, good morning, Dan and Amy! Dan, you've been trying to explain to people for the longest time that people in Illinois are losing their property through taxation. And then this morning, Amy kind of joked that she might want to move out of state. Well, if I were Amy, or anybody that works in Illinois, and wants to continue working in Illinois, I would move somewhere like Wisconsin, that has a reciprocating tax agreement with Illinois, as opposed to Indiana where I actually live, and we USED to have one, until it went away under then-Governor George Ryan. So, basically, I have to pay income taxes in Indiana, as a resident, AND Illinois, because I work there, I get whacked pretty good, especially when they raise the tax rate by 66 percent a half-a-dozen years ago and another 33 percent a year ago. So, my point to you Amy or anybody else, move to Wisconsin and pay...enjoy a reciprocating tax agreement while you still can. Proft: Hmm. Ahhh. Thanks for the call, Mark, although Wisconsin is a pretty high combined state and local tax burden, BUT not as high as Illinois', of course. But here's the thing; it's fun to take these calls right after the election, and all the calls we're getting are related to strategic advice as to where to live, not Illinois. Interesting. Alright, more on this topic, we're pleased to be joined by Peter Roskam. He was a state legislator, before he was a big shot in Congress, and he joins us now. Peter, thanks for being with us, appreciate it. Roskam: Good morning, guys! Nice to be with you, thanks for having me on. Proft: Good morning. So you're a Wheatonian...let's get your take, your reaction, your comment on the Republican Primary Election, starting up obviously with the governor's race on our side. Roskam: Yeah, look...I think the Governor squandered a consolidated effort by being so provocative over the past year or so with these policy initiatives that were just off-putting to a lot of Conservatives, and Jeanne gave a very impressive run, essentially ran an insurgency campaign. And you saw that manifest itself in a lot of different areas across the state. So, here's the thing that voters are going to have to decide all across the country in November, in House races, and just really up and down the ballot; should...Nancy Pelosi, for example, be entrusted with the Speaker of the House again...I think that would be a disaster...should Mike Madigan be given more authority and so forth up and down the line. And so, these are threshold questions that the whole country is dealing with, because this will be a nationalized...in a way, in terms of House races that are going to be competitive this Fall, and it continues to amaze me that people, with a straight face, can say "Oh, the solution in Springfield is let's double down for more!" So I think there's going to be a lot of interpretation of these numbers over the days and weeks ahead. Proft: Speaking of competitive House races this Fall, you had like SEVEN candidates vie to face you, you had this Kelly Mazeski or whatever her name is, apparently is the winner. You know they're going to play the Boogeyman Politics, right? Especially in this state. "Everybody is a schill for Donald Trump!" How do you assess your Democrat challenger and your race this Fall? Roskam: So, it looks like it may have been Sean Casten that won. (Proft: Oh really? Jacobson: Oh!) Yeah, this is a little bit late-breaking, so...whoever it is, it's interesting. They've all said they were COMPLETELY against the tax plan that went through. All right, so that means they want to take the bonuses back from people, they think those bonuses are a bad idea? Or doubling the child tax credit, they're not into that? Or getting rid of the Alternative Minimum Tax, which hit 30K people in my constituency, or lowering these rates? What's interesting is...what's interesting is they're basically just parroting Nancy Pelosi, and so Pelosi called the bill "the worst Bill ever", and Armageddon, and that $1000 bonus was crumbs, and so forth. That's gonna be the playbook, I think. And so, you know, I just think that there is a lack of clarity about how the economy actually works. And the notion of cutting taxes and giving people tax relief, and regulatory relief, and the things that the 6th District has said historically "These are the things we value.", those values are now under attack. And here's the thing; I think campaigns where you have two competing views of the world, two competing views of the economy, two competing visions of the future and the direction you think our country should go...I think those kind of campaigns are INCREDIBLY invigorating. When they're about IDEAS, and they're not about personalities. And I think that these two ideas are gonna be on display, and I think the ascendant view, the invitational view, the view that values GROWTH, is the view that resonates in the 6th District. Jacobson: Well, as a Congressman, I feel like you're always running for office, because of the two-year terms. But Sean Casten, he's a Downers Grove businessman, who is running on climate change, so are you prepared for that fight? Roskam: Yeah, I mean...look, I am delighted to talk about ANYTHING up and down the line as it relates to policies. And I think, yeah, there's a...I fought for the restoration of Great Lakes funding, for example, in terms of making sure that the money is there to be cleaned up appropriately, to keep the Great Lakes safe. I fought to bring back $22M to Chicago for cleanup. So I think that the 6th District is interested in environmental stewardship, they're interested in a balanced approach to things, they have zero interest, in my view, at least a majority, has zero interest in the type of Draconian approaches that just hinder economic growth and don't give people opportunities. Proft: I gotta say, I'm looking at the Tribune site, which was allegedly updated at 6:09 this morning, and that's about five minutes ago. And they still got Kelly Mazeski up by 260 votes (Roskam: All right.)... Jacobson: Oh, so now I guess you don't have to WORRY about Climate Change! Proft: No no! What I'm saying is I think we have another Dewey Defeats Truman moment! Yeah, the Tribune is stepping on themselves again maybe, wouldn't that be fun? Roskam: Could be, could be! And there were some data problems last night with some of the websites, so... Proft: Yeah, yeah. So, you're kind of framing your race, now frame kind of the national...the national climate that you're going to face, that's beyond your control, starting with the President, and why don't we start, because there's been so much action there since Deputy Director Andy McCabe was fired, everything under the rubric "Russian Collusion", and with the House Intel Committee basically saying "No Trump Campaign operatives colluded with Russia," BASICALLY saying that, and then this furor around McCabe, and then Byron York asking a good question, "Well wait, if Manafort and Gates and Flynn didn't collude with Russia, well then WHO DID and can we get to the bottom of this in the not-to-distant future?" How does all of that play out and impact November? Roskam: So the...I don't know how it impacts November. I think the thing to keep in mind is just...keep an eye on where the investigation is, where it's going, and what is the fruit of the investigation and headlines in churn? So, we know that there's practically NOTHING that can be done that will satisfy the national Democrats right now, there's no point where they're going to say "You know what? It was looked at, you're right, turn the page." They're just not going to do that. So I think cooler heads have to look and say "What is the fruit of the investigation?", and the fruit of the investigation has to manifest itself soon, in terms of action and not just churn. And I think there's gonna be a lot of folks that are going to be saying "Hey! Get this done, bring the cases. If there's an allegation of collusion with the campaign, bring it! If not, turn the page!" Roskam: Are you afraid that all of this Stormy Daniels stuff...now we've got a Playboy model... Jacobson: It's "The Porn Star and The Playmate", Dan! Proft: Yeah, well, and it's not limited to them. Then you've got that Summer Zervos, whose case is moving forward, a lower cour...well, a District court essentially, rejecting Executive Immunity in that civil manner of defamation case. I mean, are you worried at all that a bit of the circus-like atmosphere around Trump with some of these individuals, and some of his past behavior, at least alleged behavior, detracts kind of from all of the substantive matters you were just discussing? Roskam: Yeah, it's not helpful. You would much rather have the focus be on the issues of the day, great principles that we were talking about just a couple of minutes ago, and not have it be distracted with all of this other drama. But, there's an irony, here. And that part of the irony, I think, is a national party, the Democratic Party, that has said for decades "Presidential misconduct has nothing to do with the capacity to lead!", now is sort of MARINATING in this. But listen, I'm not about to defend the activity that is being alleged against the President, if true, it's troubling. But that said, the irony, it's just palpable. Jacobson: How do you feel about Andrew McCabe being fired...two days before he was supposed to retire? Roskam: Look, I think...if it was an effort...to stick it to him, I don't know enough about the backstory, if there had been some back-and-forth drama. I just don't know enough about the details to be able to comment well on that. Proft: All right, he is Peter Roskam, Congressman from Illinois' 6th...he'll face a... Jacobson: He'll face who? Proft: Well, I mean he's gonna face SOMEBODY, whether it's Mazeski or Casten, either one they're gonna put somebody up and they're gonna come after Peter Roskam, you can bet that in this cycle in this state, so suburbanites better be on notice, and rally to help our friend Peter in the General. Peter, thanks for joining us, appreciate it. Roskam: Thanks guys, great to be with you!

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