Dan Proft's Commentary of the Nevada Caucuses on CBS Chicago

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And joining me now for a closer look at the Republic in Canada is CBS 2 political analyst Dan Proft. Dan, let's get started with the results. They're not in quite yet, but Trump is likely to win. That's what we're hearing. So do you think that this means he's more likely to get the Republican nomination? Dan Proft: Yeah, he comes in tonight with double digit leads, and most of the polling coming in to the Nevada caucus. It'd be surprising. Even the Cruz and Rubio campaigns have essentially conceded, they're fighting for second place. It'd be surprising if Trump didn't win. And the problem that Cruz and Rubio have is you're on a short time horizon now, March 1st and March 15, and you have to do something to stop Donald from swagger. Because that's really what it is. It's not about substance within, it's swagger. And if he continues to win elections, and you continue to try and make 2nd or 3rd place sound like a victory, that's not doing anything to take Donald from swagger away. Let's talk more about Marco Rubio, then. He's gotten a lot of endorsements, even many coming in just yesterday. So even though Trump is winning so big, why do you up make the idea that these endorsements are still going to Rubio? Dan Proft: I think, with a few exceptions, they're almost meaningless. I think politicians endorsing politicians–this is the wrong election cycle for that to have currency. Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz are in a prisoner's dilemma game, and they're going to have if they want to stop the Trump Trajectory. If they don't want this race to end by March 15th, they're going to have to–instead having their sights turned on one another, both train their sights on Donald Trump. Al right, Dan Proft, our political analyst, thank you for your insights. Dan Proft: Thank you.


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