Sophisticated Barbarians

Some of the lowest information voters are those with the highest levels of education.

It turns out that you can earn a BA from Tufts and a MBA from Harvard and still not know what the hell you’re talking about.

As Charles Murray described in his book, “Coming Apart”, these sophisticated barbarians don’t believe in theory what they do in practice.

In practice, they are capitalists who get married, raise a family, educate their children, and abide their personal and professional responsibilities. Many regularly attend church.

In theory, they are adherents to the philosophy of central planners who aim to supplant mom and dad if not redefine them out of existence all together while programming children in godless totalitarian reeducation centers to believe they are responsible for nothing and entitled to everything.

The inability of the sophisticated barbarians to connect the dots between what they ostensibly believe and what they actually practice makes them the wheelmen for the Hobbesian thugs robbing Americans of their freedoms.

Make no mistake about it: what these anti-free-thought intellectuals, anti-free-market entrepreneurs, and anti-values traditional families have wrought is on the ballot this November.

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