Dan Proft's 2017 Wishcast

Forecasting the future is tricky business as even the sabermetric Poindexters found out on November 8th.

So I’ll stick to wishcasting for 2017.

Since the Left doesn’t trust a Trump-led government and conservatives don’t trust government period, I wish for the bipartisan agreement pols are always clamoring on about to drastically reduce the size, scope and expense of the federal leviathan.

I wish the governor of one of the adjacent Great Lakes states would colonize Illinois.

I wish we would remember that smart is not a synonym for civilized.

I wish the affluent would preach what they practice in the areas of family, education, work ethic and personal responsibility.

I wish Pope Francis would take his cues from the Word of God more so than the word of Leonardo DiCaprio.

I wish more people would read Thomas Sowell and fewer would watch The View, The Chew, and the blathering Beltway magpies who have no clue.

I wish those who claim to do everything in the name of “the children” actually did.

I wish self-styled fiscal conservatives would learn that every issue is a moral issue and every law reflects someone’s values.

I wish for a return to the pre-post-truth era.

And I wish you and yours a happy, healthy and prosperous 2017.

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