Gen. Mike Flynn: Hillary Didn't Really Understand What Was Going On

Lt. Gen. Mike Flynn (ret.) told Dan & Amy on Thursday that despite two appointments by President Obama to sensitive posts in the Defense Intelligence Agency, Flynn never met Obama. Flynn also explained his professional interaction with Hillary Clinton saying it mainly occurred when she was a U.S. Senator and that he came away with the belief that she didn't really understand what was going on in the world from a national security perspective.

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Dan Proft: Pleased to be joined by retired General Mike Flynn. He is the author of the book “Field of Fight.” General Flynn, thanks so much for joining us. Appreciate it. Mike Flynn: Yeah, thanks, Dan. Thanks, Amy, for having me on. I really appreciate it. Dan Proft: So your response was really kind of general criticisms of Trump, not specific, they made references to some of what he said about reforming how people are allowed into this country, they said he would make us less safe, they said that he's dangerous, they said that he's a demagogue, not too much in the way of specific criticism on national security, more just kind of generic ad hominem criticism. Your reaction to what the Democrats had to say yesterday from the President on down? Mike Flynn: Yeah, first of all, on those seats that were offered in the Democratic Convention, I wonder if they were offering Obama Care packages with each one of those tickets for those seats. Here’s my thing, you know, and this party has that we’re talking about here, its convention, what they've been saying, this isn't a side of our country and leaders of our country that have kept us in this perpetual conflict forever and then there's no strategy to win, to actually get us out of it. And I think that's where Donald Trump is at in terms of, you know, when we talk about the threats that we face overseas particularly the threat of radical Islam which I just wrote a best-selling book on actually called “Field of Fight” - you know the other side of this thing is that one of the unbelievable aspects of what we are witnessing is the Democratic National Committee Chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz was just essentially relieved of duty or fired from her position because of just these sickening emails that are anti – you know, I mean they go against Bernie Sanders’ religion, they’re anti-Hispanic or anti African-American, I mean, the party that says that they’re for all these different people has been so disparaging in what they've been doing and what they've been saying and trying to be so secretive and to me - this is where I’m at. I am sick of the status quo. I'm sick of the lies that we have continued to hear and essentially the misleading of the American public. Never mind, you know, that these wars that we are involved in that we have to extricate ourselves from but we also have to think about, you know, winning again, was what dos winning again mean for America because I have not heard that from anybody but a guy like Donald Trump who talks about winning. And he has laid out in some strategic detail, he hasn't been specific and I don't want him to be specific, you know, I always say did Bin Laden tell us when he was going to fly the planes into the World Trade Center? No, so we have to really be the smarter about how we deal with the folks around the world and that's kind of we’re on that. Amy Jacobson: Well, around the world people are talking about Donald Trump allegedly challenging Russia to hack into Hillary Clinton's emails. He was on Fox News last night saying that he was just being sarcastic but a lot of people see this as an act of treason, possibly a violation of US sovereignty. What do you think? Mike Flynn: Yeah, here's what I think. What I think is Hillary Clinton ought to come clean with her emails quickly because you know what might happen? Russia might release and it may be embarrassing and it may be, you know, it may be something that's even more damaging. The FBI Director said to the American public that they still don't have the full disclosure of Hillary Clinton's emails because they were destroyed. I mean this is a public servant, the Secretary of State using a private system and she destroyed emails? That's government property, folks. For your listeners. It doesn’t make any difference. If you're a government employee especially at the level that she was at, everything that you do is government property. I mean it just is. That's the way it is when you serve this country and you understand that, you recognize that and so to me, what I don't want to have is I don't want to have more embarrassing things come out about our country particularly if they're related to our national security which we know she placed our national security at risk. I think that the way, you know, I mean I say let's come clean with this stuff. Look at what we just found in the secretive way that the Democratic Committee Chairperson was leveraging their own system, their our own machine to go against and subvert Bernie Sanders. God, if I was a Bernie Sanders voter, I’d be highly irritated. Dan Proft: You’d be walking out of a convention hall. Yeah. Mike Flynn: I would be. That's probably why they need those seats filled. Dan Proft: We're talking to General Mike Flynn, retired. Among his post was Director of the Defense Intelligence Agency and yesterday President Obama said a couple things. People around the world can't figure out what's going on with our election insinuating that how could you even consider Donald Trump because we've worked with Hillary Clinton and she's super fantabulous and Donald Trump is joke. That's what he was insinuating. He also said that our country is more respected and safer than it was when he took office eight years ago. I wonder from your inside knowledge of intelligence and the threats that we face throughout the world, how you react to those statements? Mike Flynn: Yeah, those are false and I will tell you. So give you an example and your folks, your listeners can go back but this is back around May of last year where the President tried to call together the leaders in the Middle East, okay? He called a meeting at the Camp David and basically tried to explain to them this lousy nuclear deal that we cut with Iran where we’re allowing Iran to have nuclear weapons eventually, whether or not they have them now and they’re secretly trying to build them or we give them the authority to have these weapons within 10 to 15 years. But the President tried to call together the other Arab nations and I think one leader showed up, one. The rest of them sent like a number two or number three guy and this, you know, touted meeting that the President was going to have to explain to them what was going on, they basically blew him off. They didn't show up because they have lost trust never mind respect. They don't know where America stands with them and frankly in order for us to defeat this radical Islamist crowd that's out there which has gone global, we are going to have to get the Arab nations to step up to the plate and do more and the only way that they're going to do that is if we put new demands on that. This is not about putting, you know, more boots on the ground. This is about making the Arab Muslim world to take them to task to be able to do and when the President called a meeting, he asked these leaders to show up, well, I think one guy showed up. The rest of them sent their deputies which just shows you how disrespectful they are of the President of the United States. Now frankly we can't afford to continue to go down this road. We cannot and when the President says still Yeah, America’s doing fine. America’s not doing fine. Our debt is terrible, our economy is unhealthy, we have an incredible, we don't even know how many illegal immigrants we have in this country and we’re facing a threat of radical Islam that has gone global. Look at what has happened from, you know, San Bernardino, Orlando to God, what's happened in Europe where they just tried to behead a priest. And they forced him to kneel on its own alter, an 84 year old Catholic priest. This is the viciousness of this type of enemy that we’re facing and this cannot stand anymore and this President acts as though, you know, well, it's another event and we can't, you know, we’re not going to be able to deal with it. Yes, we can. These guys are beatable. Amy Jacobson: Yeah, but the audacity to during, you know, the last three days of the convention, no one's even mentioned ISIS in that bubble there in Philadelphia. Mike Flynn: Well, I mean it's sad. I mean there was somebody that got up on the stage yesterday, I guess, I saw something in the media in the news today as I’m reading this morning, somebody got up and said don't say USA, don't say USA because that's the truck slogan. Really? Amy Jacobson: Well, there's only three American flags too that are tucked away in the corner and then every graphic they show there's no patriotism. It’s so strange. Mike Flynn: So the people in this country have a choice. The people in this country and your listeners have a choice and I know this is a, you know, a part of the country where, you know, this is a tough neighborhood up there in Illinois and in Chicago. You know, they really do look at people for what they actually do, not what they just say and I think that this is a choice between socialism and basically continuing, you know, making sure that this country goes in the direction that we will be proud of for our kids and that's why I'm on this radio station today. Because I have a grandchild, grandchildren who I want to grow up in a world that is not a socialist country. That's the direction that this country has taken under the current Democratic Party which I was a part of for many, many years and I grew up as a Democrat but it's not the Democratic Party that I grew up around. This is a socialist party and that's why you see so many people that were voting for a guy like Bernie Sanders and this party is going to have continue to move in that direction. So your listeners which I'm sure are, you know, this is a good strong group of people up there in this part of the country, you got a big decision to make. Which direction you want to take and frankly that's why I'm backing Donald Trump for President of the United States. Dan Proft: Talking to General Michael Flynn. The book is “Field of Fight”. General Flynn, before we let you go, you were served in a senior, at least one senior capacity during the Obama administration in the Obama administration, senior intelligence capacity, I wonder number one, if you had any interactions with Hillary Clinton on national security issues and the nature of those? And number two, what it was like on the inside working in those type of capacities for this President? Mike Flynn: Yeah, I was appointed by this President twice. Once as the Assistant Director of National Intelligence and then as the Director of the Defense Intelligence Agency. That agency is one of the largest agencies we have in this country and it's larger than any other intel agency around the world. So my interaction with Hillary Clinton was primarily when she was a Senator and I found her to be, you know, really somebody who didn't totally understand exactly what it was that we were facing around the world and I found that to be really stunning in my regard. I was actually deployed quite a bit while she was the Secretary of State but also had some interaction particularly with her staff. I never had any interaction with this President which is amazing, you know, for a guy that served in Congress for nearly five years. Dan Proft: Really? Amy Jacobson: Never? Mike Flynn: Yeah, never. Never. And never was asked, even though I disagreed with the way that they were talking about and describing this enemy that we are facing and not wanting to use the word, the phrase radical Islam. So people can judge that for what they want. That's partly why I wrote this book. I could go after the President but to make people understand what this enemy is that we're facing and the subtext of this book is how we can win the global war against radical Islam and its allies. Because there are allies around the world and I take to task Russia in this as well as Venezuela as well as Cuba and North Korea. So there is an alliance against the United States and certainly against the West that people need to understand and it's a very readable book, short, it’s a two-cups-of-coffee book folks. I’m very concise. Dan Proft: Very, right to the point, military precision. General Michael Flynn, former Director of Defense Intelligence. The book is “Field of Fight”. General Flynn, thanks so much for joining us. Appreciate your time. Mike Flynn: Thanks, Dan. Thanks, Amy.

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