Breaking Down Springfield's Action & Inaction With State Senator Dan McConchie

Springfield lawmakers ended session without passing a balanced budget yet again, and instead considered multibillion-dollar tax hikes on already overburdened Illinois taxpayers. Why are lawmakers so resistant to enacting needed economic reforms and passing a balanced budget?

On this edition of Against the Current, Dan Proft sits down with one lawmaker who has said 'no' to any new tax hikes. State Sen. Dan McConchie actually has proposed a budget plan that balances without raising taxes, though he's been met with opposition from many of his tax-and-spend colleagues. What were the budgetary discussions like in this last legislative session? What is causing inaction in the General Assembly, and are there any reasons for optimism moving forward? Proft and McConchie discuss all of this and more in a comprehensive discussion on the state of Illinois' legislative debates.

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