Socialists Push for Orwell’s 1984, Will Get Mondale’s 1984

I recently remarked to a friend in Chicago that big cities seem to be missing the folks who once roamed the streets wearing sandwich boards scrawled with dire predictions about end times and accosted unsuspecting pedestrians.

I found them. They’re running for President in 2020.

Like chicks behind Boss Chicken Little, as determined by her number of Twitter followers, each of the Democrat Socialist POTUS candidates put their scratch mark of assent on the deindustrialization of America known as the Green New Deal.

How totalitarian are the tendencies of this field?

California U.S. Senator Kamala Harris, who would eliminate private health insurance, confer racial reparations, institutionalize infanticide, legalize drugs, decriminalize prostitution, and impose San-Fran-style rent control, is touted as a moderate.

2020 could be the year that Socialists in pursuit of Orwell’s 1984 instead get Mondale’s 1984 and inadvertently preserve American liberty for at least another generation.

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