Does The Chicago Press Corps Deserve Blame For IL's Condition?

On this edition of "Against the Current" (ATC), Daily Herald political reporter and columnist Kerry Lester, who previously worked as the Springfield Bureau Chief for the Associated Press, joins host Dan Proft to ruminate over such matters as if/how the partisan persuasion of those who cover Illinois politics matters and if the Chicago and Springfield press corps deserve any of the blame for Illinois' status as arguably the worst governed state in the nation.

Lester also addresses the pressures reporters face and the dynamics they must navigate to produce the kind of investigative stories on the political class that fulfill the Fourth Estate's role as a public watchdog of the political elites.

Plus, Lester and Proft do a bit of Illinois election preview and play out the policy implications of different possible electoral outcomes on November 8th. All that and more on this installment of ATC.

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