What do the results of the Illinois primary mean for the general election?

Dan Proft discussed the results of the Illinois primary on CBS Chicago.

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CBS Chicago Anchor: Welcome back to our analysts now Avis, and Dan I want to start with you this time. So when you see a race like this, where there seems to be greater implications about who's supporting who. Is he, Dunkin, tied to Madigan, what are your thoughts on the actual outcome tonight? Dan Proft: This is a proxy fight between the Governor and the Speaker. Between Governor Rauner and Speaker Madigan. That's what it was, that's why there was so much money in. Kim Fox was a victory for the anti-establishment. Juliana Stratton is a victory for the establishment. You heard it: Madigan, the public sector unions, the people that have been in charge of this state for the last 40 years, that's who backed Juliana Stratton. ------- CBS Chicago Anchor: What are your thoughts about Hilary Clinton having to win her home state and so far maintaining a slight edge. Dan Proft: Yeah, I mean, Bernie Sanders is a movement. It's very much like you see on the other side with Trump. It's a movement that's bigger than the candidate. There's a lot of infrastructure that Hillary Clinton has Trump didn't have coming in. So it's a more difficult path for Bernie Sanders, but enthusiasm matter. Momentum matters in political campaigns. That's what you're seeing play out. Bernie Sanders closed a substantial lead in this state. I think frankly the pandemonium that happened at UIC, I think it benefited Bernie Sanders and I think it benefited Donald Trump who are both outperforming their polling numbers going into tonight. ------- CBS Chicago Anchor: Dan if we talk about this race, do you think it has greater implications or a message that they're trying to send to City Hall by taking Alvarez out of this? Dan Proft: Rahm Emanual had a bad night tonight. He can endorse Kim Fox, he can say nice things about Kim Fox all he wants. This was about a referendum on Rahm Emanuel. This was residents of Chicago and Cook County, exercising the anger towards Rahm Emanuel that they couldn't exercise with his victory in the spring because all of this broke after his victory in the spring. So this I think you see is very much a proxy for Rahm Emanuel. And 2019 ain't that far away.


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