It Takes "Little Platoons" Of Democracy Not Hillary’s Village

The “village” people were out in full force in Philly.

No, not the band with the fictional Indian so popular in LGBT circles.

Any reference to the Young Men’s Christian Association (YMCA) would be considered a microaggression by the fictional Indian and the real totalitarians that constitute the modern Democrat Party.

The village people of whom I speak are Michelle Obama and Hillary Clinton.

Michelle Obama said, “This election and every election is about who will have the power to shape our children,” adding that, “Kids look to us to determine who and what they can be.”

Is that right? When you cast your vote for President, are you thinking about which politician will raise your children?

Similarly, Hillary defended her notorious “it takes a village” screed.

No one goes it alone in life, that’s true.

But Hillary's village is comprised of government agencies staffed with public sector union employees lording over subjects.

The “little platoons” of democracy about which Edmund Burke wrote have no place in Hillary’s village.

The voluntary associations Americans create to serve their fellow man are unnecessary. There is a government agency for that.

Hillary will not a build a wall on America’s southern border to keep people out but you can bet she’s prepared to build fencing around her Platonic village to keep people in.

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