Dennis Hastert and the Comatose GOP

chicago tribune mast head
chicago tribune mast head

By Dan Proft (Full article published in The Chicago Tribune on 10/29/15)

Why are the feds giving Hastert such a sweet deal?

Should we still call him "coach" as well?

I mean if we are going to participate in the fiction that the plea agreement between former U.S. House Speaker Dennis Hastert and U.S. Attorney Zachary Fardon is justice, then we might as well take it to the absurd extreme when we next see Hastert shopping for wrestling singlets at Dick's Sporting Goods.

...For the "I'm a fiscal conservative but anything else goes" crowd within the Illinois GOP who suggest we ignore a candidate's character and private conduct as long as everyone is getting paid — folks who have been awfully quiet during the Aaron Schock and Hastert meltdowns — remember this: When you induce a state of moral comatosity in a party, if you wake up at all, you do so in the superminority.