Iranian Protesters Chant For “Bread, Jobs, And Liberty”

Who's on the invite list for Nikki Haley's party? Is the UN having trouble hiding their blatant anti-Israel/anti-semitic beliefs? Is all foreign aid from the US moving forward going to have strings attached, especially to those nations who have proven to be the worst defenders of religious freedom? Is the leftist media missing out on covering the powerful protests in Iran to showcase Muslims who are advocating for freedom against an oppressive theocratic regime? President of the Islamic Forum for Democracy, Dr. Zuhdi Jasser joins Dan and Amy to discuss. 

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Proft: Good morning, Dan and Amy. So, so...how big...is it...Mr. President? How big is it, Mr. President? ...you're supposed to do that in your Marilyn Monroe... Jacobson: Oh, that's right. *Monroe impression* How big is it, Mr. President? Proft: You know, the button. Jacobson: Yeah, the button. He tweeted last night that Kim-Jong-un (sic) said "the button is on his desk at all times. Will someone from his depleted and food-starved regime please inform him that I too have a nuclear button, but it is much bigger, a more powerful button than his, and my button works!' Exclamation point. Proft: ...yeah. Jacobson: Wow. Proft: Torrent of... Jacobson: Yes, a torrent... Proft: Torrent of tweets yesterday from the President... Jacobson: He's gonna be handing out the most dishonest and corrupt media awards of the year on Monday at 5 o'clock! Proft: Oh, I'll set my watch accordingly. Subjects will cover dishonesty and bad reporting in multiple categories. Oh boy, it's a run up to the Oscars. Jacobson: Mmhmm. He's gonna hand out a Fake News Trophy. Proft: So yeah, the North Korea tweet is sort of silly and juvenile. I don't get it. More interesting to me is the party that Nikki Haley's throwing, and if you condemn the United States, you're not invited. You don't get to come to Nikki Haley's party. Nikki Haley, to thank the 65 countries that did NOT support a resolution condemning President Trump's position on Jerusalem, recognizing Jerusalem as Israel's capital, having a little party. But the 9 countries that voted...well the 9 countries that voted against the resolution, 35 abstained, and 128 nations voted in favor of it, so most of the world not invited. For more on these geopolitical matters, we're pleased to be joined by our friend, Dr. Zuhdi Jasser, President of the Islamic Forum for Democracy, co-founder of the Muslim Reform Movement, former US Navy Lieutenant...Lieutenant Commander, excuse me...and author of the book "A Battle for the Soul of Islam", Dr. Jasser, thanks for joining us again, appreciate it. Jasser: Oh it's great to be with you again, Happy New Year! Proft: Happy New Year! What about the recognition of Jerusalem as Israel's capital, and the reaction that has ensued, at the UN and also majority Muslim countries around the world? Jasser: Well, I think it serves to show quite a bit that basically the recognition of what's been a fact in Israel, that Jerusalem is their capital, their connect (?) is there, their Supreme Court, ministries are all there. But yet we continue for decades to have had campaign rhetoric never bear out during the administration, be it Bush, Clinton, Obama, any administration. And now finally, President Trump has made the words of his campaign a reality and we recognize the capitol. And I think what's happening is we've taken off the table something that should have never BEEN on the table, which is the recognition of a capitol, the fact that Israel can declare its own capitol. And the bottom line is it should have never been on the peace table because it is not up for negotiation. We will never give in on letting Israel declare its own capital. And there's a lot of confusion happening in the Middle East...intentionally, that this isn't about East Jerusalem, it's about West Jerusalem. And yet, Turkey and other Islamist regimes are trying to exploit this, to say this is anti-Islam, etc. In the end I think this will help the peace process, eventually, because it will take off the table something that should have never been on, and let them get to the brass tacks of what are the real...what the other real issues are in this crisis? Jacobson: Well, if this is such a good idea, where are such a number of our allies against it? France, Germany...I mean the list goes on and on? Jasser: Because they have for long been having this kind of inferiority complex to the Islamic governments, where they have a veto in the UN. Why for so long has the UN had so much of its time exploited on issues related to Israel, when there are real human rights issues in Iran, and Pakistan, and Saudi Arabia, and elsewhere? That's because the Organization of Islamic Cooperation, based out of Saudi Arabia, loves to demonize the other, and there's no simpler way to do it than to demonize the Jewish State, and it's all based on anti-Semitism with the...the State Department itself has called it the new anti-Semitism, which is a couching of anti-Israel rhetoric into what is really anti-Semitism. Proft: Yeah, and frankly you're hearing from Jewish leaders in places like Germany and western Europe about the rise of anti-Semitism there, to your point, Dr. Jasser. What about, on a related topic, the saber rattling of the President on funding for Palestinians, on funding foreign aid for Pakistan? Jasser: Well, it's amazing to me that we've never had this conversation before! Which is we hand a billion dollars to Egypt, we hand a billion dollars to Pakistan, and Hamas and other areas in which these enemies of America end up using our money to spread ideologies that threaten us, and yet we never make them pay a price. I sit on the US Commission for Religious Freedom, and every year we list the countries that are the worst offenders of religious freedom, and there's statutes in Congress, put in place to impose sanctions, yet every the White House...Obama, and Bush before him, put in waivers to allow Saudi Arabia and other nations to bypass those sanctions, because of stability and other security issues, when in fact the classic instability was regimes that had ideologies that run anathema to our own security! So I think it's about time for us to say "You know what? The blank check is not going to be written anymore, and if you're going to get aid from the United States, it's going to come with strings attached, which are sharing our values, and at least endorsing human rights in your own country." Jacobson: We normally...I mean, history proves we pay for...I mean, we pay our enemies so we can maintain peace. Don't you agree? Jasser: Well, I think that's a facade. To say that they maintain peace, that's sort of the albatross that they put over our heads and say "Well if you don't do this, we're going to do X Y and Z," when in fact they need us a lot more than we need them. And the only downside to this may be oil crises...bottom line is even at the height of our relationship with Pakistan, they were still harboring bin Laden and others, so this is often a deception, that will, I think, if you push them forward on it, may have a few little skirmishes here or there, but at the end of the day...they need us a lot more than we need them. Proft: Obama's friends in Iran...you know, the Ayatollahs? Are they in danger of being felled, in your opinion, by a popular revolt? Jasser: I pray so. I think there'd be nothing better as you and I have talked before, than some disruption in the Middle East, and especially you will see the connections that Iran has with Hezbollah, Syria Assad, and Yemen, and across the region as they become more inwardly focused, and for hopefully this Arab Spring now becoming a Persian Spring. We have a President now that is, at least rhetorically, defending them, which can actually go a long way. You'd be surprised how long seeing America and our leadership from the UN, with Nikki Haley and President Trump saying "we have their backs"...this is a very different revolt than in '09. '09 was simply in Tehran. This one is in 20 different cities, and it's focused in the cities were the theocrats and the Supreme Council are based, which is in Qom and other major cities. So, as long as this doesn't fizzle out with some of the human rights abuses that are happening in the past couple of days, with police tanks beginning to mow over people, if this can continue I think it may be the beginning of the end for the Islamic Republic. Jacobson: Well for those who don't know, what's life like in Iran? They're talking about how people are hungry for food and for freedom, but inflation is through the roof. Can you just describe what life is like? Jasser: That's a great question. Because people say "Oh, this is just simply about, you know, technical issues." No! The chanting for the most part has been about bread, jobs, and liberty. They have no ability to express themselves. Two days into this revolt, the internet has been turned off, women are hit on their ankles if their dresses...if their skirts are above their ankles, they aren't allowed to go out on the street if they aren't wearing a hijab, gays are thrown from the roof, you can't be publicly homosexual, or have any type of speech which is critical of Islam, or of the government, so from free speech to the ability to make money...they saw billions coming into the government over the last two years after Obama handed back $150 billion and they're saying in their chants that they see NONE of that. And that's why they're no longer saying "Death to America" or "Death to Israel", they're saying "Death to the regime, death to the dictator, and death to Hezbollah!" Which I think, if you want to...I am SO disappointed at the left media, the New York Times and the CNN and ABC, they're covering it just a little bit...but what better image do you want for Americans to abandon this concept that all Muslims are Islamists than to see tens of thousands of Muslims chanting these slogans, which will forever put away these stereotypes that we're all Islamists or theocrats? Proft: Yeah, that's an excellent point. Domestically, in the first quarter of this year, immigration policy is going to be central to the political discussion in DC, with respect to the DACA Program, and what the President will want in exchange, both in respect to border security on the country's southern border as well as this issue of sanctuary city and sanctuary state designations, localities and even some states, like Illinois, like California, refusing to work with Federal Immigration Enforcement. What do you think a sensible compromise on these issues...where the President has indicated he's WILLING to compromise on DACA...what do you think that looks like? Jasser: Well I really think the sensible policy is really what the President has been articulating over the past few weeks; we build the wall, we stop the sieve, and then we also begin to compromise on what we do with the 11 million or more folks that are here illegally, and perhaps allow DACA to exist. So, you know, you have to have a compromise there, and also in immigration we need to begin to have an ideological vetting and that...it's not a right to come to the US, these diversity programs or lotteries...it should not be random as to who comes to the United States. It should be those who are seeking American freedom, American principles, that share our social contract. It was bizarre to see Tim Kaine tweet today "Well, if we opened and allowed immigration from Iran, that would somehow...that would support the Iranian people." Huh? That doesn't make any sense! You support those who share our values, but they're trying to fix their OWN country, it's not about coming to the United States. And those who do need to escape, from places like Syria and elsewhere, where they've had no other option, then we need to vet against jihadists and Islamic etc. There needs to be a whole-of-government approach to where we don't just say "Well yes, maybe they need some human rights solution," but that human rights solution has to be married to a sharing of our values. We can't bring in Communists and other types of idealogues that don't share our values. And the immigration reform has to include that. I mean still today, the immigration paperwork asks you "Are you or have you ever been a supporter of the Communist Party?" That made sense during the Cold War, and we need to impose similar types of restrictions in this global war against jihad. Proft: Alright, he is Dr. Zuhdi Jasser, President of the Islamic Forum for Democracy, co-founder of the Muslim Reform Movement, former US Navy Lieutenant Commander, and the author of the book "A Battle for the Soul of Islam", Dr. Jasser, thanks for joining us again, appreciate it. Jasser: Thank you, appreciate being on.

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