From The Land Of The Political Cautionary Tale

Illinois is the land of the political cautionary tale.

From Denny Hastert to Jesse Jackson Jr. to Aaron Schock to Rod Blagojevich, IL pols are featured in more tawdry tabloid stories than grainy photos of Sasquatch.

But it’s all too real in Illinois and has gotten real ugly for kinda sorta Republican Governor Bruce Rauner.

In the last month, the wealthy salesman turned politician has busied himself selling manure-smelling air freshener to the electorate in the form of transgender birth certificates, a sanctuary state designation, and establishing himself as the first governor in US history to mandate taxpayer funding for abortion-on-demand.

In his three years as governor, Rauner, who campaigned as having no social agenda, has advanced only a social agenda and one rooted in cultural Marxism to boot.

So as Rauner’s poll numbers continue to read like a Chicago thermometer in February, here’s the morale of the Rauner candidate profile: look for the Hank Reardens and look out for the James Taggarts.

There’s nothing wrong with outsider businessman so long as you remember that financial success is not a substitute for core principles and that business acumen and courage can be mutually exclusive.

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