Dr. Ben Carson Explains Support For Trump

Former GOP Presidential candidate Dr. Ben "Gifted Hands" Carson joined Dan & Amy to explain his support of Donald Trump, distinguish his decision from that of Sen. Ted Cruz, discount any particular interest in a Cabinet position in a Trump Administration and crystallize the choice facing Americans face come November.

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Dan Proft: Good morning. Dan and Amy. So President Obama said a number of remarkable things in an otherwise unremarkable speech last night at the DNC and the reason is unremarkable despite the earnestness of it is because it's the same speech he's been giving since the 2004 Democrat Convention. So I don't know after 12 years the same speech wears a little thin for me. Amy Jacobson: But he actually mentioned Donald Trump by name for the first time ever. Dan Proft: Well, right and one of the fascinating descriptions, I mean just incredible descriptions, he made of Donald Trump seem to be seem to me to be just perhaps a little bit of projecting. President Obama: “Our power doesn't come from some self-declared Savior promising that he alone can restore order as long as we do things his way. We don't look to be ruled.” Dan Proft: This from the one, this from the Greek god with the Roman columns in Denver who was here to heal the planet and part the seas and make the water recede and end racial discord in America. How has that been going? And he closed the speech making a little get-out-the-vote pitch because what President Obama is really there to do is to try and keep President Obama's governing coalition or I should say electoral coalition, intact because that's what Hillary needs to win. She can't win if you don't get the kind of historic turnout among certain demographics in the Democrat Party that President Obama enjoyed particularly 2012. He knows that and she knows that. President Obama: “And if you're serious about our democracy, you can't afford to stay home just because she might not align with you on every issue. You've got to get in the arena with her because democracy isn’t a spectator sport.” Dan Proft: How original. President Obama: “America isn’t about yes, he will. It's about yes, we can. And we're going to carry Hillary to victory this fall because that's what the moment demands.” Dan Proft: You’re going to need broader shoulders to carry Hillary to victory. For more on the DNC, we are now pleased to be joined by our friend, Dr Ben Carson. Dr Carson, thanks so much for joining us. Appreciate it. Ben Carson: Oh, it’s a pleasure to be with you. Dan Proft: Well, how did you react to President Obama's remarks yesterday? Ben Carson: Well, you know, if I were giving a class on speeches, on how to make speeches, Speech 101, this would be a good example. He touched on every demographic, made a case for how great the economy is and how there's no real big threats in the world because of his great foreign policy team and, you know, on and on it goes, love and peace and, you know, we have no real problems and we need more of the same. Now, of course, the problem was even though it was a great speech, it was completely divorced from reality and that’s the problem. Dan Proft: That’s a slight problem, yeah. Amy Jacobson: Minor detail. I mean he tried to make the point that unity and democracy work and all that but never mentioned any real-world challenges that are going on or that he faced during his seven and a half, almost eight years in office. Ben Carson: Well, I think that’s the very reason that people are gravitating to Donald Trump. You know, he may not be the world's greatest orator but, you know, you can believe what he's talking about because you can see it with your own eyes. You know that there is a huge problem looming for us economically with 19 trillion going on 20 trillion dollars, where our third or fourth biggest expense is the debt service we owe and that's going to soon be number one. And what will that do for the quality of life, you know, people may not be economically super sophisticated but they can understand that and those are the kinds of points that I think need to be brought out to people. I would love to see Donald Trump get some Ross Perot charts and just put them up and show people how you can make the unemployment rate anything you want depending on who you leave out and what the labor force participation rate is. Just educate the people because that's what they need. Dan Proft: Yeah, and it seems to me the Dems have a very tough sale. One, according to Bill Clinton, Hillary is, you know, the little changemaker who stole his heart but… Amy Jacobson: In the spring of 1971. Dan Proft: Yeah, well, I remember. Boy meets a girl. Then the President Obama says effectively last night, she's an extension of my two terms so she's the changemaker who is an extension of what we have now. Seems to be kind of messages that are running into one another. Ben Carson: Yeah, and you can't have it both ways obviously. But again, you know, if you couch it in enough flowery speech - you know, we unfortunately live in what I call this entertainment WWE Raw period and, you know, we want to be entertained. We want to feel good and forget about reality and unfortunately somebody has to bring reality back to the people. It's still not too late for us to fix this but if we continue toward the edge of the cliff and we don't make the correction, believe me we're going off. Just like with many pinnacle nations did before us because they had people like we have who would said, “Oh, no problem. Don't worry about it. We’ll be fine. Sit down on your seat and enjoy your piña colada.” No. Dan Proft: Yeah. Ben Carson: We need to make the course change. Dan Proft: And it's tough to get people to read “Follow the Roman Empire” so you've got to present it a little bit more entertaining fashion, you're right. And I wonder, just thinking about that your experience running for President all the way up until to your speech last Tuesday night at the RNC which was good and provided a different angle of incidence for those listening, I thought it was effective, talking about kind of the philosophical foundations, the Alinsky foundations of Hillary Clinton and that the modern progressive left. I thought that was powerful but some perspective on everything that you've experienced over the last year right through the RNC. Ben Carson: Well, the main perspective that I would share is the level of corruption that exists in our political system. And I'm talking in both parties. I think it's more corrupt on the left and the email situation has exposed the level of corruption and control there and yet, you know, it's been swept under the rug. And it was there for the Republicans as well but it wasn’t a powerful enough to overcome the will of the people. That's the difference. And this is something that we really need to change because if we continue to accept it, it just gets worse. Amy Jacobson: Now Dr Ben Carson, what was your reaction when you found out you were not going to be Donald Trump's running mate? Ben Carson: Well, I never wanted to be. I made that very clear to him early on. Dan Proft: So your reaction was happiness? Amy Jacobson: Yeah, so you had no reaction. Would you help maybe Department of Health, Human Health and Services, maybe a cabinet position or you…? Ben Carson: Well, first of all, let me just, you know, back to the Vice President thing. You'll notice as I was rising in the polls and when I actually hit front runner stairs the left went nuts, they went crazy and they started coming up with all kinds of crap and I have no doubt that that would have happened again and this election is much too important for that kind of distraction. I will compete to help. I don't think you necessarily need to be inside the government to do that. You know, I'm working on a number of initiatives right now, you know, just like we worked on the thing with Evangelicals, we’re working with other groups now, getting them together with Donald Trump, you know, getting rid of some of the many misperceptions. I met with a group of various clinicians and health care providers from across the nation last week in Delaware working on a real alternative that will be something that people will want, not something you have to force on people. So you know and I'll continue to work. My job and my calling I feel is to try to help save our nation. I don't care about a position or title. Dan Proft: One little bit of internal party housekeeping business, going back to the RNC, you know Donald Trump as you mentioned when you were rising in the polls, Donald Trump put you in his sights and said some things about you that I think weren't particularly fair or thoughtful or accurate and you got past that to be an early supporter of Trump after you left the race. Ted Cruz, not so much and I wonder your thoughts on Ted Cruz and also some of the other Never-Trumpers within the Republican Party that are several holdouts? Ben Carson: Sure. Well, you know, if it were about me, I guess I couldn't get over it but it's not about me. It's about, you know, our children and our grandchildren and you know a lot of the Never-Trumpers, they don't like the fact that he doesn’t, you know, bow at the throne and lick their boots and do what they think should be done. And they just can't get over that because that's what people have done in the past. I think we just forget about them and move forward. I think, you know, you look at the crowds that Donald Trump is attracting and when I'm out about in public and the comments that I hear, I think the American people are waking up. And again that's what Thomas Jefferson said. He said that we would get to this point but the people would wake up just in time. I believe they’re waking up. Dan Proft: Well, when you are out there stumping for Trump, what's the value proposition you present How do you crystallize the choice for voters between Trump and Hillary? Ben Carson: I talk about the fact that one person is talking about the things that made us into a great nation. That’s Donald Trump, about creating the right kind of environment that it actually encourages entrepreneurial risk-taking and capital investment and has ideas on how we use capital like the two plus trillion dollars overseas to fix our infrastructure and, you know, to create jobs for people and empowerment zones. These are things that will cost the taxpayers nothing but will have tremendous effects. And then the other party who just is moving us progressively toward a government-centric society, a country that is of, for and by the government. Well, that's what people were trying to escape when this country was created. Amy Jacobson: And Dr Ben Carson, real quick, my 11 year old son just loves you. It's probably the first time he's listening to the show because you're on it. So I told him I would tell you hello. Ben Carson: Well, just let him know that the very reason that myself and many others are involved is because my whole career was spent around trying to make quality of life good for children and I realize that unless we get the right kind of change, you're not going to have any quality of life. Dan Proft: The gifted hands, renowned pediatric neurosurgeon, former Republican presidential candidate, Dr Ben Carson. Pleasure, Dr Carson. Thanks for joining us. Ben Carson: Thank you so much. Take care.

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