Elitist Nancy Pelosi Calls Tax Cuts And Bonuses Crumbs

Is Trump derangement syndrome leading leftist politicians and the media to actively root against America? Politicians become more powerful the bigger government gets, why then would Democrats advocate for sensible work requirements for government aid? CNN Senior economist, Steve Moore joins Dan and Amy to discuss the possibility of linking immigration and welfare reform.

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Proft: Yeah...you enjoying your crumbs, you SERFS? That's what the House Minority Leader, and one of the richest members of Congress, had to say about the Trump tax cuts and these big bonuses that have been publicized at big companies, Comcast and others, as well as the savings that 80% of Americans are likely to see as the result of the Trump tax cuts. Mere crumbs, says Nancy Pelosi. Reporter (from tape): A number of companies are attributing the Trump tax cuts for being able to give higher wages to their employees, as well as being able to give bonuses to their employees. How do you respond to that? Pelosi (from tape): Well, the number of bonuses that were given...one of the bonuses given was already in a Union contract, and then they added *tape cuts momentarily* onto that. That same firm just told their employees that they were going to be laying off 1500 people, and if they wanted to save their jobs, they could all start working three to two hours in those communities. So, in terms of the bonus that corporate America received, versus the kind of crumbs they are giving out to kind of put the schmooze on, is so pathetic. Proft: *sarcastically* Yeah. That's just a schmooze they're putting on, that extra money in your pockets, just to schmooze. This is the attitude of the Left, because anything that devolves power away from government, and them by extension, and resources away from them which is the source of their power in part, they're not going to be on board for. And it's very interesting, the attitude they have towards corporate America and towards people who like places like Walmart. Jacobson: But aren't they "Corporate America"? I mean, their spouses have jobs in "Corporate America". Nancy Pelosi is bitter because they're going to be hit harder by this tax plan. Proft: They're exempt. Think about Walmart and McDonalds...make fun of the President. Chris Arnot, he's this...he's a photojournalist, who's traveled the country to document and talk to Trump voters, he focuses on areas like poverty and addiction, across the fruited plains. He sat down for an interview at the American Enterprise Institute, and he talked about the McDonalds Test, when it comes to advocates for the downtrodden who have no understanding, or frankly concern, about the lives that the downtrodden are living because it's really about them feeling good about themselves. It's not about helping anyone or appreciating their lives. Arnot (from tape): I guess what I've always said is, the thing I've learned about this in the last six years is...in aggregate, not specific there are different examples, but in aggregate, the people who are advocating for the poor the most often don't understand them on a visceral level, they don't understand the people they're advocating for, they don't understand their lifestyle, they don't understand the way they live, they don't understand. So I always use a McDonalds Test. A lot of people who advocate for the poor hate McDonalds, but McDonalds is essential, and when you're poor, McDonalds is ESSENTIAL. It's cheap food, it's GOOD cheap food, and it's also a community center, where people go to meet other friends and basically get free Wi-Fi, it's what...it's a place that people go to find community. Walmarts are the same way. When I want to find an immigrant...when I go into a new community and I want to see where the immigrants are, they're in the Walmarts. And yet, you know..a lot of people who advocate for the poor make fun of Walmart, they make fun of McDonalds. Proft: Yeah, they make fun of 'em. Walmart employees a million people. You know what Walmart's profit margin is? Jacobson: No, what is it? Proft: It's a very interesting piece about what people think companies' profit margins are vs what they actually are. You know that Walmart is a volume business, and remember the vision of Sam Walton was to make everyday goods more accessible for the poor, starting in Arkansas. Walmart's profit margin? 2.1%. 2.1%. So when you start artificially inflating the cost of doing business for high-volume, low-margin businesses, you start seeing people laid off, you start adding to the ranks of the poor, you start seeing people shut their doors. And that's what Nancy Pelosi and the Left doesn't want to concern themselves with. And it's disgraceful because Nancy Pelosi's position is couched in compassion, and that she's a champion for families working their way up the rungs, and she's just the opposite. Arnot probably wouldn't take my position the way I take it, but he's essentially saying the same thing; they have no understanding, and I'll add, they have no concern. These people...other human beings are MASCOTS to the Nancy Pelosi's of the world, they're the means to their political power ends. And that's their only utility for the Left. And we should speak with moral clarity on the subject in the political arena if we want to advance the flag and discard this caricature that's been created of people who believe in free minds and free markets. Like me and our next guest. Our friend Steve Moore, Chief Economist at the Heritage Foundation, Steve thanks for joining us, appreciate it. Moore: Hi guys, good morning. Enjoying my crumbs, I don't know about you guys. Proft: Yeah, yeah what about that, and the companies that publicize the bonuses they give per the tax cuts, they're just schmoozing? Moore: You know, I've listened to your conversation, and I'm writing my column on this right now as we speak, about one of the things that is happening in America is because of the anti-Trump derangement syndrome of the Left, they're now rooting against America. They want Trump to fail, they want the tax cut to fail, they don't want bonuses to low-income people, because that might mean if working-class people get bonuses and their lives are improved, they might actually SUPPORT Donald Trump! I've never seen anything like it, but I really truly believe, and I wonder what you guys think, I now truly believe the Left is rooting against America and American workers, they don't want the pay raises, they don't want the jobs, they don't want the improvement in our economy, the improvement in the stock market, because that makes Trump look good! Jacobson: Well when are we gonna start seeing a little more bump in our paychecks? Because President Trump said in February...is there a possibility it could be sooner? I just want a $17 difference in mine. Moore: You know, Amy...yeah, there was some discussion at the Treasury Department the other day on whether the IRS would be ready to change these withholding tables by...well I guess February's just a couple of weeks away now. It's coming soon, I don't know if they'll be ready by February, but certainly by March, and then people start to feel the additional pay that they get. Now, you know, for a lot of workers, that might be $30 or $40 additional dollars in their paycheck each couple of weeks. Now the Left will say "Oh gee, all you can buy with that is...a t-shirt," or something like that, or Pelosi will call it crumbs. But you're talking about, for the average worker with an income of $60K, they're gonna have about another 1500 or 2000 dollars a year in their paycheck, and that's a lot! It's not a lot to Nancy Pelosi, who has pools and jacuzzis and tennis courts and eight acres in northern California, but for the average person, an extra 1500 to 2000 dollars means that they can purchase health care, they can pay the tuition for their kids schools, they might be able to take a vacation. Those kind of things for an elitist like Nancy Pelosi, they're hard to imagine...it's hard for her to imagine why an extra $1500 really matters. Proft: The Work Requirement Option that Trump is giving state Medicaid directors...Bevin in Kentucky adopted it posthaste, excited about it, put out all sorts of messaging on it. Less excitement here in Illinois, as usual for anything that makes sense. (Moore: Yep!) But it seems to me that this is the lever for a larger national discussion on Welfare reform, particularly as part of a deal to provide permanent status to 800K DACA recipients. And good piece in the Wall Street Journal by Christina Rasmussen from the Foundation for Government Accountability (Moore: Yes! I saw her piece.), yeah, about no asset limits in 30 states to receive food benefits. So, is this a moment where immigration comes together with welfare state reform and Paul Ryan really leads this charge. Moore: I love that idea, by the way, of linking welfare reform and immigration reform. I'm all for immigration, I'm all for people who want to come here and work, but I think one of the requirements of an immigrant coming into this country, and I made this case about the people being talked about to be legalized who were here illegally, is no welfare. And one of the requirements of the people they may legalize under this new DACA requirement is "If you've been on welfare, no, you don't get to stay here!" And that's not being cruel, that's been our policy for 100 years with respect to immigration. The immigrants who came in through Ellis Island, my grandparents, if you came in and you were seen to be a public charge, you would be deported from this country! Now I know you probably think it's cold-hearted to say that people who have received Medicaid or Food Stamps should have to work to receive those benefits, but I think it's a very sensible policy, I think a lot of people on these programs are able-bodied. They're talking about able-bodied people who don't have kids, you know 24-year olds are sitting at home watching TV rather than getting a job. (Proft: Yeah.) Yeah, you know, it works by the way. Work requirements WORK! They worked under Bill Clinton, for goodness sakes, when we passed welfare reform, we reduced the welfare caseloads by 50% by getting people into jobs. But the Left, look, they don't want to do this because under, remember, under Obama, Dan, they wanted to sign as many people up for welfare as possible! They just...they saw it as a victory. The more people on welfare, the more people on food stamps, the more people on Medicaid, the more people in public housing SSDI, the better...the better it was for the economy, remember? They thought food stamps was a stimulus! Jacobson: Well, they're still doing that. I get robo calls all the time, because my kids are Hispanic and in CPS for Link cards, I also get robo calls for Medicaid, where I can go to sign up for it. So they're still promoting this... Moore: Yeah, they advertise it! You know, cmon! And the other thing, Amy, they try to do, and if liberals were still in charge they'd still be doing this, is saying "Look, there's no shame in getting welfare, you know! You help your local community!" Remember that? (Proft: Sure.) "You help your local community when you sign up for food stamps." (Proft: "Unemployment benefits are stimulus!") You know, we have 46 million people on those programs today! It's so outrageous, and I think it's a winning issue with the American people. We do believe in giving people a hand up, if they fall down, but not a hand out. That's what we've done with our welfare program, and by the way, Dan and Amy, you guys are right, you can literally take your PORSCHE and drive it up to the Welfare office and sign up for food stamps! Proft: Right, because it's about income, not assets. (Moore: Yeah!). Well how about, we're...since the Left is so...always so excited to adopt what's happening in Western Europe, how about this in Switzerland? Asylum seekers and migrants who have received welfare over the past three years will no longer be granted citizenship in Switzerland unless they pay the state back. Jacobson: Ohhh. Moore: Where's this? Proft: Switzerland. Moore: *sounding surprised* Well...well look, I'm in agreement with that. You go on welfare, you should not be granted legalization or citizenship. I mean, we can't afford to be bringing people into this country who are gonna go and...by the way, this is the first thing the Left does when immigrants come into this country. It used to be you got them integrated into the community, we got them into jobs, and they pulled themselves up by their bootstraps and made a better life for themselves. First thing that happens when immigrants come into a state like California, or unfortunately, Illinois...they sign 'em up for food stamps! Proft: Yeah well, dependency makes the government bigger and the politicians power larger, and that's the play. Steve Moore, chief economist at the Heritage Foundation, CNN economist and Wall Street Journal columnist of course, Steve, thanks for joining us. Jacobson: And Steve, you did a great job on CNN! Moore: Thanks guys, I'm gonna go have...I'm gonna go have my crumbs for breakfast. Proft: There you go! Jacobson: And he did a great job on CNN yesterday, he was in the hot seat and he handled himself very well, AND he joined us on our Turnkey Dot Pro Answer Line!

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