Rusty Paul Is The Most Important Mayor In The United States

Rusty Paul is the most important mayor in the United States.

That’s right, Mayor Rusty Paul of suburban Sandy Springs, Georgia.

Incorporated a little more than a decade ago featuring a population just north of 100,000 residents, Sandy Springs, GA, may hold the key to avoiding the nation’s looming public sector pension disaster.

Many politicians talk of running government like a business. In Sandy Springs, businesses literally run the government.

Sporting only seven full-time municipal employees other than police and fire, Mayor Paul competitively bids out the remaining complement of local government services to private sector operators.

The result? Sandy Springs has flat taxes, no long-term debt, no pension obligations, and high customer-satisfaction ratings from its residents who are surveyed regularly.

Considering unfunded state & local pension obligations top $1 trillion nationally with the hole deepening even as taxpayers are shoveling more money into it combined with intransigent public sector unions and cowardly politicians who exhibit no desire to dig out, Sandy Springs’ model of municipal government may replace the peach as Georgia’s signature export.

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