Politicizing Culture Pollutes It

A corollary to Daniel Webster’s incantation that, the power to tax is the power to destroy, is, the choice to politicize is the power to pollute.

The Left presses their quest for control of the cultural because conservatives have left so many fronts unguarded including the arts.

The Left intends for all facets of human activity, even mere existence, to be forced through their identity politics prism.

We get reviews by champagne socialists of Christopher Nolan’s “Dunkirk” criticizing the film’s lack of diversity. Where was the Chelsea Manning of 1940? Why Tom Hardy instead of G.I. Jane as the heroic Spitfire pilot?

Nolan may have sanitized history. The Left seeks to rewrite it.

Somewhere between “Die Hard” and his starring role in the remake of the Charles Bronson classic “Death Wish,” Bruce Willis apparently went alt-right, according to the lobotomized Left.

Our political climate is too fragile to support an old white guy pursuing street justice against those who assaulted his wife and daughter, they say.

Two forthcoming alternative history TV series are receiving very different pre-production reactions based on the perceived fictional treatment of blacks in each. HBO’s “Confederate” whose creative team includes one of the writers of “Empire” is to be boycotted. Amazon’s “Black America” featuring a reparations narrative is to be celebrated.

It’s noteworthy that today’s cultural totalitarians have abstained from commenting on “The Man in the High Castle.” Perhaps the storyline of victorious National Socialists explains it.