Bring The “Ongoing Investigations” To An End With Mueller Report Release

Attorney General William Barr described four areas of redactions in the full Mueller report he’ll be releasing next week:

- Grand jury proceedings

- Information of national security sensitivity

- Information that could do reputational damage to persons charged with no wrongdoing

- And, information that could be relevant to ongoing investigations farmed out by the Mueller team

I share the concerns with those on the Left who are pushing against the "ongoing investigations" exception.

This has become a catch-all cover allowing prosecutors to shield incompetence, conduct fishing expeditions, and put a cloud of suspicion over anyone they want for however long they want.

Yes, prosecutors should have the time they need to do a proper investigation in pursuit of the truth. But as we’ve often heard, justice delayed is justice denied.

Barr should put those "ongoing investigations" on a clock and commit to publicly release the details of those investigations, including those found in the Mueller report, regardless of the outcomes.

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