Orland Park's Decades Of Debt

Dan & Amy discuss the Village of Orland Park's Mayoral Race and 24-year incumbent Dan McLaughlin's efforts to spike his pension by quadrupling his salary.

The South Cook News took an in-depth look at Orland Park and Mayor McLaughlin's record:

When the shopping spree started back in 1998, Orland Park Mayor Dan McLaughlin was warned. 

One trustee asked village leaders “not do something comparable to going to Disney World on a credit card.”

They would do that, and then some.

A recreation center. A pool. A fund to buy vacant land. Renovating a shopping district. More employees. Higher salaries.

Two decades and some $234 million in debt later, the bill for McLaughlin’s borrowing and building, hiring and public employee pension-increasing has come due.

The mayor, 63, is preparing for retirement. Orland Park property owners are girding themselves for years of suffocating property taxes.

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