Mark Glennon Is One Of The Most Dangerous Men In IL

Mark Glennon is a former corporate attorney and venture capitalist who understands bond markets, public sector pensions, the truth about Illinois' confiscatory property tax system and the rest of the state's financial house of cards and he breaks it all down at the news site he founded, Wirepoints.com. Glennon's facility with translating the Illinois Ruling Class' fantasy math into the tangible human costs it imposes makes him a dangerous man to Illinois pols and a must-read for Illinois residents.

On this edition of Against The Current, we explore questions with Mr. Glennon like, does Illinois have problems that can be solved or is it simply in a predicament with inevitable outcomes short of changes to federal bankruptcy law?  Can underfunded pension be salvaged? Is there a way to bring Illinois home values back, particularly for the 500,000 homes that are seriously underwater? What will happen to Illinois if it continues to lead the nation in out-migration?

We'll explore all of these topics and more with Wirepoints.com Founder Mark Glennon on this installment of Against The Current.

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