Don’t Hate Me For Hating Hate Crime Laws

Is hating our obsession with hate crime laws a hate crime?

Acts of barbarism such as those recently perpetrated against a special needs man in Chicago invariably prompt a desultory national discussion.

Rather that reflecting on what kind of culture begets those who make sport of preying on the mentally impaired, too many conservatives fall into the Left’s trap of hate crime mania.

If you start from the Left’s premises, you get the Left’s conclusions.

Those worried about a double standard when it comes to the application of hate crime laws should be worried instead about its equal application in furtherance of the Left’s dismal identity politics.

The focus instead should be deconstructing the cheap moral indignation coming from those who have otherwise cheered the degradation of our culture at every turn only to plead innocent bystander when they're forced to confront the results of their advocacy courtesy of Facebook Live.

We should take the opportunity to develop the conclusions that flow from conservative premises when we have vacuous newsreaders like CNN’s Don Lemon contemplating the existence of evil and suddenly discovering that mom and dad matter.

This is a teachable moment not a “me too” one.

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