David Daleiden: The Undercover Citizen Journalist Who Exposed Planned Parenthood

"Planned Parenthood has been lying to the American public for 10 months now. They’ve tried to assert that they have no financial benefit [from baby body parts] whatsoever but we know that's false...it's very clear that they were making up to five figure payments on the baby parts every month." 

David Daleiden and his Center for Medical Progress team changed the world’s understanding of Planned Parenthood and its business with 11 undercover videos that profiled Planned Parenthood personnel explaining what they do and how they do it in their own words. The results have been seismic. As Daleiden says, Planned Parenthood trafficks in baby body parts (illegally) because they have value and they have value precisely because they are something Planned Parenthood won’t admit they are: human. But Daleiden’s work has come at personal cost as political handmaidens to Planned Parenthood in CA and Houston, TX have raided Daleiden’s home in the former jurisdiction and indicted him on specious charges in the latter jurisdiction. Daleiden joined Dan & Amy for updates on all of the aforementioned matters and more.

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Dan Proft: Good morning, Dan and Amy; well, as I’m one to say, history’s always changed by the committed few for good or for bad, and there is a committed few that have changed history for the good. David Daleiden and the Center for Medical Progress; citizen journalist who launched videos and weaved port over everyone who was launched from June 15 to present, launched videos of their undercover journalistic project to present what Planned Parenthood really is, who they really are at the top of it, from Cecile Richards on down, and what they really do; and the result of that work. Amy Jacobson: He faces up to 20 years in prison. Dan Proft: Well, that’s one result. The more important – I mean, that’s important for him – the more important result of their work – and this is thousands of hours of video, I’m sure – but all encapsulated in about 90 minutes of video spread over 11 installments; congress for the first time wanted to defund parenthood. Five congressional investigations, ten states have removed their state funding for Planned Parenthood; Planned Parenthood have agreed to stop accepting monetary payments for harvesting aborted baby body parts in a letter to NIH, and every presidential candidate has had to weigh in on this matter, Republican and Democrat. It is t he debate front and center, and a lot of scales have fallen from a lot of eyes around the globe, as tenths of millions of people have watched the work that David Daleiden and The Center for Medical Progress produced, and I was fortunate enough to MC a dinner at which he was the key note speaker for Illinois Right To Life committee last week, and we wanted to get him on the show to update people where this stands, and as you alluded to, Amy, where some of his personal legal challenges stand. So now we’re pleased to be joined by the aforesaid David Daleiden from The Center for Medical Progress. Dave, thanks so much for joining us. Appreciate it. David Daleiden: Thank you for having me on. Dan Proft: So why don’t we start with – we’ll get to your legal situation – but why don’t we start with the genesis of this citizen journalistic project you undertook; the amount of time that went into it before you decided to approach representatives of Planned Parenthood and start having these undercover conversations that you had. There was a lot that went into it that I don’t think most people know. David Daleiden: Definitely. You know, we call it the Human Capital Project – was ultimately a 30 month long investigative journalistic study of Planned Parenthood and the entire baby parts trafficking phenomenon. That issue first came across my radar back in 2010 and it was something that I thought was so gripping and so compelling and so disturbing that it deserved to have a very sophisticated long term in-depth expose done on it; and the opportunity to start something like that came to me in early 2013. There was a lot of background research, A lot of preparation, a lot of very intense training of the various actors that we used to do the undercover work. A lot of hands on immersion training to get really familiar with the whole space of baby body parts experimentation and research, and also what late term abortion practice, so it’ll be ready like fish and water to enter into those spaces and have a lot of up close and personal quality time with Planned Parenthood senior level representatives. So the information that we would gather would be basically unimpeachable because of the senior level and the people who’d be coming front. Dan Proft: The way I’ve compared, it’s almost like Daniel Day Lewis, like a method actor preparing for a role. That was the kind of intense education – if you will – preparation that went into this. David Daleiden: Definitely, definitely. Some people compare undercover work to acting. I tend to think of it more like learning a language. When learning the language of the other side in terms of phrases, the idiosyncrasies even, and learning to emulate those and once you do that, they feel like you’re one of them; it’s like learning the secret handshake. Amy Jacobson: You weren’t in any of the videos yourself? David Daleiden: I was. I was one of the five or six undercover investigators that we used for everything. Dan Proft: Question that a lot of people ask. A lot of people asked at that dinner I mentioned at the outset, was there ever a moment where you thought, where your colleagues thought that they were on to you that you were going to be exposed? David Daleiden: To answer that question I think is one of those more humorous things that happened throughout the course of the project. There were a few Planned Parenthood abortion doctors that we met who did have a very ordinary personality. And so, when we met them for the very first time, it was easily the most skeptical of what kind of personal connection we actually had, and whether they were really on board or what if they were suspicious? What exactly is going on? So for a couple of those individuals it was a little tense, a little frightening; during the first conversation I wasn’t sure if they were suspicious or what was going on, but suddenly I realized it was just their personality. Amy Jacobson: Were you surprised that their cavalier attitude; how they could be sitting down, drinking a glass of wine, having a salad and talking about selling baby hearts and aborted tissues? David Daleiden: Definitely. Not only cavalier, but callous attitude that they all displayed, but I was also surprised of how honest most of them were about the really brutal nature of their own work, and how honest most of them were about the fact that they were killing unborn children; I just saw a headline on Google News today about the dismemberment abortion bands that are cropping out in a couple of different states now where they’re trying different and surpassing laws to outlaw the 2nd trimester abortion method that’s done by literally dismembering the baby in the womb, and a lot of the progressive pro-abortion websites are criticizing these bands, talking about the measurement’s completely inaccurate; they call it dismemberment, how outrageous. Every abortion doctor that I met at Planned Parenthood referred to that abortion method as a “dismemberment abortion band”. That’s their own nomenclature within the aborted industry. And that’s how jaded they are; they’ll use works like that amongst themselves. Amy Jacobson: Do you think the women knew that their body parts were being sold? Or do you know? David Daleiden: No, we have copies of the consent form based on the permission slip that Planned Parenthood uses to get pregnant women to give permission to “donate” the body parts. The patients are told that this is a donation of fetal tissue, when in reality Planned Parenthood is making money off of it, and the companies that they sell them to – like Stem Express – are making money off of it. But that’s nowhere disclosed to the patient on the form. Back in March, the Select Investigative Panel in Congress, which has been doing some very good work looking into this entire issue, they’ve heard testimonies under oath from a Planned Parenthood financial donor and baby body parts customer, a scientist from UC San Diego who testified under oath that the language of Planned Parenthood Baby Parts Consent Form was inappropriately written and completely unethical; and that was a Planned Parenthood supporter’s own words under oath. Dan Proft: Before we lose the institutional knowledge here, because when you started releasing those videos you clearly caught Planned Parenthood flatfoot, and I want you to recount how Cecile Richards, the President of Planned Parenthood, this billion dollar organization, how her explanations for what we saw on those videos changed as one explanation after another was proven erroneous. David Daleiden: Definitely. So Planned Parenthood, including Cecile Richards, from the top down, has been lying to the American public for 10 months now about the reality of what’s going on in those video tapes and about how Planned Parenthood Baby Parts Program has been run. They’ve consistently tried to assert to the public that Planned Parenthood has no financial benefit whatsoever from supplying the body parts of the babies that they abort. We now know that’s completely false because of the very good work of the Select Investigative Panel; they released a very comprehensive report just a couple of weeks ago that has many, many new exhibits, new documentation; they’ve gathered to their subpoena process that makes it very, very clear that Planned Parenthood had no costs whatsoever in supplying the aborted fetal tissue, which is basically just medical waste to Planned Parenthood; and yet they were still making up to 5 figure payments on the Baby Parts every month in exchange for supplying them. Planned Parenthood has variously claimed for the past 10 months, first of all, that there was reimbursement and it went to the patients; they’re basically saying, “We don’t sell body parts, we buy them from our patients”. That would be just as illegal and just as wrong, so they changed that explanation after about 24 hours, and they said, “Oh no, it’s actually payments for the cost of shipping the body parts”; except Planned Parenthood doesn’t do any of the shipping; the shipping is done by the companies that they work with. And then they said, “Well, it’s for costs of storage”, but they’re not being stored, they’re being harvested fresh and then taken to wherever they’re going; so there’s no storage. So it’s just been one false justification after another after another. In reality they’ve been lying to the American public for 10 months about what’s going on with this issue. Dan Proft: To talk about exposing them, in their own words, in one of the videos the woman who wanted the Lamborghini, famously, if it’s just for reimbursement, then why are you haggling over price? Why is the price moving if it’s just reimbursement? David Daleiden: Exactly. Amy Jacobson: Or did that get kickbacks? I mean if they sold more body parts, did help lie in their pockets? David Daleiden: Absolutely. They were being paid on a per specimen volume basis, so based on the volume of body that they could supply, but only if they were high enough quality failable body parts. Dan Proft: We’re talking to Dave Daleiden; Center for Medical Progress; David, can we hold you over? We want to get some listeners call in with questions as well. We’ll be back with more David Daleiden right after this. David Daleiden: Great. Dan Proft: Dan and Amy; we’re talking to David Daleiden from the Center for Medical Progress; the group that did that undercover citizen journalistic project that exposed Planned Parenthood for the bloody business operators that they are, and we’ll get to your calls in just a minute. David, thanks for being with us, appreciate it. David Daleiden: No problem, thanks for having me on, you guys. Dan Proft: So just picking off where we left off. I want to go to the legal issues. There was a report out a couple of weeks ago that your home in California has been raided by authorities and you’re also under indictment in Houston, Texas. Could you just update our listeners into where your legal challenges stand? David Daleiden: Definitely. There’s a couple or there’s some things going on. In the state of California, which is where I’m located, there’s 3 civil law suits, first of all, from Planned Parenthood and their allies. There’s a lawsuit from Stem Express, which is the major baby parts company that’s been partnered with many Planned Parenthood clinics for the past 5 years; there’s a lawsuit from the National Abortion Federation, which is the major trade association in abortion right in North America, and there’s a lawsuit from Planned Parenthood themselves. Those second two lawsuits are moving very slowly and they’re just going through the process; the Stem Express case is supposed to be moving forward to trial, but Stem Express is being very, very hesitant about producing any information in discovery right now, which is kind of what we anticipated, because most of these entities have a lot more to lose than to gain by bringing the details of their baby parts trafficking into the light of the law, into the courtroom. Then Planned Parenthood’s political allies and cronies have bought some very politically motivated legal actions and harassments that bear on me and some of the other investigators in Texas. There are these two indictments from a complete sham runaway grand jury process in Houston, Texas. We have some very good motions to dismiss their on-file right now and waiting to be heard; there’s a lot of issues with the process out there and the charges certainly don’t fit the law as written or the facts that actually happened out there. And then, as you just mentioned, a couple of weeks ago, the California Attorney General’s office, the California Attorney General Kamala Harris – she was a bought and paid for politician by Planned Parenthood; they’ve donated tens of thousands of dollars to her political campaigns, and she’s currently running for senate in the state of California; has a petition on her website for people to support Planned Parenthood and give their e-mail and all that, so she is raising money off of their cause. She ordered eleven of her Department of Justice agents to raid my home just a couple of weeks ago. They seized 4 laptops, multiple external hard drives, lots of personal information and attorney-client protected information, all kinds of stuff in this incredibly heavy-handed KGB style overreach. And it’s especially outrageous, considering that California is really the hub of a lot of the baby parts trafficking; the companies like Stem Express are based out of here, the biggest Planned Parenthood affiliates in the country that have been doing this for the longest are based out here in California, and the California Attorney General’s office has refused to even open an investigations of those entities, even while they’re being investigated by the US Congress and very serious information is coming out through the congressional panel. The Attorney General bought and paid for by Planned Parenthood is refusing to even open an investigation of those entities, and instead is coming down like a thug, basically, on investigative journalists instead of on journalists. So it’s really concerning for every freedom loving American; it might sound a little cliché, but that’s the truth. We have a very competent legal team across the board on all these different cases, that including the Thomas More Society in Chicago, which is really, really great. So all that moves forward. Dan Proft: Let’s get a listener calling here real quick; Mary in River Forest, you’re on Chicago’s Morning Answer. Mary: Hi, good morning. David, I wanted to ask just in terms of your own emotional equilibrium, how you managed to look at the things that were in those pans when you were negotiating the purported fail of the body parts. I remember one video where the technician holds up a little baby arm and I can just tell you, as a mom to a premature kid, my eyes just filled with tears. How did you manage not to lose it when you saw those things? Dan Proft: Thanks, Mary. David Daleiden: It’s a really good question. Those were definitely the hardest moments of the entire project. I think all of undercover work certainly requires a lot of dissociation and no moment more than those moments, but those were certainly the most troubling sad moments of the entire project. It was very disturbing and there was a lot to process afterwards. Whatever you felt looking at those, we both felt it as well. We had to wait until afterwards to really express it. Dan Proft: And Dave Daleiden, one of the things you said that’s really powerful to me in terms of connecting the dots at this dinner that we both attended last week; there’s value in the body parts – that’s why Planned Parenthood sells them – and the value is that they’re human. Just a reminder of what we’re talking about. David Daleiden: Exactly, and the body parts are only valuable to sell precisely because they’re human. Even though the aborts in the street doesn’t consider their humanity to be equal enough to our own in order to not kill the children, it’s precisely that humanity that is equal to and identical to our own that makes them hunt after the body parts like buried treasure. There’s really nothing like it, being in that room and seeing the body parts and having the dialog up close and personal with the little person who’s just been killed. Our resolution as undercover investigators is that if we were going to go into those place, we were at least going to be a welcoming presence to those kids for the short moments that they would still be alive, and even if no one else would, we would be in there to welcome them and to appreciate their lives, even if they’re passed on to the other side. I was kind of inspired by the pastoral teaching of the Holy Father Pope Francis to try and bring the light of the gospel even into the darkest places, and even into the existential margins of society, which no margin is more existential than the front door of an abortion clinic. Dan Proft: He is David Daleiden from the Center for Medical Progress; David, thanks for joining us, and good luck with your legal challenges. David Daleiden: Thank you.

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