Electing Ives Is Absolutely Necessary For The Future Of Illinois

“Illinois is not broken, it’s fixed the way Democrats want it to be.” Whether it be the nationally known crime in Chicago, the locally known skyrocketing property taxes, or the betrayal of the pro-life voice in Illinois, it is clear that the state is in need of new leadership. Nationally-syndicated talk show host, Mike Gallagher is in Chicago to headline a fundraiser for GOP gubernatorial candidate Jeanne Ives. Mike joins Dan and Amy to discuss why electing Ives is absolutely necessary for the future of Illinois.

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Proft: Good morning, Dan and Amy. We're gonna mix a little local and a little national here. Yesterday, State Rep. Jeanne Ives, the Republican candidate for governor challenging Bruce Rauner in the primary for the nomination, was on our friend and colleague Mike Gallagher, his nationally syndicated program... Jacobson: Which can be heard right after us, every morning 9-11, Dan! Programming note! Proft: That is correct, and Mike Gallagher concluded their exchange saying this. Gallagher (from tape): Join us to meet Jeanne Ives, who is absolutely necessary for the future of the great state of Illinois, and I'm excited for your candidacy, and I want to be able to support you any way I can. Proft: And I appreciate that, because Mike Gallagher is coming...or he's IN town, I should say, today to headline a fundraiser for Jeanne Ives out at the Weston in Lombard, and he's broadcasting from our OTHER friend's establishment...Tom Sadaka, the great Tom Sadaka, of Precision Payroll. Broadcasting from there this morning, and that Mike Gallagher and I are "sympatico" on the governor's race here, and the national heft weighing in on Illinois. It's nice to have somebody from out of state care about Illinois. We're pleased to be joined by our friend Mike Gallagher, now Mike, thanks for being with us, appreciate it. Gallagher: Well, I hate to start out the conversation by correcting you, but Dan, I'm not headlining. YOU'RE the headliner, (Proft: Oh stop you!), I'm accompanying you, I'm your sidekick... Jacobson: And I'm parking cars! Gallagher: Listen, when I heard that Dan Proft...Amy, when I heard Dan Proft was good with Jeanne Ives, I said that's all I need to know, I'm in! Of course, I've been researching her, and learning about her incredible career, her career in the military, her time in the State House, and it's time! It's time that Illinois sort of replicates what we've done nationally, and so I'm just ecstatic. Even though my trip here was fraught with peril...I sat next to a guy last night on the plane who was hacking up a lung, (Jacobson: Eww...) and I thought, you know, it'll be a miracle if I don't have double pneumonia by Friday. Do you remember the boy in the bubble? Jacobson: Yeah, with John Travolta. Proft: Oh yeah, sure. Gallagher: That's how we ought to travel. We ought to be able to put those big bubbles, those giant bubbles over our heads, maybe a couple of little holes to breathe out of. I was just leaning out into the aisle going "Only Gallagher. This stuff ONLY happens to me." He's just *coughing sounds*, I'm trying to put my hand up, I'm trying to put the iPad over my face, I'm trying to lean...it was just a terrible feeling! Proft: Couldn't you just borrow Hannity's plane? Gallagher: Yeah I wish. Proft: And why are you flying commercial? A guy like you, cmon. Gallagher: I'm a commercial flying kind of guy. Listen, we got to do that private plane thing for that cross-country tour we did right before the election, and I got a taste of it, and it was so fun, and I thought "No wonder these guys become so obnoxious when they get rich!" Because this is the way to travel! I mean just no waiting, you get right on the tarmac, no waiting, you know, wheels up whenever you want. No no no,I'm good ol' fashioned United 1K, and you know, *laughs* happy to be flying commercial. What are you gonna do? Jacobson: Well as a...at the national level, looking in on Illinois, I know you see our high property taxes, and how manufacturing is fleeing the state, but what do you think personally of Governor Bruce Rauner, and how he's leaning a BIT left, so to speak? Gallagher: Well, if I can borrow a phrase that Dan uses, and I hear you guys a lot say this, and believe me I listen to you every morning, on the way in...you're the best show prep, as I've told you before, that a guy could have. So, congratulations on your stellar work in 2017, I can't wait to hear Dan and Amy throughout 2018 and beyond. But, you know, Dan has said this a lot...nothing about Illinois is broken...Illinois isn't broken, it's fixed...just the way the Democrats want it to be. *Proft takes a dramatic bow, as this was the slogan of his own governmental campaign* Of course nationally, we always take a look at the crime rate in Chicago, and that has sort of been put at the doorstep of President Obama. But as you guys know better than anybody...property taxes, the sanctity of life! I mean, for this governor to basically betray the pro-life voice in Illinois with his abortion vote, that's something that's kind of hard to swallow. You know, to talk to Jeanne Ives, you get the sense that this is somebody who understands that a lot of people in Illinois are fed up, and want a change in direction, and she's the one to do it. And like I said guys, it's a little bit like replicating what happened nationally...a different direction, a different way of doing things. Hillary would have been a continuation of the failed Democrat policies of Barack Obama, now we need a governor in Illinois who’s going to correct the wrong policies of this guy. Proft: Speaking of failed policies of Democrats from Chicago, what do you think about getting another one in the White House, named Oprah? Gallagher: You know, it was interesting to see Trump's uncharacteristically gracious response this week. You know, "I like her, I don't think she's gonna run, but I like her very much, and we're friends." I mean, that's the dirty little secret...all these guys have palled around for years and years, and one of the tough things about the anti-Trump sentiment that Hollywood exhibits is a whole bunch of those guys have spent plenty of time at Mar-a-Lago, and at Trump Tower, and have wined and dined with Donald Trump and his family. So, I'm gonna be blunt, I've said, I warned people the other day...if she runs, that's gonna be a problem. That she's the perfect candidate for our times. (Proft: ...yeah.) She, you know...all people hear when they see Oprah is "You get a car, and you get a car, and YOU get a car!", remember when voters were literally saying "I'm voting for Barack Obama because he's gonna fill up my gas tank and pay my mortgage!" Remember that famous audio clip from an Obama voter? Proft: Obamaphone! Gallagher: So we say she's touchy-feely and you know, (Jacobson: She's likable!)...what's that? Jacobson: She's likable, and she IS the American Dream, but I don't know where she stands...I don't know what her policies are, and I don't think that she knows what they are, unless...I mean I think everyone's just assuming that they're left-leaning but you don't know. Gallagher: But does it matter? I mean really, at this stage of the game, I don't know that people would think it matters. There's such a hatred still for President Trump, despite even yesterday. Now the tide turned a little bit after his unprecedented open door, cameras rolling meeting on immigration. The hardliners are furious, the dreaded "A-word" is looming on the horizon, "Amnesty", for illegals and "Dreamers". But listen, this is in many ways the fear of a Trump opposition, that he was going to capitulate and be too touchy-feely with Democrats on the issue of immigration, but yet here was a President that, unlike the Michael Wolff book, seemed fully in command of his faculties, holding a meeting, talking in complete sentences and recognized everybody in the room. Proft: What's your perspective on the continued marginalization of Steve Bannon? He's doing an amazing disappearing act, deposed from Breitbart yesterday, as well as Sirius XM. The separation seems to me, from Bannon by Trump, the timing couldn't have worked out better for Trump. Gallagher: The stunning fall of somebody as formerly powerful and important as Steve Bannon has been quite a thing to watch. I mean, guys, you gotta be like me, you wake up every morning and think "Okay, we've got 97 things we can dive into today, and all of them are significant and in many ways preposterous." I mean, some of this stuff is just crazy, as you know. I mean, we hope to talk to Ben Shapiro today on the show, because Ben left Breitbart BECAUSE of Steve Bannon, and basically said way back then the things they're saying about Steve Bannon now, that you know, narcissistic, takes too much credit for everything, and basically he was the guy that let, you know, Michael Wolff into the henhouse. Which is a strange decision (Proft: Yeah...), everybody keeps wondering how in the world do you have a writer like Michael Wolff plant himself on a couch in the West Wing and write a book? You thought it was going to be a love letter? You thought it was going to be positive? Cmon! And apparently it was all of Steve Bannon's doing, when Bannon lost the support of Rebecca Mercer, a huge Republican donor, that's the end for him, I guess. And boy it's kind of stunning, losing the radio show and everything, I don't know what...Dan, I don't know where he goes from here, do you? Proft: I don't...I mean, I'm glad he's got those Seinfeld royalties coming in, so he continues to enjoy a decent lifestyle. Gallagher: I heard they kicked him out of the Breitbart Embassy as they call it, that townhouse on Capitol Hill, I think he loses the keys to that. So, he's gonna have to schlep it like the rest of us and find a place to live and pay for it. Jacobson: I think he's gonna have a second act. I heard there was talk of him running for President (Proft: HAH!) in 2020, but I don't think that's going to happen. He seems like the type of person who's not just going to stay home with construction paper and crayons. Gallagher: No no, he won't fade off into the sunset, but he really has been damaged badly by this. It just feels like there's been...ya know, you can put up with a lot of mistakes, but when it's betrayal, when it's...you have thrown the man under the bus like this, and his family! When you go after Trump's family, that's something that is verboten in Trump World, as we know. The President's not going to assoc...when you don't have the President...now! The President is capable of turning on a dime too, I mean it's possible that they'll kiss and make up. I don't know on this one, it's pretty personal and pretty raw and pretty ugly, hope to get Ben Shapiro's perspective on it later today. Proft: Alright, well "betrayal" brings it back full circle, back to Rauner, because Rauner betrayed the Republican party in this state the same that Steve Bannon betrayed President Trump. He is Mike Gallagher, of course, nationally syndicated talk show host, on our airwaves starting at 9 o'clock, right after our show, you mentioned he's gonna have Ben Shapiro on to talk Breitbart and Bannon's departure, and we'll see ya at lunch at the Westin in Lombard for the Jeanne Ives event. Mike, thanks so much for joining us, appreciate it. Gallagher: Can't wait to see you guys then, and keep up the great work guys, keep fighting the good fight!

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