Jim Iuorio: I Am An Unapologetic Bull For The Market & The Economy w/ Trump As President

On this edition of Against The Current, CNBC Analyst Jim Iuorio joins Dan Proft to discuss everything from Donald Trump's economic team to Illinois' pension crisis. 

Dan and Jim cover what the stock market's performance says about Trump's chances of achieving structural reforms, the future of manufacturing in the U.S., and taxing robots to pay for government services. 

Jim explains why he is optimistic about the market and the economy but cautions that Trump only has 30 days to make progress on his promise to roll back regulations and reform the tax code. 
And Jim shares his personal experience dealing with well water testing regulations to demonstrate one of Dan's iron laws of public policy: predatory government prevents the poor from obtaining more.

Dan and Jim explore these and many other topics in this installment of Against the Current.

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