Elizabeth Warren Didn’t Build That And Neither Can You

Elizabeth Warren was born a poor, Native American child.

That’s the Horatio Alger story she spun when confronted by a Boston radio talk show host about her hypocrisy of railing against the 1% while being a Grey-Poupon-carrying member of it.

Warren refused to concede that she was a one-percenter instead recounting how her “daddy” was a janitor and her mom worked a minimum wage job.

But they provided for their Indian princess. 

Warren worked her way through school, became an academic while also consulting for big insurance companies and big banks, and amassed a multi-millionaire dollar net worth.

Warren tells her story in three dimensions. The rest of the 1% she shamelessly demagogues as one-dimensional Mr. Potter cartoons.

Warren is a one-percenter who overcame her humble beginnings. Everyone else is a robber baron--except for her champagne socialist fellow travelers in the Harvard faculty lounge, of course.

Warren is not a public servant. The businesses she seeks to plunder are.

Warren builds stylized political narratives. The entrepreneur built this country.

She can’t tell the truth about herself because Warren’s politics are predicated on a lie—not one she’s lived but one she wants to impose on you.

Elizabeth Warren didn’t build that and neither can you.