Preckwinkle: Southside Entrepreneurs Cannot Earn A Living On Their Own

Long before she was Queen Sugar, Cook County Board President Toni Preckwinkle was an opponent of small business owner/operators responsible for 2/3rds of the jobs in this country.

In a forum Dan Proft moderated in 2013, former Utah State Sen. Dan Liljenquist told the story of when he met with Preckwinkle about the Institute for Justice's Clinic for Entrepreneurship during which she said,

"I'm opposed to self employment. You give these people false hopes that they could ever earn a living on their own."

She'll see Obama's "you didn't build that" and raise you a "you didn't earn that."

One might think to ask the follow-up, if there is no self-employment, who would create the jobs?

The only available answer once you eliminate the entrepreneur is government. And a government-driven, government-dominated society is the foundation of fascism.