Journalism Is Authentically Better Than Ever

Despite what some conservatives claim, journalism is not only not dead, it’s better than ever.

The charge of “fake news” whether from the left or the right is the verbal equivalent of a white flag on the battlefield of ideas.

The person leveling that charge is almost invariably saying that they cannot defend their underlying position on the merits and thus are using this dismissive phrase to cover their retreat.

In fact, news is more authentic than ever.

But what about the open hostility and manifest bias of the DC press corps?

Would you rather the hostility and bias that has pervaded the DC press corps for generations preceding Trump continue to be covered by a patina of false congeniality and ersatz objectivity?

In a recent article in The New Republic, allegedly the thinking liberal’s outlet, Leah Finnegan calls on the media to be the true opposition party to POTUS. Schumer and Pelosi aren’t hard core enough.

To that conservatives should say, thank you, Ms. Finnegan.

Conservatives have long understood the Beltway media to be the opposition party. The fact The New Republic and other leftist outlets are stripping away their pretense of neutrality is conceding conservatives’ point.

That’s called victory. And there’s nothing fake about it.