Go After The Big Government Dealers

In 2008, Barack Obama scaled Chicago’s big government trafficking operation nationally.

The nation got only a small taste of the damage Chicago’s RICO-style governance inflicts. Illinois has not been so fortunate.

The kleptocratic kingpins who run the City That Works (You Over) have relegated Illinois to the status of a cautionary tale as to how a poisonous, government-centric culture turns a state into one giant Ponzi scheme.

With more elected officials lording over more fiefdoms than any other state, politics pervades everything in Illinois. 

The result is that the nation’s highest combined state and local tax burden has proven no match for the spending appetites of pols who’ve racked up $250 billion in debt while skipping out on more tabs than Leona Helmsley in her heyday.

With collapse in the offing, the sicarios for Illinois’ political crime families seek a federal lifeline in the form of state bankruptcy.

Instead of amending the federal bankruptcy code, Congress should consider removing sovereign immunity protections to make an example of those who turned Illinois into the bad example.

Of America’s fifty laboratories of democracy, Illinois is the meth lab. If we want to prevent more states from getting hooked on junk governance, the Bernie Madoff treatment should be applied to those who cooked the books in Illinois. 

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