NTHS Superintendent Yonke Has Lost Her Way -- Forcing Students To Attend White Privilege Day

You've been warned. 


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This is Pat Hughes with this week’s Upstream Ideas ‘Two Minute Warning.’  So I bet you thought---or at least hoped---that liberal indoctrination in schools was limited to crazy college professors and their snowflake co-eds. If only. At New Trier High School, the leftist bureaucrats---led by $419,000 per year Democrat Superintendent Linda Yonke---are forcing students to attend a Seminar Day On Race featuring lectures on “systemic racism” “white privilege” and “unconscious bias”. A group of parents urging administrators to add competing views --- or let kids opt out of being called racist all day--- have been dismissed by Yonke and her posse of overpaid radicals. The irony is that if left leaning administrators and teachers want students to understand--- as one lecture topic put it---“Today’s Struggles for Racial Civil Rights”; they should spend some time in the failing Chicago Public Schools that deny thousands of black students a chance at the American dream every year. Instead of hosting a workshop on “Music Vs. Gun Violence” they should look 25 miles south to the 6,500 block of Chicago’s South King Drive where earlier this month 11-year-old Takiya Holmes was shot. If they want to learn about “quote un-quote” “Black Economics”, they should visit so many other communities in Illinois, the state with the highest African American unemployment in the nation. Rather than race bait in their cozy enclave, they should have hard conversations with the union bosses who represent them and the Democrat politicians they support who have caused the very problems they claim to care about. Instead, Yonke and her crew will continue to pose as the enlightnened---collecting their giant salaries and million dollar pensions paid by parents for whom they have contempt--- while their hard left views hurt so many in the real world. Each day, while the rest of the state burns, these administrator activists will hide behind New Trier’s motto: “To commit minds to inquiry, hearts to compassion, and lives to the service of humanity”. Empty rhetoric laid bare by those---like Yonke---who have lost their way and who---without resistance---will force your kids to follow. You’ve been warned.


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