Rivers Are People Too

You better hope a river doesn’t run through it—your property, that is.

Because that river may soon have the same property rights as you, which is to say none.

In India and New Zealand, radical environmentalists have succeeded in getting rivers conferred the same legal status as human beings.

Will fishing be considered kidnapping?

If PETA and the Community Environmental Legal Defense Fund can figure a way to get such cases to the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals, they may be in business. Remember, we’re talking about people who believe there is no difference between the enslavement of blacks in America and the captivity of orca whales at SeaWorld.

The moral of this story for sapient beings, particularly surrender center-rightists, is that appeasement of leftists doesn’t satiate them. It only increases their collective appetite.

When the Left removed the right to life of the unborn, many on the center-right went along with the “woman’s body, woman’s choice” redefinition cover story.

When the Left removed a child’s natural right to his mother and father though the redefinition of marriage, many on the center-right went along with the “marriage equality” cover story.

Life redefined? Check. 

Family redefined? Check.

All that’s left for the Left in terms of undermining the foundations of a free society is private property rights. Checkmate.