What's Left Of The Left

If we learned one thing from Obama, speechifying doesn’t bring the country together, create jobs or reverse barbaric cultural trends.

And so Trump’s unity-signaling Inaugural Address was quickly followed by a protest march of grumpy old women and their wives to which Susan B. Anthony would not have been welcome.

If we learned one thing from the confirmation hearings of Trump Cabinet nominees, the ungracious, vituperative Left plans to scold, shame and bigot-bait its way back to power.

Comrade Bernie insinuated that Betsy DeVos was too rich to be Education Secretary whereas he resisted such class envy politics when billionairess Penny Pritzker was up to be Obama’s Commerce Secretary.

Massachusetts Sen. Fauxcahontas Crockagawea (H/T Mark Steyn) was so insulted by DeVos’ commitment to educating poor minority children that she waved off an attempted handshake so she could rush over to harangue Dr. Tom Price at his confirmation hearing.

Speaking of Price, Comrade Bernie used his allotted time with the incoming HHS Secretary to explain that America lacks the compassion of Brunei because the government hasn’t formally nationalized the health insurance industry.

And these are the leading lights of the Left.

If that remains the case, it’s lights out for the Democrats.

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