Paul Ryan's GOP Opponent Says Deporting All Muslims In US is "A Conversation We Should Have"

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Dan Proft: Good morning. Dan and Amy. So can a Cantor-isk upset be sprung in Kenosha. Amy Jacobson: I see where you’re going with that. Dan Proft: Debbie Wasserman Schultz, she’s in trouble in Florida. Amy Jacobson: Oh, big time trouble Dan Proft: Especially after she was deposed from the DNC. Now, Paul Ryan… Amy Jacobson: Yeah, but also her opponent is claiming that she used DNC funds and shifted that for her campaign. Dan Proft: Well, that’s a good issue. Amy Jacobson: Dig a little deeper. Dan Proft: That’s a good issue for the professor down there in Florida. Less of an issue for Paul Nehlen who’s challenging Paul Ryan, House Speaker Paul Ryan in Kenosha because Paul Ryan did preside over the convention. He did have good things to say about Trump. He essentially made the argument, very similar to how Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker made the argument, a vote for anybody other than Trump is a vote for Hillary Clinton. That's effectively the argument that he made and Paul Ryan was there and… Amy Jacobson: Kept his job. Dan Proft: Well, did he consolidate his support in district by being a team player one could argue. Well, let's get an update on that campaign. One of the more heated primaries nationally right now. Paul Nehlen, candidate for Congress in Wisconsin's first district Kenosha, running against House Speaker Paul Ryan, joins us now. Paul, thanks for joining us again. Appreciate it. Paul Nehlen: Hey, good morning. Great to be on. Dan Proft: So I understand the race is as close to within striking distance for you which is interesting. I guess that speaks to some of the dissatisfaction with Paul Ryan but I wonder as somebody who has been a fairly outspoken supporter of Trump from the outset, if you at least concede that Paul Ryan did the right thing by presiding over the convention and did so admirably. Paul Nehlen: Well, two things. I'm glad he was there because he wasn't back here campaigning which I was, knocking thousands of doors. He in no way has given a full-throated endorsement of Trump. I mean, he can barely mentioned Trump's name, Pence came through here in Waukesha and I was there a week ago cheering on our candidate. Paul Ryan couldn't be bothered to come out there and cheer on Mr Pence because I honestly think he ought to be reporting in kind contributions to Hillary Clinton's camp. I mean he just came out with this Khan thing. He’s piling on Mr Trump on this thing with the Khans. Let me throw a couple facts at you here. We just got a Free Republic poll came out has me winning. As you said, there’s polls that have had me within striking distance. When I’m meeting people at doors and I’m hearing the satisfaction at the fairs, just there are so many people upset with Paul Ryan and honestly the stakes could not be any clearer. These are the facts. Nobody disputes them. If Paul Ryan is reelected, if he’s sent back to Congress, he ram through TPP. He will push for the biggest amnesty in this country's history and immediately after his reelection he will push Obama's jailbreak crime agenda. If Americans want President Trump to be successful, we must retire Speaker Ryan. Amy Jacobson: Well, Speaker Ryan, I mean, he's had to clean up Donald Trump's messes, I believe, for months now and you responded because Khan’s family asked Mitch McConnell, as Paul Ryan to come forward to denounce some of this behavior. He said many Muslim-Americans have served valiantly in our military and made the ultimate sacrifice. Paul Nehlen: Wait a minute. Let me throw some more facts at you here. Amy Jacobson: Okay. Paul Nehlen: They came here in the 70s from Pakistan, right? He died before… Amy Jacobson: He died… Paul Nehlen: ...the Fort Hood shootings, the Boston Marathon bombings, the Chattanooga killings, San Bernardino Christmas party mass shooting and the Orlando nightclub. So circumstances have clearly dramatically changed sense Captain Khan’s death and hey, those are gold star parents. Nobody’s saying they aren't gold star parents. They lost their kid. But let's be clear. Muslim-Americans have been fighting on both sides of the war. In fact, more Muslim-Americans, twenty have been killed since 9/11 fighting for Isis than have been killed fighting for America, 14. Since 9/11 eleven the number of Muslim-Americans who have been killed in action fighting for the US is the same as the number of American soldiers who've been killed by fellow Muslim-American soldiers, Major Nidal Hasan at Fort Hood and Sergeant Hasan Akbar at Camp Pennsylvania in Kuwait. Since 9/11, the number of Muslim-Americans who have been killed fighting for terrorist organizations in Syria, Iraq, Somalia, Yemen and Pakistan is almost three times the number of Muslim-Americans who've been killed in action fighting for the US. Dan Proft: What are you saying about Muslim-Americans who are in the armed services or Muslim-Americans who are in this country? Paul Nehlen: I'm saying thrust this Khan family out there from something that happened long before we've had this explosion of Muslim terrorism in the United States and in the military. While the media focuses on this nebulous small number of Muslim lone wolf terrorists, the real break point is a much larger subset of Muslims compliant to Islam's laws of Sharia. Polls have put the numbers of American-Muslims who believe they should have a choice between US law and Sharia over the 50% mark. Dan Proft: Do you support what Newt Gingrich said then? What he said after the Nice attack? That we should have essentially a religious, not a religious test but – well, I mean, it's essentially a religious test That basically said if you're Sharia-compliant, you're out of here and if you're not then, you're not. I don't know how you implement that. I think there’s constitutional problems but you support that? Paul Nehlen: Yeah. I support that. Here’s the thing you got to remember. I don't believe that the breakpoint is terrorism. I believe, I guess like Newt Gingrich in fact, I tweeted out before Newt Gingrich did that the breakpoint is Sharia. If the Muslim is Sharia-compliant that is in direct conflict with the US Constitution. Amy Jacobson: Yeah, but no one is going to admit that because then they know they'd be kicked out of the country. Paul Nehlen: Let me finish. So if the breakpoint is Sharia and Islam is the only major religion that encourages lying, the Taqiyya says you have to lie to the infidel. You lie to them if you have to. So if you look at a Muslim and say, “Hey, are you Sharia compliant” and they go no. Okay, you’re in. Absolutely. Okay, you’re out. I mean if they lie, how do you vet something like that? Dan Proft: Then how do you implement the test that you want to implement? Paul Nehlen: Well, then the question is why do we have Muslims in the country that - how can you possibly vet somebody who lies? Dan Proft: Are you suggesting that we deport all of the Muslims in this country/ Paul Nehlen: I'm suggesting we have a discussion about it. That's for sure. I am absolutely suggesting we figure out how do we - here's what we should be doing. We should be monitoring every mosque. We should be monitoring all social media. What we got? Three million Muslims in the United States. We've got a thousand active FBI investigations going on right now. I mean there is a problem. According to the February 2015 report in The Hill, FBI director James Comey revealed his agency is investigating suspected supporters in every state across the United States. According to another July 2015 report in The Hill, the FBI told Senate lawmakers more than 200 Americans have tried to join the Islamic extremists in Iraq and Syria. Dan Proft: Yeah, I think it's clear that there is a threat. There's no question. Paul Nehlen: Yeah. Dan Proft: But I mean… Paul Nehlen: Well, let’s invite more into the country. Dan Proft: Well, that's one issue but what you're talking about is people that are Americans that are here and whether or not we should deport all of them. Do you see any constitutional problems with the vetting, the kind that Newt Gingrich wanted to do and apparently you do as well, much less deporting Americans who have done nothing wrong. Paul Nehlen: Well, if somebody supports Sharia, that is doing something wrong. It is. Dan Proft: Well, that is not a criminal act. That’s a thought crime. Do you want to go down the road of thought crimes, prosecuting thought crimes, deporting people from this country? Paul Nehlen: Let's look back 1,400 years and see how those thought crimes played out. Dan Proft: Okay, but you understand the implications of prosecuting and deporting… Paul Nehlen: I do understand the implications. Dan Proft: Wait a second. You're talking about prosecuting people, deporting them for thought crimes. Where does that end? You want the central government with that kind of power? Paul Nehlen: No, I really don't want the central government with that kind of power and you know what? I don't know how in a free society, I don't know the answer to this. I struggle with it. I really do. I'm a Christian and do you know why the refugees that are coming into this country are predominantly Muslim? It’s because we have outsourced the vetting to the UN and the UN is going into these refugee camps overseas and there's no Christians in them and you know why there's no Christians in them? Because they are persecuted, they’re beat, they’re killed if they go into those camps. So we now have a vetting process that the UN has pre-selected Muslims to come here. Okay? Dan Proft: I understand. Amy Jacobson: With nefarious means, you think? Paul Nehlen: I have a huge problem with my government outsourcing, using my money, outsourcing the vetting to the UN. I have a huge problem with that. Dan Proft: We’re talking to Paul Nehlen. He’s running for Congress again Paul Ryan in Wisconsin's first district right across the cheese curd there in Kenosha. Paul, I understand, look, there's Christian genocide going on in Syria and Iraq. Amy Jacobson: And not in refugee camps. Not that I’ve… Dan Proft: Well, there’s Christian genocide going on. Let’s not qualify it. I mean, I just have to go back to say the idea of deporting all Muslims… Paul Nehlen: No, no, no. I didn’t say all Muslims. Dan Proft: …or even contemplating that. Paul Nehlen: I said Sharia-compliant. I said if you’re Sharia-compliant. My problem is I don't know how you can suggest – you know what? If they are monitoring all the mosques, which they should be monitoring all the mosques very closely, social media very closely. Dan Proft: You want like 24-hour surveillance on all three thousand some odd mosques in this country? Paul Nehlen: Yes, sir. I do. The ones that popped up is as radical mosques. Absolutely. Absolutely. Because Islam is not just a religion. It's a political system. It's got a different set of rules. Have you heard of the Hijra? Where they immigrate to a country until they get a certain size, a certain number of people that they can start to change that country. The same thing’s gone on in countries around the world. You watch it play out. This isn't conjecture. Read some Ann Corcoran’s work on this. We absolutely have got to look at this harder and differently because this isn't the Amish coming to the country. Dan Proft: I understand. Paul Nehlen: It’s not but you understand. So you agree with me that we have a problem. Dan Proft: Well, I agree that there is a threat. There's no question about it. Paul Nehlen: So a threat is a problem, right? I mean you don’t walk into the grocery store and think, “Hey, there's a threat here” and say it's not a problem. Dan Proft: No. I’m not talking about salmonella. I mean I understand I’m talking about terrorist activity and Orlando and San Bernardino and Fort Hood and elsewhere. I completely agree that there's a problem and there's a problem our immigration system generally but I am not going down the road that you and Newt Gingrich want to go down. I mean, is this going to be the central defining issue of your challenge to Paul Ryan? Paul Nehlen: No, no. Of course not, no. Dan Proft: What is? Paul Nehlen: This is the latest talking point because the Hollywood-produced DNC brought these people up. I mean we need an immigration policy in this country that works for Americans first. Paul Ryan's been an open border guy for two decades. He funded sanctuary cities. He will push for amnesty. Paul Ryan thinks it's okay to have a wall around his house for the security of his family but he doesn't think it's okay to have a wall for the security for the rest of Americans. Paul Ryan will replace American workers and his jobs, that drives down Americans’ wages, takes food off of American tables and it's wrong. We need an immigration policy that works for Americans first and I'm telling you guys August 9th it's Wisconsin’s Independence Day. We have a historic opportunity unlike no other district in the country, one vote can save our nation from TPP. One vote can stop amnesty. One vote can stop globalism. We need to reclaim America for Americans from Paul Ryan’s global interest special donors. That's what we need to do here in Wisconsin's first district and you know what? That's what we're going to do in Wisconsin’s first district. Dan Proft: All right. Paul Nehlen: We’re taking this district back. Dan Proft: All right. He is… Paul Nehlen: Go to PaulNehlen.com and help out. I just crossed a million dollars of fundraising two days ago. I think when I talked to you guys earlier I told you, I put $100,000 of my own money, hard-earned money, I started out in the factory at 18 years old. Nobody died and left me money. I put $100,000 in my own campaign fund and I've got donations from every state in the union averaging about $50. Paul Ryan put zero dollars in his own campaign and he's got £10 million in his campaign war chest from places like Berkshire Hathaway and Pfizer and other huge companies that want Trans-Pacific Partnership, that want open borders, that want amnesty. They want to drive American wages down in general. That's wrong. So… Dan Proft: All right. Paul Nehlen: You guys have a fabulous Monday. Amy Jacobson: You too. Dan Proft: All right. Paul Nehlen, candidate for Congress against Paul Ryan in Kenosha. Thanks so much for joining us, Paul. Appreciate it. Paul Nehlen: A pleasure. Take care.

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