Please complete this Election Day questionnaire:

Do you think the Supreme Court needs another “living Constitution” left-wing editorialist like Sotomayor, Kennedy or Kagan?

Do you trust Hillary with the national secrets that relate to our national security?

Do you want Hillary to use government to change people’s religious views as she has suggested?

Would you put your son’s or daughter’s safety in Hillary’s hands?

Is it okay to sell our government to foreign despots?

Do you want a nuclear Iran and a Russian hegemon in Eurasia?

Can you trust someone who has private and public positions that differ?

Do you believe #BlackLivesMatter is correct and your local police department is systemically racist?

Do you want Obamacare expanded and private health insurance eliminated?

Do you want open borders, an expansion of the welfare state and the associated higher taxes?

Do you think solar panels and government “shovel-ready” projects will make America more prosperous?

Is there such a thing as free college any more than there is a free lunch?

If you answered “No” to any of these questions then GOTVFT today.

Get Out The Vote for Trump.

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