Of Course Oprah Could Win

A 75-year-old gropey and dopey plagiarist could win but Oprah couldn’t?

A 76-year-old Trotskyite from Vermont with a wife under federal investigation for bank fraud could win but Oprah couldn’t?

Viewed against Biden’s shovel-ready ribbon-cuttings and Bernie’s renamed post offices, Oprah is clearly the most qualified candidate.

To doubt Oprah’s viability is to be oblivious to the era of puerile YouTube celebutantes ushered in by their helicopter parent-friends.

As our electoral politics careens towards part reality show, part awards gala, Oprah could do to Democrat Presidential aspirants in 2020 what Trump did to Republicans in 2016: turn them into seat-fillers.

Half the nation proved they care only about what a President says and how he says it. They didn’t like Obama’s policies but they liked his pseudo-sophistication and Al Green impersonation. They don’t like Trump’s coarse rhetoric but they like his policies and Alec Baldwin’s impersonation.

Such an electorate is a target-rich environment for a professional sentimentalist like Oprah.

The false good of sentimentality from the false gods of celebrity is what the people want.

As Oprah protégé Dr. Phil might say, “When you choose the behavior, you choose the consequences.”