Picking Up Our Wounded

The Left doesn’t need to learn new tricks if the old ones work just fine.

The whipped-up frenzy around Attorney General Jeff Sessions is little more than fodder for a couple of episodes of some hackneyed Aaron Sorkin TV drama.

It is not an occasion for Republicans to wet themselves as some have.

It is not an occasion for Republicans to adopt the high dudgeon of Senator Stuart Smalley as some are.

And it is not an occasion for Republicans to provide fuel for the gaslighting by the Left on Russian influence on the Trump Administration or impact on the 2016 election.

William F. Buckley commented that, relative to the Left, conservatives do a poor job of picking up their wounded on the battlefield. True.

What we essentially have here is Jeff Sessions cutting himself shaving while putting on his uniform. He then stopped his bleeding with his recusal on 2016 campaign-related investigations.

Compare that to the wounds inflicted by bad actors at the IRS, for example, who illegally targeted Americans based on their religious and political beliefs and have yet to be held accountable.

Jeff Sessions is our general for justice. We should encourage him to lead and we should follow him into battle.

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