Greatness Requires Risk

No one attains greatness without risk.

After four decades in real estate development, Donald Trump knows this.

It is true for America too.

Trump broke through in the Rust Belt because he understands something that escaped both effete establishmentarians like Mitt Romney and champagne socialists like Hillary Clinton.

That something is not everyone wants to be an entrepreneurial capitalist and not everyone wants to put their skinny jeans on one leg at a time, throw a novelty t-shirt over their androgynous upper body and ride their skateboard to some loft space where they code apps all day.

And something else: that’s okay. It’s okay to want to work a diligent, honest 40-hour work week and be able to support one’s family and live a comfortable life in so doing. There is nothing wrong with Mike Rowe’s world of “Dirty Jobs.”

But there is something wrong with an entitlement mentality that demands special provisions from the government necessarily at the expense of others.

There is something wrong with lambasting a rigged, two-tiered system right up until you are the beneficiary.

Replacing one set of rent-seekers for another ensures only that America works for those who don’t.

What’s great about that? 

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