Save Asia Bibi

The most profound action on immigration President Trump can take at present has nothing to do with walls, troops or 9th Circuit pronouncements.

It is to extend religious asylum to a Pakistani woman named Asia Bibi and her family.

Bibi survived eight years in a Pakistani gulag with the prospect of execution hanging over her head like the Sword of Damocles each day.

Her crime: being a Christian.

Since being released she and her family are under constant threat of assassination by the Islamofascists who’ve overrun Pakistan.

In a shameful episode of cowardice, putative peaceful pluralists in the West have turned a deaf ear to Bibi.

The opportunity for Trump to have his Emma Lazarus moment here is as yuge as is the moral imperative.

Provide a tutorial for Trump-haters and the DC press corps (I repeat myself) on the difference between economic migrants and asylum-seekers.

Reward the faith placed in you by the faithful of all faiths by demonstrating you will not abide religious persecution.

Shame the big talkers on multiculturalism now sitting idly by--from America’s Democrat Socialists to Western Europe’s Socialist Democrats to Pope Francis.

Mr. President, save Asia Bibi.