Is There Any Reason To Stay In IL? Michael Lucci Answers That Question

Thousands of taxpayers flee Illinois every year. For those still in the state, is there really any reason to stay? On this edition of Against the Current, Dan Proft poses that question to Michael Lucci, vice president of policy at the Illinois Policy Institute, taking into account the state's unfriendly business climate, tax and regulatory policies and quality of K-12 education.

Lucci explains who is leaving Illinois, why they are leaving and where they are going. What does Illinois need to do to keep them? What impact does out-migration have on Illinois?

Proft and Lucci also dig into Illinois' lack of competitiveness in the Midwest, with the state surrounded by pro-growth, Right-to-Work states, and they discuss ways Illinois can rebound. What is Illinois doing wrong that all its Midwestern neighbors are doing right?

Also, as Chance the Rapper publicly feuds with Gov. Bruce Rauner over funding for Chicago Public Schools, what should the conversation really be about? Did Rauner miss a moment to advocate for school choice?

Proft and Lucci discuss this and more in a wide-ranging discussion, analyzing the future of a state people are leaving by the thousands.