I Mind. How About You?

The juxtaposition of the elites’ reactions to the James O’Keefe undercover videos with Donald Trump’s debate answer that he would reserve judgment on accepting the outcome of the election is terribly instructive.

The DC press corps’ philosopher kings howled that by withholding his assent to the legitimacy of the election until the November 8th season finale Trump is undermining their stylized Platonic Republic.

Never mind Hillary’s call to end the Electoral College after Al Gore’s defeat in 2000.

Never mind Democrat Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe’s unconstitutional abuse of his power to reinstate the voting rights of convicted felons.

Never mind an Old Dominion University study that found upwards of 14% of noncitizens registered to vote and between 2-6% of noncitizens had voted in recent national elections.

Never mind a report on the dead voting in Colorado this cycle.

Convicted felons, noncitizens and the dead are core constituencies for Hillary.

So when a convicted felon named Bob Creamer is caught on video overseeing efforts to incite violence at Trump rallies and suborning voter fraud, we’re supposed to follow the DC press corps’ lead and never mind that too.

Well, I mind. How about you?

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