CTU In The Business Of Protecting Job Security, Not Educating Children


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This is Pat Hughes with this week’s Upstream Ideas ‘Two Minute Warning.’  When Pritzker Elementary school laid off their librarian to cut costs in response to decreased enrollment, dozens of parents volunteered to staff the school library to keep it open.  Parents were finding a way to solve a problem of failed government and to serve the kids. Well---we can’t have that. The contemptible Karen Lewis and her Chicago Teachers Union filed a grievance against the school because parents had invaded their turf. Parents sadly---albeit predictably—were banned from staffing the library. Now students can’t check out books---At School--- AND the librarian is still jobless. Everybody loses while Karen Lewis and her union leadership hacks---people who claim to be educators---flex their muscle to ultimately line their pockets. Do you get it, Chicago? They don’t care about your children, no matter what they say.  Teachers Unions serve the interests of adults. In Chicago and elsewhere, they are in the business of winning better salaries and benefits, protecting job security, and otherwise advancing the interests of their members. That’s why in 2012 CTU members---some of the country’s best paid teachers--- went on strike until their pay was increased 16 percent. Here’s the deal. The kids in the system are cannon fodder. Each year, CPS fails to bring the majority of its students to grade-level achievement. And Only 26% of students graduate college-ready. Abject failure. There are solutions. But they require courage and action. You must challenge the status quo, and fight for “Educational Opportunity” and “Choice.” You must demand more charter schools and vouchers---so children aren’t relegated to a life of despair because of their parents income and zip code. Stand up for your children. If you don’t, you leave their education - and their futures---to those---like Karen Lewis---who don’t give a damn about either. You’ve been warned. For more Upstream Ideas visit www.Upstream-ideas.com


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